Friday, August 8, 2008

Clintons have Obama's Foreign Birth Certificate

In case people missed it, Bill Clinton told the world in an ABC interview that Hillary and Bill are the proud parents of a bouncing baby Obama birth certificate showing he is a foreign national.

How did this information come out?

One has to understand Clinton speak. The infamous, "I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinski" is key, because Bill really said, "I did not have sex. With that woman. Monica Lewinski".

In the ABC interview, Bill Clinton stated, "I think everybody's got a right to run for President who qualifies under the Constitution. And I'd be the last person to begrudge anybody their ambition."

That is the glaring statement in political blackmail and in typical globalist cutesy talk telling the world this translation, "Barack Obama is not qualified under the Constitution to run for President. Hillary is qualified as a United States born citizen and I will not begrudge her ambition dragging on my coattails, digging in her nails, making my life hell, so she could be President".

Bill Clinton is the most clever of speakers and loves the French intrigue in saying things in "southern sweet" in insulting people with a smile, while calling them a dirty SOB.

In backtracking the Clinton announcement it reveals:

Bill Clinton was announcing to the world to look at the Constitution as to why Barack Obama can not be President.

Bill Clinton has the Obama birth certificate in whatever nation he was born in. He most likely has the embassy cables and probably a taped confession of the old nurse who cut the cord.
All obtained of course by the same charming thugs who were menacing Kathleen Willey in breaking into her home and disposing of the odd living people and pets.

Bill and Hillary Clinton in announcing this are leveraging this to sweat Barack Obama the way he made them suffer.
(One must understand that Hillary Clinton only took this dive in handing this nomination to Barack Obama as the Clinton's benefactors were furious he in a uranium deal out of central Asia "stole" their uranium and sold it to the Chinese.
These same eugenics racists who ran Tuskagee and funded Nazi's who are the secular Ashkenaz spurn black people as part of a pecking order. The greatest slur to them is having Hillary have to be humiliated in throwing a race to him.)

Rush Limbaugh has been hinting for months that Hillary wants the nomination, but I disagree completely in the assessment. Yes she wants to be President, but she is going to be blamed for Barack Obama failing and his Obamaniacs hate her more than John McCain.
Hillary can not win for loosing with the nomination.

What Hillary can do is this. She can make Barack Obama suffer as she has been doing and now dig in her claws as he slowly twists knowing the Clintons have the trump card evidence.

Mrs. Clinton can then arrive at the convention and as things churn (Remember daddy John Edwards has a little bastard he fathered with pictures now as his wife was fighting cancer, so he is not going to be available), that Hillary will be seen as a king maker.

Al Gore from two years ago sold his soul for this nomination. He has tried to start a draft Gore movement for 2 years and no one wants him. Mr. Gore was so hurt and furious over Americans showing him the door in 2000 that he wants to be drafted into the Democratic National Convention.
There is only one person who will hold that power and that is Hillary Clinton. Al Gore is the only non candidate candidate who will appease the Obamaniacs.
The net result is Hillary Clinton will have the power and the adoring press will coo over her magnanamous George Washington aura as she gives up all for the good of the country.

Of course, Hillary gets to take the chair on the Supreme Court of Ruth Ginsburg as she is finally allowed to die in peace and terrorize the entire nation as dictator there as her payoff.

Something does though need to be addressed in this as racism is an issue. I pointed out weeks before the mainstream press of white people and black people spoke of it that the black community was "hearing the code" Bill Clinton was speaking in degrading them.
I do not think Bill Clinton is any more racist than any other Arkansas boy that knows blacks have their place. He actually likes black people and he developed that trait from Elvis Presley who bridged that gap in music.
There is though in this racism and hatred for Barack Obama from Bill Clinton and as much as Barack Obama hates them Clinton white folk. Bill hates to dripping fury that black man Barack Obama.

The ABC interview brought out the Bill Clinton code again as the New York Daily News picked up on in the ex President noting Barack Obama was inexperienced and not ready to be President,

QUOTES: "You can argue that nobody is ready to be President."

"I certainly learned a lot about the job in the first year,"

"You can argue that even if you've been vice president for eight years, that no one can be fully ready for the pressures of the office."

Those statments are for purpose in not dealing with the White House, but informing Barack Obama that he is not ready to play the big leagues Bill Clinton does as Mr. Obama messed up in not being qualified for being President and left evidence".

The racist slap from Bill Clinton came in the midst of this when he said:

QUOTE: "And he's smart as a whip so there's nothing he can't learn."

This is vintage Clinton speak. He has told the world and is taunting Barack Obama that Mr. Obama's game is up.

Clinton then rubs it in that Barack Obama is not ready for prime time in being inexperienced.

Then the Clinton translation of his chosen words: "And he's smart as a whip so there's nothing he can't learn."

The Nobel bigots should hand a prize out for that line as in it Bill Clinton says, "That BOY (as in N word) is smart as a whip (Whip eludes to what the white master did to black slaves and is informing Barack Obama of his lower place in life among the elite) and just like an animal there is nothing that BOY can not learn."
Bill Clinton literally said in his chosen southern phraseology, "There ain't nothing I can't learn that N word with a whip".

Bill Clinton is so adept at this that the press misses it, but black people immediately know what he is telling them as they have heard it all before. It is this type of southern caste insult which Clarence Thomas instinctively knew of and wrote about as they put up with it daily. It is also why most white people from the north have no idea what blacks are talking about "in being offended".

Bill Clinton rarely breaks into this derogatory style with black people. He does though with a passion loathes Barack Obama and even in Africa where he is hiding so that when this coup starts unfolding on Barack Obama, he is not going to be anywhere near the scene to be blamed.
He though in typical Bill Clinton globalist could not resist shouting, waving his hands and saying, "Hey I might be over here and it is going down over there, it is all me staging this."

The whispering campaign has begun and even John McCain is in on the fun in running a Hillary Clinton ad praising him and saying Barack Obama only gave a speech in 2004.

Bill Clinton though did call Barack Obama the N word and announced to the world that Mr. Obama is unqualified on Constitutional grounds, the only one which counts.

I have noted for months that the biggest problem Barack Obama faces are the racists in his own part, and yes, that includes black racists like Jesse Jackson who do not want some other black taking their seat at the table, the Clinton racists who will never vote for anyone of color who is not of their bloodline (that includes white) and the Obamaniacs who are racists in hating their own race like Stanley Ann Dunham and choosing another one to punish themselves for their own psychopathy.

The press all knows this has erupted and it is why ABC to Drudge is running with it. The Obama coup has started just as the Hillary Clinton coup was initiated late in 2007 to punish her.

Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn. Hillary Clinton has an ocean full ready to vent in slow torture on everyone from Chris Matthews, Bill Richardson and Barack Obama.

She will dish out full payment and that is one reason why Bill Clinton is smiling as he knows that wrath and is so pleased Dame Hillary is not going to be venting on him this time and Barack Obama is going to get the full dirty tricks.


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