Thursday, September 11, 2008

ABC Charles Gibson Targets Jeff Rense Voters In Smearing Gov. Palin

People who tuned into the latest smear by glasses down on his nose Charles Gibson of ABC lecture attempt at Gov. Sarah Palin saw something very interesting if they were paying attention, because Gibson was not talking to Sarah Palin in the least.
Charles Gibson was smearing Sarah Palin by talking directly to the Jeff Rense voting block.

What is the Jeff Rense voting block?

Charlie Gibson apparently knows and so does the entire Barack Obama syndicate as it has been monitoring Jeff Rense's stories and features, so much so that they designed 2 days of questioning Gov. Palin to deliberately get at the Rense audience.
While Jeff Rense does not represent anyone, his abilities reach out to almost 1 million very passionate individuals who are everything from anarchists, constitutionalists, greens, libertarians, leftist FDR to Reaganite right wing.

This is what gets the globalist's attention in the Rense communication internet grapevine literally spreads out in hours featuring things he features that ends up in blogs, then in radio call in programs, coffee shops and to letters to media to Congress.

The globalists in the past several years have attempted by creating Soros type feeds like to Capitol Hill Blue to plant smear stories which this grapevine does pick up and shake for a time, but has consistantly then exposed them for globalist propaganda and moved on.

The Obama camp has been monitoring all of this intensely. There are hints they have "contracted" on a quid pro quo with a foreign group to disrupt Mr. Rense's information dispensation to even screening his email via a hub and then sending it on to his inbox with partial quotes hilighted to send the message of who is carrying out the attack and they will not be apprehended.

The globalists were counting on the Rense group to be neutral in the sense of hammering both sides. This though all changed when Gov. Palin entered the race as she appealed across American lines of policy which are purely American. The globalists were expecting a weak male to be picked by John McCain who would be ripped apart. They had hoped that Gov. Palin would be treated unfairly. Instead, the diverse Rense group looked at the issues and never entered into political rape.
It was this that Charles Gibson like the convoy of lawyers and muckrakers who descended upon Alaska in the past weeks to literally target the Rense voting block. This passionate 1 million citizen diverse group ends up influencing almost 60 million Americans in information they dispense.

There were two leading questions Gibson hammered on Gov. Palin concerning, the Israeli state attacking Iran and America "backing" the attack and the events of Georgia in America "supporting" Georgia.
Those are both red flag issues to only one group and that is the people who listen to the Rense program. Charlie Gibson deliberately attempted to smear Gov. Palin to get at the Rense voters.

Gibson just didn't ask a question, he grilled Gov. Palin every which way from up and down and sideways attempting to get her to say something to create a fissure in the Rense coverage, but Gov. Palin would not be swayed to not even falling for his "YES OR NO" demand from her.

Have you ever heard anyone in the MSM demand a yes or no answer from Barack Obama?

If people could have witnessed the condescending looking down his glasses that Charlie Gibson undertook in treating a sitting Governor like she was nothing, it would have only added to the two things ABC did in smearing her in leaving one with disgust for him:

1. Gibson got caught in the edit twirling his foot. He was clearly furious Gov. Palin was not falling for his trap. He wanted to hurry her up, but she kept deliberately on her answers taking the time necessary to answer them.

2. I thought I was watching an old Japanese movie the way Gibson deliberately edited the interview in somehow ABC was getting digital images to "jump" as they cut into feeds before Gov. Palin finished her answers and then would have him asking new questions that seemed edited in.
I realize ABC would not resort to that obvious of smear, but I have never seen such an interview in my life in editing so coarse to send as definitive of propaganda answer as Gibson's perched glasses on his nose.
The message was if the interview looks unprofessional then Joe Goebbels has done his propaganda worse in making the interviewee look unprofessional. (Gov. Palin looked pristine as always and composed.)

To address what Gov. Palin stated. The Gov. stated that the state of Israel is an ally. FACT.
She stated that the state of Israel has every right like all states to do as it pleases in world affairs. FACT.
She stated, when Gibson tried to get her to drive the wedge into the Jeff Rense block in America sanctioning bombing Iran, that it was the Israeli state's business not America's.

To put it bluntly, Gov. Palin, said America in her judgment is not going to be a proxy for any other nation's strikes.

On Georgia, Gibson did get her to state in grilling that Georgia was attacked without provocation.

Readers should note that Gibson wanted to make that point hit it's mark with Rense voters as he gave it an emphatic, "REALLLLLLLY".

Gibson deliberately phrased his question to obtain that narrow response to get at the Rense voters. He never once asked if Georgia attacked Russia which it did not. He never asked if Georgia has the right to deal with it's own province and he never once asked if George Soros who is funding Barack Obama should be inside Georgia meddling in affairs meant to bring a Russian response where Russia attacks Georgia.
It is hoped the Rense voters clearly understand that Georgia is a proxy to world affairs. It has every right in it's territories just as America has right if Mexicans in Texas or California decide to break away and rejoin Mexico to use military force if Mexican "peacekeepers" are sitting in San Diego or San Antonio.
Georgia attacked it's own land. It struck Russians knowing Russians would then respond in South Ossetia which was intended. The Georgians never deemed the Russians would invade Georgia proper and that is what caused the situation.

Charlie Gibson though never went looking for answers. He instead couched an answer to get at Rense voters intending to break them off from McCain Palin.

The interview basically ended in Gibson smearing Gov. Palin speaking about God's will in events. Of course, it was fine for Barack Obama to use God at Denver nonstop, but this was as has been the entire course of the phase two smear in making Gov. Palin to be a "kook", as the world saw Morton Kondracke of the Beltway Boys and former leftist Sen. Lincoln Chaffee smear Gov. Palin this morning.

I found it all fascinating that what is discounted as a "kook" group by Charlie Gibson in the Rense voting block was so important that he devoted an entire two days at targeting them to peal them away from Sarah Palin.
Hours of interview time and ABC with Gibson splice together 10 minutes of Mickey Mouse diddling which looked like as stated a Japanese movie version of Masterpiece Theater's Goodbye Mr. Chips.
Gibson and his globalists obviously expected Jeff Rense to be their savaging media wing in doing their dirty work. Jeff Rense is allot of things and is noted for slugging it out on the basest of levels with the boys, but if one reviews his articles from Hillary Clinton to Sarah Palin, he always is a gentleman toward women no matter their political venue.

One would hope though that the Rense voting block he reaches would feel both honored in being so noted that the globalists were attempting to influence them and so disgusted that Gibson would conclude he in a Japanese film interview could send out his marching orders to the Rense voting group and they would immediately become loyal Obama minions, tune into ABC nightly and join the political rape of Sarah Palin.

All of that is offered honestly and in my profiling of Gov. Palin tonight in the interview, she believed everything she said and was completely honest.
She handled herself better than Bill Clinton did after 2 years in the White House in answering questions that were impossible to answer and she did very well.

I stated before in this that I would not in any way in this election savage Gov. Palin and I will not.

I will champion her all the more now, because if Charlie Gibson invested this much time to get at a voting block he mocks then there really is something once in a lifetime unique about Gov. Palin.

The old adage is if Russia loves Obama, Europe loves Obama, the secular Israeli press loves Obama, Islamocommunists love Obama and Charlie Gibson and the entire MSM love Obama, there is one certainty Obama is a disaster for America.

I believe like James Dobson, Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, I will be pulling the lever not for Barack Obama, but for Sarah Palin.