Friday, September 26, 2008

John McCain Devastates Barack Obama

When in a debate when your opponent continuously is saying, "Sen. McCain you are absolutely right' over and over, it probably is a sign you are being devastated.

Barack Obama was devastated in the first debate in Mississippi.

It is a great deal in riding on the line in the first debate as no one wants to blow them. John McCain was quite reserved and too much the gentleman in not pointing out on the economic question the well known fact that he sponsored Senate bill 190 which would have stopped the entire stock market meltdown while Barack Obama stopped the bill and took over one hundred thousand dollars from Fannie and Freddie.

By the next hour and a half though John McCain took off his gloves and pounded Barack Obama on the simplest of terms on Georgia, Iran, Russia, security and prosperity in dealing with allies and enemies.
The simple terms are right and wrong actions with Mr. Obama not even having been to Afghanistan as his committee oversees that area with him as chairman. I found myself wondering if he actually knew that the United States has taken operational control of Afghanistan from the British this week who (though good allies do not say this) really screwed up Afghanistan which was won in the same way the Brits messed up the secure area of southern Iraq which seemed impossible.

In watching the debate, Sen. McCain actually looked younger than Barack Obama. McCain was on target and looked age 45 while Obama seemed to grey in his hair and look age 55.
A strange condition Obama has is he dips his head, looks down in the camera so his eyes look beady and sinister and then he starts talking at the camera.

Obama made mistakes in speaking, his facts and fell into a massive trap John McCain had laid out.

There was a Reagan moment planned in "Well there he goes again". In McCain's case, he would point out where Obama was wrong on policy in not understanding the difference in military terms between tactic and strategy and then kept riding in every segment, "Obama is naive and inexperienced".

By the end of the debate Barack Obama who had started the debate in using the condescending term, "John" while Mr. McCain was calling him Sen. Obama, Mr. Obama was calling Mr. McCain, "Senator McCain".
That type of gaff proves who is the alpha male in the room.

Barack Obama was rattled and kept repeating as this commentary began, "Sen. McCain is right".

The 10 year old Obama tried very hard to play with an adult, but his programming short circuited after the first 15 minutes.

Mr. Obama honestly looked like he had aged 10 years in trying to deal with John McCain.

That says it all.