Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm about ready to conclude that Birdie Obama does have some magik from the monkey in his pants as what has been occurring certainly looks like a Seigfried and Roy act, with Peggy Noonan as the purring pussy instead of those biting white tigers of India.

If anyone has noticed, it appears Barack Obama is not going to bring a new puppy into the White House as it seems Aaron Burr aka Joe Biden has taken up the role of following Birdie around like one of those blue heeler, collie, lab crosses that you just can't figure out what that ornery mutt is.
Out pops Barack, Rush Limbaugh's magic negro, and there trailing along, soon humping the podium is good ole Botox Biden, sniffing at the mic and sure to do something else to embarrass the proud owner.
I did notice though that Aaron Burr sometimes hams it up for the camera in making sure he is the big guy in the picture with Birdie faded into the background, sort of in the angle so it looks like the Prime Minister in waiting has B. H. sitting on his knee in a ventriloquist act.
For Peggy Noonan concerned now her pheromones are not firing in Birdie being on now like a tracking number, she seems to not mind her man looking like allot of wood on Biden's lap.

The intrigue continues in this strange schizophrenia sex of the Obama mistresses.

Then we have the Hillary Clinton magik act which started out with her assembling a mob of cheering PUMA voters at State Department. Dame Hillary summons Birdie to come and say nice things about her.
Birdie brings along "Bomb em baby" Holbrooke and "Screw em over" Mitchell which makes Hillary look weak as water, as the boys are dispatched far and near east to the world to do what apparently Hillary can not or is not interested in doing in making peace.
This "peace" appears from the work Aaron Klein has uncovered at WND to show that Tony Blair, along with what World Tribune has discovered, has had Obama making far ranging deals with Hamas and other nations. The end result is Jews get to die, Philistines get to die and Ashkenaz elite get to rule the whole match point.

It gets better though because into this comes Simone Peres (Simone as he is European Order and not Shimon) as President of the Jews and a rather interesting Turkish President who in red faced Muslim outrage was screaming at Peres on stage.
Apparently the sons of Japheth and Esau patched things up immediately, but it scared George Mitchell so bad in his listening rock tour, that he cancelled his trip to Turkey.

So George sent in to do what Hillary can not, now has Dame Hamrod Clinton jetting her way to Turkey to fix things which have already been fixed.
I guess one can take credit for a grande new peace if peace already is reigning. Sort of like Obama taking credit for an election the Europeans pulled out of the hat for him.

Tim Geithner and Tom Daschle both have their own disappearing currency act like Barack Obama. They seem to "forget" to pay back taxes or loans in sticking Americans with their hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt until the audience begins to notice and they are booked to play in Washington, DC.

Apparently, this is the hanuman magik act which is operating in Birdie Obama's pants. It appears more like Monty Python in the Confuse a Cat sketch than actual government as not a great deal of it makes sense.

Maybe the Prime Minister will hire me and dispatch me to make peace between the sun and the moon, in which I will declare a major peace accomplishment in the sun has agreed to shine during the day and the moon will shine during the night, sharing the vista with the stars.

All satire aside in the hidden meaning here, there is a very high probability in "Birdie Obama addressing Muslims in one of their own capitals within the first 100 days", that that capital is going to be Jerusalem. That might shock a few Jews in finding their capital is now ordained as a Philistine neo Syria enclave.
The reason for noting this possibility is the flurry of activity before Obama was elected. Tony Blair has been ramming this home for the globalists. A cover was laid in stating "this peace process will take years", and Obama is playing coy about his surprise visit to a Muslim Middle East capital.

Now what looks better on your Jimmy Carter resume? A magik peace announced in Jerusalem for all the liberal press to fawn over or having the original Jimmy Carter meddling in the process and winning another ludicrous peace prize as a slap at America.

Obama is playing this close, because it still could all blow up prematurely. It is a given Obama wants to take the Gaza and Jewish problem off the table, so he can then blow up Iran and most likely Damascus to get that newly radiated Russian navy out of port in Syria.
(For a reminder, nuclear radiation just loves, adores, lusts after and gets attached to metal. Naval ships have lots of heavy metal which will pick up a good shot of Jewish nuclear warhead radiation in the right winds.
Sort of Zbigniew Brzezinski cute is it not, to have the entire Black Sea Fleet radioactive so sailors would get radiation poisoning for serving in the ships and the Russians can't even melt the steel down and reuse it.
The Chinese though will probably buy it and put it into Warren Buffett brand Walmart frying pans for Americans to purchase.)

So Birdie gets his magik act and he goes to Jerusalem clothed in mahdi halo and if not, well he has a few open stages to fall back on in Saudi Arabia and Cairo, but nothing of the same glam photo ops.

Such mystery when Birdie Obama political magician takes the stage, but the act is already quite boring.