Saturday, April 25, 2009

Grill for the health of It

You can usually count on the fact if an expert is telling you not to do something, that doing twice more of it will bring you more joy, health and security.

The happiest and most content people I know in life not fretting about things are Bible owners, gun owners, meat eaters over charcoal fires and gardeners in that combination.

The reason for this blog is the current warning that charcoaling meat can kill you.
New Flash: Life kills you as everybody checks out and as Ors0n Welles once related that his doctor told him unless he stopped eating meat, drinking wine, eating cream and smoking cigars he would die.

Wells was telling this story with his typical sparkling eyes 20 years later, still smoking, drinking and eating beef.

I once was asked by a check out gal what on earth I did with that much charcoal in the winter time?
I was puzzled in being so handsomely memorable that girls would note what I was buying, including my choice of paper or plastic, but I replied, "I grill all winter".

Grilling in this day and age turns the horrid, preservative old meats into succulent delights. I personally will not purchase any meat any more which has any preservatives sprinkled on them or injected in them. I would hope all people would stop buying that horrid breast of chicken, whole turkeys, pork cutlets to beef all coated with enough preservatives they will last years.

If you have a small store sometime, just note the meats sometime which are on display. You can remember marbling or fat content enough. I did this over a period of time once and noted the same meats were still in the case for weeks at a time and not spoiling.
The point I want people to register is, IF MEAT WILL NOT NATURALLY SPOIL LIKE IT SHOULD from bacteria, that same breed of bacteria is what breaks down food in your intestines, so it is killing that flora which you need and if it kills what is in you, it is killing you.

Before those deluded veg heads start chanting how healthy they are, the same preservatives are fumigated into most veggies and fruits. So if your produce is not decomposing in days like it should, then sweetness you are being poisoned by a different breed of toxins.

God didn't set aside an 8th day to stuff anti caking agents into salt or sugar, no more than he injected nitrites into pork, chicken and beef.
God gave you salt, so use it and enjoy it.

God also gave smoked meat. If meat is whole and not ground, smoking that meat will preserve it for an appropriated period of time under refrigeration.
I simply cook my sausage that I make on my grill using hamburger, salt, mustard seed and pepper. It turns out wonderful and it is not inflaming my system like it does the majority of Obama voters.

The grill I use I built with the help of my Mother who I include in all my projects. It is simply a concrete slab as wide as 3 cinder blocks (those are the blocks with holes in them made of concrete) forming a U shape, the blocks cemented into place and an X frame panel that you see in power plants or construction areas cut down to fit over the grill.
It makes pretty patterns on my steak.
I do relent in using spray oil to coat the grill, but that is it.

For the cover, I use an old electric frying pan lid I confiscated from my neighbor's defunct one.

The charcoal bowl is the bottom of an aluminum self feeder for chickens I came across.

I ignite it with a coffee can sized aluminum chimney I made with 4 slots about an inch wide at the bottom for air flow and I simply cover it with another old lid to get things started.
I put in about 5 inches of briquettes with a gap in the middle and never look into the charcoal as I lift it up as this chimney is like a flame thrower that throws cinders out.
The thing is put together with pop rivets and the secret of it is aluminum does not degrade like tin or steel does to being reheated.
That is your million dollar information for today.

I personally see no difference in using newspaper with that horrid soybean oil ink to lighter fluid, so I use lighter fluid and let things go fire wild.

I have to use a pliers to move things so I don't fry my fingers, but I can from start to finish cook a steak in 30 minutes.

I always use some green fruit wood. Apple is lovely and the leaves work wonderfully too. The only time you have to be concerned about tar is in several hours of smoking as the smudge will then build up from green bark or leaves. As mine is intended for my usual 10 minute steak of 5 minutes to a side.
Do not use hickory on beef as it leaves a sour flavor that is best left to pork. Poplar words very good on fish and poultry responds good to about any wood, although I do prefer apple for that too.

What grilling does is, it renders out the concentrated poisons in the fat in the meat. Your meat is allowed to breath air and when mingling with the wood smoke it produces something which God is noted for coming down from heaven to breathe in.
There is nothing more pleasant than beef with woodsmoke filling your yard. It is as serene of scent as fresh baked bread or the scent of someone you love. The world would not have as much war if homes were filled with the scents of yeast breads which is the base of how all of us were created and the enduring aroma of smoked meats.

Grilling though is more healthy than pan frying. What is amazing which you never hear these "experts always" speak about is the non stick frying pans they always are telling you to cook with actually become gaseous, flake and peal while cooking, so you are eating that poison in your eggplant or meat.
I will repeat again in people NEED to invest in cast iron frying pans, woks, stainless steel for stewing or wet meats like chicken and I use aluminum in certain baking. If I could take them to heaven with me, I have some beat to bajesus used cake pans with sliding covers I assembled from thrift store parts that I adore.
The children of these women might not have appreciated their parents lovingly hacked into cookware, but I certainly do and am thankful America is filled with Obama voting children who care nothing for the past and only hate it.

On that advice, all people should have a few bags of charcoal stuffed in some dry place for emergencies, cast iron cookware and their own grill. There is nothing more lovely than a sweet rye bread, smoked beef, a balsamic coleslaw and some nice sweetened real cranberries (the secret of good cranberries is bring to a boil until they crack, add the sugar and return to a boil and immediately turn off and come to room temperature. They do not get bitter then.). Add a nice red deep red wine.
Follow up with homemade ice cream of your own flavour and the Lord has never eaten any better.

Grill and grill often as it delights the soul in accomplishment and even if you burn the things they still taste good.
The important part is grilling allows the meat to breathe and to render the poisons in the fats out which are always recycled in covered pans.

.......oh and never listen to experts as they are paid by globalists to herd people into changing their routines for their own marketing or to kill people easier.

nuff said.