Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Beware the Adventurous Man

A long time ago America had a President who had more gumption than Obama and more God than him too in Theodore Roosevelt. It was though in God which kept President Roosevelt on a path which Conservative for America and peaceful for the world.
In the wake of this adventurous President, a son would die in war, a son would seem lost and a President would almost kill himself in the Amazon and later die from the contagion he caught there.

Beware the adventuresome man as he is a consuming force for good or for evil, but in every case the world is either consumed by him or he consumes himself in the world.

I in no way want people to think that Barack Obama is in the class of the real male world leaders as he is not. He is a pansy, a eunuch, an effeminate, a mansexual of self validation who drinks in the adoration of others like piss from a fairy.

There is though a rather burgeoning problem in one Vladamir Putin as a real testosterone filled male entering into the final thrust of his life. Compared to the Charlie Chaplin walking Medvedev who he picked to replace him, Vladamir Putin is that far advanced compared to Barack Obama.
America could not have chosen a worse time in historical future events to lewdly go where no man has gone before in placing a self loathing coward in the White House whose main objective is to abort the United States of America.

What I'm trying to explain is Vladamir Putin NEEDS, REQUIRES, FEEDS off of the manly virtues of challenge. With George W. Bush in the White House, he had someone to play a game with to his amusement. Such men desire such things to complete them. Vladamir Putin no longer has anyone to challenge him.
Europe has nothing at this point to counter him. China is busy being a bus boy to the Putin juggernaut and Barack Obama just squatted in front of Putin and surrendered by signing away the American nuclear arsenal.

One has to understand men like Vladamir Putin and unless one has touched the ground of his kind in Alexander the Great, one has no comprehension of the drive of such a super man.
If the Catholic oracles are correct from the Balkan, Bavarian and Slav regions, Mr. Putin is that dark counter counter force for the even more black anti christ about to arise in central Europe.

This is a stage being set for the ultimate of warriors and battle and Vladamir Putin is destined to be that Russian champion. The oracles predict during World War III he will be slaughtered during a counter revolution of his own people, but by then America's failure in Barack Obama, having reached utter ruin, will have led the world into the abyss in which there is no way out.

This is a place where men live and not a place where Obama servants bow.

In the event people missed it, Barack Obama and America were just pissed on by Vladamir Putin in Obama signed away the American nuclear arsenal, and in response, Vladamir Putin now has Russian submarines patrolling off the east coast of the United States.
For those who do not know, the flight time for nuclear missiles off of the Russian submarines is minutes. Barack Obama showed the pansy he was and Vladamir Putin seeing the opportunity took the ground and shoved a nuclear missile up the Statue of Liberty's toga.

I desire you to look at the photos recently released of Vladamir Putin on his Siberian vacation.

Behold the tamer of the wilds, wind, storm and animals. In control, and virile the master in charge of his domain.

The warrior exploring the ruggedness of the world and conquering a world as rugged as him.
The lord of the dark skinned peoples as the master in benevolence tolerates the peasants presence near him.

Lastly, my favorite photo as the FSB and Mr. Putin advanced all theories in this as the fishing pole is his manhood and he in prowess is sticking it into the nether waters of the world to see what he will pull out as his catch.

After viewing these photos, Axelrod Inc. and Barack Obama are exposed for what witless wonders they are at psychological propaganda. Vladamir Putin has checkmated the entire world and a man of such immense presence is going to have to find ways to match that with a destiny equal to any Czar.
To put in plainly, Gorbachev lost the empire, Vladamir Putin fully intends as his legacy to fulfill the Bolshevik Manifesto and rule the world.

What is interesting in this as the failure of Obama betrays the world, the Europeans will feel that betrayal and look upon Vladamir Putin and desire one of their own Caesars to arise to counter him. This should be the anti christ as those sons of the rejected Shemites in Assyrians and Babylonians which inhabit Europe will meet the sons of Japheth in the Russians for epic battle, joined in the ancient peoples of the Chin and the Medes and Persians.

America, you have no idea what you have done in this catastrophe in the orgasm of Obama in which he is the piss in your pants. It is vulgar, but it is past time that every Obama delusional demonically influenced dunce has that spew rubbed in their faces for the rankness of it.
You maniacs sentenced the world to the slaughter of billions. The Biblical Armageddon has now dawned. The world will fracture literally and so will space for the chaos you have released as there is no counter weight to these titans coming out of Eurasia. These are the gods of war in all their masculine splendor with demonic empowerment for the final refinement of the elect of God.

The moment America is in dire straights in not realizing how grey our beards have become and how untoned our once warrior form has sagged to, we have nothing but liars, cheats and frauds of the effeminate kind facing the most driven males on the planet.
I want you to understand this point. Adolf Hitler and Tojo were just two men who set the world aflame. The world is filling with multiples of these types all because Barack Obama's fraud was perpetrated in setting loose the messiah complex which stretched back to Nimrod and Antiochos Epiphanes. The real anti christ is coming with equals to his demon driven form, with demons loosed which had been bound.
You children have no idea what you just set off in chain reactions like a nuclear blast. You are going to find that what you thought was the worst of it in atomic bombs of your choices is going to be the atomic detonator for the hydrogen bombs of disaster coming which you caused.

It is a fantastic thing to behold a true mane lion on the plains in the mysts of the morning as Vladamir Putin is. More are coming.

There is an old African story told around the campfires at night in wait a bit thorn enclaves keeping the people and their like goats safe from the lion.
A lion is heard in the distant dark night in all his power, with the moaning roar carried in the dampness of the night, always followed by three short growls.

People will ask, what is the lion saying?

The answer always comes..........

Whose jungles are these?

The lion answers himself, MINE, MINE, MINE.

Beware the adventurous man. There will be more of them coming and America all you have is an Obama.

agtG 257

Behold the days will come when the sound of mirth and that of the bride and bridegroom will cease from the land. Amen