Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top 10 Crooked Politicians are Democrats

This blog applauds the work of Judicial Watch in naming the Top 10 Crooked Politicians in America, who should be in prison, as all Democrats, being led by Barack Hussein Obama, Christopher Dodd, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Holder and Tim Geithner, but it ponders here just what it takes to get into the Top 10?

Readers here will note the the severe disdain this blog has for the rectal area of America, which has produced all of the worst communist crooks in America. This is not New York nor California, but it is the states comprising North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana and Nebraska.

If the stupid voters in those states had not voted in George McGovern, Tom Daschle, Walter Mondale, then today America would not have Max Baucus, Tim Johnson, Ben Nelson, Al Franken, Kent Conrad and Stephie Herseth Sandlin.

EVERY ONE of the above mentioned Democrats honestly should be on the Judicial Watch Top 10 list for the felonies which they have committed.

Max Baucus was just outed for his floozy skirt scandal, in trying to and getting job for the woman he is currently sexing, when he is apparently not drunk on the floor of the United States Senate.
Rod Blagojevich does this same thing and gets indicted, but Baucus just downs another vodka.

Tim Johnson is one of the biggest crooks in America, in getting into the Senate using Sioux Indian vote fraud which should have him in prison, along with his cronies in South Dakota not only stalking voters but threatening them.
Johnson's latest crimes were nepotism in having his son, Brandon, appointed as US Attorney by Barack Hussein Obama in exchange for Johnson voting for all of Obama's Marxism and death rationing.
Rod Blagojich get's indicted and there sits Johnson doing the same thing.

Ben Nelson, is now infamous in selling his Nebraska vote in the Obama baby butcher death rationing. His sale was not only criminal corruption, but Nelson violated with Barack Hussein Obama Constitutional Law.
Once again Rod Blagojevich was indicted, but Ben Nelson just goes on rampages against pro Life voters disgusted with his criminal whoring.

Al Franken, the Minnesota man in 2008 AD, was the first to crucify a Jew in a thousand years, in Republican Norm Coleman.
Franken's anti semitism, his vulgarity, his hate speech, his calling for Republicans to be assassinated are but his list of Federal crimes which only culminated in his election fraud in stealing the Minnesota Senate seat.
As Norm Coleman noted, "How can Minnesota elect Al Franken with more voters than Minnesota has?"
Once again, the theft of a US Senate seat has Rod Blagojevich indicted, but there sits criminal bully Al Franken in the Democratic Senate.

Kent Conrad of North Dakota is equal to his rotund twin of Byron Dorgan in Obamalings, but Conrad also was reported to be getting sweetheart loan deals like all the top Democrats.
No matter, as Rod Blagojevich was just talking about money for a Senate seat and indicted, while Conrad took the money and is in the Senate as an Obama voter.

Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, the inflatable boob of South Dakota rounds out the Top 10 crooked Democrats list.
Sandlin was outed by her Republican Sioux Indian opponent in 2006 for being caught on record involved in overturning the South Dakota Right to Life Law, which is illegal.
She was using her office unethically to overturn this law, and the aborticide industry was caught on tape stating that Herseth Sandlin was an "adviser" to them, which is once again criminal.
There though sits the rather ragged looking Herseth Sandlin now with a baby of her own, she whores for votes every chance she gets when she is not whoring US Soldiers and their children on political mailings, which is also probably misuse of federal funds and federal employees in the US military for political purposes. (Little thing about superiors using those inferior in position where the inferiors can not say NO.)
Herseth Sandlin though sits as the darling of South Dakota left wing media, and sits astride the Blue Dog Democrats leading it into all sorts graft, political kickbacks, paybacks and bribes of taxpayer money, all so Obama and Pelosi can pass their draconian Marxism.

So in agreeing with Judicial Watch, this blog noting the anal toxic cesspool of Baucus, Johnson, Franken, Nelson, Conrad, Herseth Sandlin in the central part of these United States, it believes that the above feces of Obama could be on the turd roll of replacing some of the other Democratic crooks for the Top 10.

Of course, all of these people should be impeached and in prison for their crimes. They have all tampered with elections, all taken bribes and all dragged these United States of America into the toxic dump of Obama's historical White House flushing of America.

This is why it is vital that Americans not only rise up to throw these scoundrels out of office, but make certain that in Andrew Jackson and Theodore Roosevelt judicial process, send the Judiciary with indictments against all of them to convict these political criminals.

The line must be drawn and the sanctity of the Congress must be upheld by Constitutional Law and all of those violating must be jailed after a quick trial.

The naked lawlessness of Barack Hussein Obama and his cronies must be arrested, literally. This must be part of the 2010 election mandate and it must not be Newt Gingrich once again rearing his head speaking of Bill Clinton behaving after the Democrats were routed, because Bill Clinton was still assaulting women, caused 9 11 with Jamie Gorelick, and most of the above mentioned Democrats of the Dakota drainage were in Washington, DC at the time, and have only gone on to worse crimes.

This is septic Obama, the cholera seeping into the body of American politic and deliberately poisoning the United States with his viral Democrats in Congress.

President George H. W. Bush stated that the naked aggression of Saddam Hussein could not be left to stand by an American people. It is time that Americans rose with one voice to not allow the naked lawlessness of Barack Hussein Obama and his entourage of criminals be allowed to stand against these United States.


The criminal Democrats