Monday, January 11, 2010

They call it the United States of Aramca

I have been working on this exclusive story for a few weeks now since the Inspiration moved me, as it is important to understand the riddle of just what Barack Hussein Obama is as he fades like a spectre in the night, one moment appearing as the Ghost of Islam, the next the Ghost of Kenya, the next the Ghost of Asia and then melding into some insane apparition that is intent on aborting these United States of America.

To explain Obama, I will sum it up in Barack Hussein Obama is reverse engineering in the Zbigniew Brzezinski mould of bringing foreign radicals into America to educate them and send them home to be zealots for globalism in their homelands, but in Obama's case he was the radical already imported into America, and conditioned to become the zealot for toppling America from within to globalist mandates.

This is complicated, but it is not so complicated. It is not so conspiracy oriented that Malcolm X impregnated Madelyn Dunham and Birdie was born, but it is a deliberate policy by some very specific internationalists who pluck of these Obamalings and turn them out as certainly as Cecil Rhodes clique of globalists have for generations.

To follow the trail of Barack Hussein Obama is to follow the money trail of transferring American wealth into Muslim oil money, flowing into central European banks for the past 40 years in Kissinger balance of trade.
I have noted from Obama's mass number of Social Security numbers, to his sudden rise in affiliations which started exactly when Stanley Ann Dunham left Indonesian oil employee Lolo Soetoro, for the Ford Foundation, with other shady business address popping up, that is appears the Dunham Obama's were involved in fraud and embezzlement of foundation and government funds, for their own tidy nest egg to fund Obama's political rise.
(It should be remembered that Stanley Ann was going to adopt a black Korean child to replace Obama as she had apparently given up on him in her intervention, but she contracted cancer and died without Obama going near her.)

In that, one finds hints of the medley of Obama's roots and rise to power, with his bowing before Saudi Kings, as the Obama funding trails is definite and in plain site, because everyone from Dinesh D'Souza's Indian benefactors want to buy a ruling influence in America as much as the Muslim world has been buying influence in their mafia.

As stated the hints in this are all over the Obama profile. I found a reference listed that on page 86 of Obama's book, he opined his mission was to finish Malcolm X's work in uniting people under Islam.
The Obama use of the term Mooselum is telling, and immediately ABC with Jake Tapper, repeatedly using that term MOOSELUM was code to numerous people in picking up exactly what Barack Obama was stating, as much as Anderson Cooper coding the scrotum sucking Teabagger term was a message to gays in America.

There is only one group who uses the term MOOSELUM, and that is the black Mooselums in America, which Malcolm X was a part of in rejecting his Christian American heritage.
Mr. Obama's meteoric rise comes after Stanley Ann starts moving on up the financier ladder. In that time frame, Donald Warden, a black Mooselum from Texas, appears somehow and as Khalid al Mansour, approaches the former attorney of Malcolm X in Percy Sutton, to write a letter to Harvard to gain Obama admission there.

Donald Warren weasled his way into a meeting with King Faisal it was said, who was furious over being sued and told Warren to represent him, whereby Warren became a favorite son of the Saudi government.,
Warren would find his chief benefactor in travels to African investment and the world in His Royal Highness Prince al Waleed bin Talal, the nephew of the King of Saudi Arabia, and the Warren Buffet of the Arab world.

It was Prince al Waleed bin Talal who offered New York millions after 9 11, with a statement that American policy had brought it on, to which Republican Rudy Giuliani told the Prince to keep his money.

The Prince though is the tip of an iceberg which one can find from the Nadhmi Auchi, Saddam Hussein's bagman who bought Obama his home and funded his Senatorial campaign to hosts of unknown Muslims decorating the American landscape in business, think tanks and academia who while their stated intentions are to build an east west bridge of American understanding and Islam, that the reality which these philanthropists are accomplishing is importing terrorists and building a CAIR structure which is not interested in the American dream, but creating a United States of Aramca which they rule by sharia.

Would you be surprised there is a Muslim syndicate from Ramallah operating in America, where this familiar group of 10,000 house each other and promote each other in a Ramallah Federation?
They help immigrants of their own kind, establish them and promote them.

That is all helpful when in the context like the Amish, but when it starts veering off into Irish Traveler con schemes or the Mexican underground funneling dope, Social Security numbers and criminals, then that is not the American dream nor way.

All of these groups are sowing themselves into America, and there are now horrid results sprouting from them. The Saudi's funded mosques for Islamic worship and welfare around the world. Suddenly the radical leftists found a platform, power, a paying job and a way to covertly spread their hate through what was deemed by Saudi Arabia as just a religious better understanding and promotion of Islam.
I have noted the good things the Saudi's have done for America in being wonderful allies. The problems arise is when they screw up royal as in mocking Sheik bin Laden so the Russians gain influence over him and all of a sudden Brzezinski's crazy Muslims are firing at Americans.

This too arises in Saudi Arabia and it's citizens meaning good, but bringing along with them their crazy cousins who are Marxists who want the Americans dead, because Russia wants to rule the world.

The Prince does many fine things with his money, but as Free Trade was hijacked by robber barons, his good intentions have hijacked situations where news was suppressed and Jimmy Carter turned into a raving Jew hater.

Here is Prince Warren Buffet's public donations to America:
Contributions to the United States:

George Bush Senior Fund: Andover
Carter Institute: $5 million (one per annum) to support the Carter Center Peace and Health Programs in Africa $300.000 to support the observation of the Indonesian presidential election

Arab-American Institute
Council on American-Islamic Relations
Middle East Policy Council Social Studies Teacher program for Islamic awarness

Now we know the Prince has a friend in Donald Warren and Rupert Murdoch, which is not showing up on the books. The question in this nefarious undercurrent is just how Malcolm was Malcolm X before he got booted out of the black Mooselums, and could part of Malcolm been the Jesse Jackson control by the FBI of black Christian radicals, but in Malcolm been the control of black Mooselum radicals?

Malcolm after leaving the brotherhood was a speaker at many locations, and that included Harvard where his speeches can be found now assembled in books. So we do see this Harvard Columbia institutional schism of the radical left bringing together the assembled parts of Mooselums, Saudi Muslims, Obama changelings and Brzezinski internationalism.

I do not believe there was any conspiracy of Malcolm Obama, but Obama in whoever his parents are was linked in to communist radicals in his grandparents, Barack Obama sr., Frank Davis for his formative years.
He trascended soon into the international finance, foundations and oil manipulation schemes in funding, and once born there, he was the communist organizer finding funding and doors open every place he turned.

As this blog has noted, there are a thousand Barack Obama's groomed in America at this moment. Obama was only to be a black vote gatherer, until things imploded on the Clintons. He was raised for the purpose of replacing Jesse Jackson, and it is why Jackson disliked this changeling as he knew what manipulative, social climbing fraud, Obama is.

It is that difference though in Jesse Jackson who was extorting money from US corporations for years, is not the Obama who had the mafia money train running into his pockets from the 1980's onward.
Jackson dove into the mostly American money supply and only dabbled in Middle Eastern backing, while Obama looted the entire US Treasury, while his major funding from the start has all traced back to Muslims of Asia.

The dangers in this as this blog only exposed and explained is Islam is fine when you have it locked in a nation like Saudi Arabia where you can lop off heads of radicals. Once these bridge builders start putting Islam into America though, the low self esteem types start flexing their CAIR muscles and start attacking Americans. Nidal Hasan starts acting out in violence, and pretty soon Flight 253 has al Qaeda flying into America with a message from brown Muslims to black Mooselum Obama.
See Obama knows the scam like Pelosi knew the scam on Cindy Sheehan, but Pelosi didn't call off the dogs, and Obama now has the terrorist dogs trailing back into America. They are whoring for power, but do not realize the enforcers of the Islamic pimps are going to burn America down in this turf war.

I agree greatly with Prince Al-Waleed in the need to feminize Islam in supporting women's rights. Only by this will Islam have the necessary human safegaurds so it stops being a conduit of terrorism. The problem is Prince Al-Waleed has progressed this too fast like all these intellectual Muslims flowing into America.
These intellectuals are first world mindsets, while Nidal Hasan is 3rd world and reverting to violence which Islam promotes. That is thee disaster in the making.

I have an exclusive warning to my Ishamaelite brothers in Saud Arabia, and this includes Sheik bin Laden to ponder this. Come to the time you succeed in overthrowing Great Britain, France and the United States to your Islamic caliph.
Ask yourselves in Islam, do you think Americans will just go for your Islam or will they develop their own brand of Islam?

Now build on that as you know these western peoples will build their own Islam, but now ponder that without Christian principles of moderation, the Junior Ellisons and Junior Obama's are now all Islamic children misbehaving like Ali bin Franken.

Now under this more powerful western Islam of their nature, do you think they are going to be allowing your brand of Islam to rule the world, or Prince Al-Waleed, do you think these western Muslims in jihad will invade, butcher and vaporize fellow Islams they term as infidels, because Asian Muslims are not as perfect as powerful nuclear armed western Islamic states?

Everyone reading this blog knows I am right in this exclusive. The Islamic funding which created Barack Hussein Obama and he is bowing too yet in promoting his "good" terrorists, has let the gen out of the lamp in Obama's own form of perverted Islam being instituted with a Aramca scorched earth mode.
The Saudi's and all these Muslims built a bridge to Armageddon in most cases enjoying the benefits of Christian America, but wanting their own brand of Islam on it.........with the complete result, they now have an Obama jihad against their homelands and it is going to bring nuclear jihad which spreads into the Great Eurasian War.

Muslims and Mooselums have thrown the Christian American baby out of the nursery and put in an Islamic bastard, who has no curbs put into his imprints. They can behave, but the relatives with their normal human lusts are misbehaving when they feel guilt about having wealth, can't find a wife who likes being a sheep or they are having a bad hair day and decide to blame the west.

Bill Ayers was a rich kid radical who appeared as a control for other rich kid radicals. Obama was but one of the expansive group of radicals, he was supposed to guide. This all touches on the CIA inter groups, the industrial military complex intelligence people like Bill Ayers father, and how it all mixed with American capitalism, European feudalism, Muslim funding and the use of radical leftists to promote a world order where sovereign nations would cease for a much more manageable one world order.

There is an incredible war disaster coming as the Christian safeguards are coming off the west and her allies, and being replaced by German intellectualism with Muslim radicalism. Putin is not going to stop from wiping out nations no more than China. No Islamic group is going to not use nuclear arms to win in the end, and America is already in it's leadership corrupted in following the Muslim Mafia who just happened to win out as they had the better plan and more money than other nations.

It is a major secret in how Barack Obama tapped into the money in this, but he was part of a group of fellow travelers in communism and jungle fever, who started crossing up into the Malcolm X world which was funded by Middle East Islam and at that point under the control of Brzezinski type leftists intent on turning out these little puppets to rule the world through.
The Obama Dunhams though have been adept at finding money supply and gaining access to those funds, just like the Salahi's in social climbing are as this blog noted, the glaring example of the Muslim Mafia's influence on Barack Hussein Obama.

There is now an Islamic sex cancer infecting the world in some well intentioned Islamic pimps have had intercourse with western whores who have produced these Obama bastards who are all suffering from syphillis brain insanity as they are Islamic outlaws loosed in a Christian world.

The Saudi's made a hell of a mistake in being goaded willingly into this and it being coupled with Brzezinski schools of radicalism to take on communists...........because the Islamic students are turning more radical left and communists.
Everything is being eaten from within as the globalists intended and the benefactors never bargained for as the terrorists attacking Saudi Arabia were taught at Saudi mosques.

The time has run out in this as the power shift is now to miscreant Obama's who will just like al Qaeda start eating their own sponsors as they decide they can rule the world, and just steal back the money Prince Warren Buffett knows is his.
This requires a definite policy shift, a real ass kicking of the globalists like Zbigniew Brzezinski in his being wrong and the Muslim Mafia to conclude they screwed up royal in turning loose a disease which is infecting them as they let Islam out into the world without a condom to keep it from spreading.

Wonderful joke in satire is it not, that the Flight 253 bomber had a condom bomb. Fitting and God has such a wonderful sense of humor in dealing with allah.


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