Thursday, May 20, 2010

Arizona Indict Obama

This degradation of the Mexican and American people by the slave traders Barry Obama and Phil Calderon is more than can be stomached even with a healthy portion of cherry pie.

The sight of the plantation owner Obama and the slave ship of state trader Phil bashing these United States over an issue so reprehensible of slavery they are enabling is a literal act of war on America.
That bears repeating in this in this Spanish imperialist in Phil just pulled a Pear Harbor on the White House lawn in invading America with millions of border busters and Obama stood there bashing Arizona and the American people in literal declarations of war.

Can you imagine FDR coming out with his Day of Infamy speech in World War II in stating, "Yeah those Japanese live on a small island and it is that Hawaiian states fault for being out in the Pacific being all American, so they deserved to be bombed".

It only becomes worse in Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid invited slave trader Phil to address Congress. Forgive me, but when was that honor ever handed out like free Mexican beer? Congress used to be a place where someone like Winston Churchill came to give thanks to Americans, and not a place where a slave trader comes, not having the courtesy to speak American English. (Ah do you recall that Obama even in bowing to Muslims in Egypt spoke to them in their own language in diplomatic terms, but this Mexican comes here bashing America and does it in Spanish. That is what pissing on Americans looks like.)
Yet this is what Obama, Pelosi and Reid invite into the most sacred secular areas of the American heart so a slave exporter can bash Americans who are filled with revulsion of Obama global rapine slave trade of 3rd world peoples.

Compare in this President Hamid Karzai who visited these United States just one week ago. This President visited the wounded Soldiers fighting for his nation. This President went to Kentucky to thank and see off deploying US Soldiers personally.
As stated, compare to Phil the slave trader showing up at the White House, bashing Americans, and then stuffing his face like a hog on Obama vittles that exceed what the Queen of England dines on while Americans are loosing their homes, and then this slave exporter of the Mexican peon has the audacity to even show up in Congress thinking he has earned a place in the American heart to set foot there.
If I were in Congress, I would get up and walk out after what Phil the slave trader has been pulling, is pulling and will be pulling. He is nothing but a socialist dictator like Obama living high off his people, while the people are raped by drug dealers and Monsanto drives Mexican farmers out of business.

The degradation of America under Obama is complete. He apologizes to China for Arizonans governing themselves and then allows a slave trader to piss on American from the White House lawn in an exact replica of Kim Jong Ill declaring war on Americans.
The Mexican el presidente did declare war on these United States in their States Rights, Self Determination, Manifest Destiny, Security and Constitutional Rights which shall never be infringed upon.

Imagine during the Cold War in Ronald Reagan standing on the White House lawn allowing Andropov to bash New York for being the economic capital of the world. (Never mind for a moment if Obama is doing just that in playing the Soviet role.).
There is no doubt that Mr. Reagan would have grabbed the mic and said, "We earned this mic in 1776, 1812, 1965, 1917, 1945 and 1953, so Mr. Andropov, tear down your own evil empire, because you are not tearing down these United State!"

That is what a real President does in taking the Oath of Office. A real President says after 9 11, "I hear you and soon the entire world is going to hear you!"

What America has now is a 3rd world festering despot in Obama who actually believes that slave labor is an essential necessity and the Constitution is not, American Security is not, and that Mexicans deserve to steal what Americans have lived, suffered, worked, fought and died for, all so Obama can fill his ACORN vote boxes with illegal voters.

The fact is that the Oath of the Presidency was violated in Public by Mr. Obama in his attacking Arizona, the American People and siding with a 3rd world slave exporter, in Mr. Obama did not uphold nor defend the Constitution of these United States.
Those are impeachable offenses and come under the category of High Crimes against these United States.

Certainly Sean Hannity has it correct in impeaching Obama would not be worth the effort in how it would harm America in his oil slick slimy fight he would engage in worse than Bill Clinton. The fact is though that Mr. Obama can be indicted for High Crimes against America in what he just engaged in.
The fact is that Arizona should not be looking at pissy Los Angeles in cutting off their power, but instead by their absolute RIGHT in the 10th Amendment in retaining all Rights not bestowed on the federal government to immediately convene in their House of Representatives an Article as Grand Jury of the People of Arizona in indicting Barack Hussein Obama on the charges of High Crimes in his declaration of war on Arizona with the Mexican el presidente.
This Grand Jury then in finding Mr. Obama indictable will present the evidence to the Arizona Senate to indict Mr. Obama, whereupon the Governor of Arizona will sign a warrant for the arrest, extradition and trail of Mr. Obama by the Arizona Supreme Court which is indeed binding on Mr. Obama as he violated Arizona's Rights directly along with the 210 million Americans whom Mr. Obama attacked, making this a 50 state issue which any state could initiate or join in the Arizona complaint.

Understand this, the Constitution, Articles and Bill of Rights speak to specifics in certain cases. When it does not speak to granted powers on the federal level, that those powers rest completely in the States and People's hands. This means that no written Right needs to be placed, as the State and Person holds those Rights unwritten as they never gave those Rights up ever nor bestowed them on the federal government.

So any State under attack as Arizona is by a person in the White House, can indeed proceed with the above or anything else they can legally come up with as a first precedent as they retain everything unwritten or even unthought of in the Constitution. This is what the Founders explicitly constructed this Grand Experiment as, not that the Constitution is a living document, but that it is an absolute trump card always over despots.
Just because there are Articles of Impeachment on the Federal level does not mean there are not Articles of Imprisonment for High Crimes on the State level, as the States never gave up that right, and that is what a Republic is in Minority Rights in Arizona literally can try and remove Barack Hussein Obama as a majority of one as this State has been illegally assaulted by a person in the executive who just violated the Oath demanded of by the 50 states.

There is no doubt about any of this. This is the hidden parts in the Constitution which liberals would get wide eyed over like jury nullification which they want no one ever considering, because they think the Constitution controls Americans, when the Constitution is the trump card which indicts national political criminals.

Let those facts be known in Phil Calderon declared war on these United States and Barack Hussein Obama joined this slave exporter. War is something for the US Congress to debate, but the issue of Mr. Obama is now open to be debated by all 50 State Legislatures to indict him for immediate removal.

No executive in America can commit high crimes against any of these 50 states. The States hold those Legal Rights to check any executive in any legal forum they undertake.

Arizona, forget about cutting off Los Angeles electric and instead indict and try Mr. Obama. Remove the enabler and Los Angeles will whimper away into the Obama abyss. That is what Constitutional Law accomplishes.