Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gorelick Protocls

Senator Susan Collins: "A key question for me is why this suspect was allowed to board the plane in the first place. There appears to be a troubling gap between the time they had his name and the time he got on the plane."

Faisal Shahzad, "I was expecting you. Are you NYPD or FBI?"

As the Lame Cherry will explain, both Faisal Shahzad and Sen. Susan Collins are correct, because Eric Holder was playing cute with B. Hussein Obama in endangering Americans even more as they Jamie Gorelick'd this and played Shahzad as they were played by him.

To quote one of my favorite lines from the Lion in Winter, "Henry knows that I know, and he knows that I know. I know that Henry knows and he knows that I know. We are a very knowledgeable family".

This blog profiled correctly that Faisal Shahzad was auditioning from this in the beginning to be al Qaeda Pakistan's poster boy. His statement in expecting the Police reveals he waited around for the feds to pick up his trail, make this a several day manhunt commanding propaganda attention, and then deliberately phoned in which he knew would be picked up on Escheleon, used his name so he would be red flagged, and then calmly boarded his UAE flight waiting for his appearance on Eric Holder's American Idol.

Authorities had tailed Shahzad throughout the day, but lost him before he arrived at the airport, the official said.

Oh my just like Jack Bauer, the Obama regime was exposing the public to even more danger from a known terrorist. One more day passed as Obama Inc. allowed his operatives to hint that this was an American Tea Party member, and, in such wonderful Jamie Gorelick fashion on 9 11, THEY LOST THE TARGET!

Frankly in this, heads should roll as this is criminal negligence. This blog alone exposed that is what the scenario was on 9 11 when these same Clintonites under Eric Holder lost terrorists.

What would have been the case if they lost this terrorist at JFK and Faisal Shahzad was on a suicide bomb run and blew up 500 innocent Americans as Eric Holder played pretend Jack Bauer and Obama played Madam President?

"I was here all yesterday and through much of last night and was aware of the tracking that was going on, and I was never in any fear that we were in danger of losing him," Eric Holder said.

Why in the hell should Holder be in any fear, it was not him but New Yorkers again being put into jeopardy as the Gorelick crew par dux was playing a terrorist on a wire and then these same folks lost the terrorist again!

This Shahzad operation is no different than Hutatree, Gulf oil pollution or 9 11, part one or part two. All of these events have Americans being harmed and dying, because liberals are playing games in chasing terrorists instead of taking them down.

There was absolutely nothing to be learned from Shahzad. His phone calls are all on NSA files for the past year. His contacts would surface in known associates, so all this was, was a prolonged smear against Tea Party members in the hope that by playing Shahzad he would lead them to someone Obama could hold up as a Tim McVeigh type.

The problem in this is just like Ahmadinejad in his charm tour of New York, Shahzad from the beginning as this blog exclusively noted was playing Obama Inc. for the fools they are. Shahzad was not amateur in the least. He knew what he was doing with that bomb. He knew the attention scheme he had laid out. He knew he was being followed and he was waiting for the arrest which he planned, knowing Holder would give him Miranda Rights and this would be his public platform for al Qaeda America to inspire Pakistani's to terrorism.

This is the most disconcerting situation I have run across for some time in the absolute endangerment of Americans for political intrigue. By God's Grace this blog was proven correct on the 9 11 assessment and the proof is the operation the Holder intelligence blundered through.

I will repeat. Obama lost a known terrorist. Obama allowed a terrorist to enter a mass transit center which was made for suicide bombing, and, Obama did absolutely nothing to protect Americans.

This is criminal and for this, the entire Obama regime should be impeached and brought up on charges.

A call must be made that FBI Director Robert Mueller be put in charge of national security, and answer directly to Congress as Mr. Obama is sorted out of the system for his criminal neglect.

There are no excuses in this. There is far too much cuddle thy Muslim terrorist while endangering Americans to mass murderers all for political drama.

This blog's assessment was proven correct. It is time to hold Mr. Obama accountable and to put Faisal Shahzad into military custody for immediate trial.


Terrorist on the hook, Americans in the shark pond and Obama dithers as Jack Bauer