Thursday, June 17, 2010

Holy Crapola

What kind of zoo is B. Hussein Obama running?

I honestly have no confidence in the CIA, DOD, NCIS, NSA, Treasury and I am tossing in the political wing of the FBI doing Holder's bidding, as Obama just imported 17 Afghani Taleeban al Qaeda to America, via the United States Air Force into Texas, and after giving them complete high level security access..........Obama lost them.

Just like Jamie Gorelick lost the 9 11 terrorits. Just like Eric Holder "lost" Faisal Shahzad in letting me enter an international airport after they knew he was armed with an assault rifle.

The worst of this is the pin cushion from the Pentagon as political officer issuing this statement saying he knows nothing about it, but wanted to assure Americans there was no threat.
(I suppose he never read the Arizona Border Security Law either?)
A senior Defense Department official in Washington told Fox News he had no direct knowledge of the 17 men being AWOL. The official added that this is not the first time foreign trainees have gone missing, and suggested it was more an immigration violation than a national security threat.

What kind of an absolute pin head tells people he has no knowledge of a situation, but thinks this is just another Obama illegal immigration mass defection this apparently happens to the Pentagon all the time.

What in the hell is the Pentagon doing in importing all of these highly trained killers, knowing how to use full auto weapons, knowing how to break necks and where the drive a knife in to kill people and these Obamites are apparently loosing droves of these Islamic defectors in every batch they bring in, after they are afforded security clearance.

This Senior Defense official should be fired immediately for being as incompetent as Obama's policies are.

17 Muslim pilots, from a place which just had the last friendly CIA mole walk in and blow up the CIA compound he was working out of, and who was telling the CIA they were blowing up bin Laden every other week, and this Obamite is telling America not to worry about another one of Obama's crazy Muslims let loose.

What in the hell are these Muslims being imported to America for training for? Qatar is a military complex that is right in the Muslim backyard, so what are these Obamties flying them into America for, considering the last time trained Islamic pilots showed up in America, that America had 3000 murdered Americans.

Obama brought these 17 Muslims in to learn English. Goodness in the goop, give them tapes of Gilligan's Island in Kabul and let them learn English like most people did.

This is just Muslim mafia lovely. I wonder how Obama and Joy Behar will blame this one on George W. Bush and Richard Cheney?

Not enough cursed terrorists coming in from Obama's open borders and suing Arizona eh? Obama now flies them in, trains them, gives them security, money and loses them in Texas.

Gee, no dead Sheik bin Laden after Obama said he knew how to get him, and gee once again no one at the Obama regime will be fired over this one.

But then why should anyone be fired, as no one at Obama Inc. knows a thing about missing terrorits and they knew nothing about the Gusher either.


Brother can you spare a terrorist?