Thursday, August 26, 2010

Handicapped Parking Whores

If you can not see the smoke and flames rising from this particular blog, then stick around as it is going to be an inferno of unloading catalyst as this blog is furious, pissed and ready to go nuclear by what I just experienced today.

I have in good Christian nature given passes to assh*les like Noel Sheppard of Newsbusters bitching at me when I should have taken him to court and sued him and Brent Bozell for what Sheppard in the dipsh*t he is blundered into in attacking someone in my position.
I have given Rush Limbaugh a pass for intellectual theft of this blog as much as John McCain when I should have hauled them into court for bags of money and a pile of bad publicity for stealing from me in my condition.

This stops now as today I was attending a seminar with my Mother at a medical facility when the following happened.
For those who do not know what I have been going through with Mom, she broke her high femur "hip" a month ago and I have been alone caring for her, and part of her rehabilitation, which is why this blog has not been posted at least 3 times a day, as Mom comes first.

In this time, I have learned a great deal of the particulars of handicapped parking, walkers, pain medications and various other flora and fauna.
At the facility I was at today they have one entrance with a sloped sidewalk which reads NO PARKING with a big handicapped warning that this is a unloading zone for various vehicles dropping off or picking up invalids.
So as our conference about a the current thousand dollar a month bone medication was wrapped up, we went to the front door along with another lady whose husband was getting their car. I sat and waited until they loaded and just as I was about to pull popped a brownish SUV with a woman driver.
I was not about to leave my Mom standing in the entry so I pulled up on the outside of the loading zone where this woman was parked, and decided we would struggle around the concrete and pavement to get her off her feet.

As I got in the entry, I noted the woman was chattering at a receptionist holding some envelope and then as I got Mom outside, here the woman popped out, walking like she was normal, because she was.

She announced, "Oh I will move out of the way".

I said, "Thank you", in a tone which said, "You pissy bitch crook get the hell out of the way!"

This bitch was rattled, because she backed up her vehicle onto the curb.

I continued watching her, and that is when I noted that handicapped parking tag on her mirror, AS SHE FRICKING STRUGGLED WITH IT TO TEAR IT OFF THE REAR VIEW MIRROR.

I at this point was developing fury, as she backed out and I was getting my Mom loaded into the car.

I happened a week ago to catch a feed from the Minneapolis media which stated a police officer there had handed out over half a million dollars in parking ticket fines, because Minnesotans there were using bogus handicapped signs to get out of paying 2 dollar parking.
The reason this matters is this bitch, I did note had Minnesota tags on her SUV. Apparently it is something in assh*le Minnesota, which signs this blog up from Obama voters to Obama mailings, that this group of Al Franken and Amy Klobacher Obamites who think that running around with handicapped tags is an ok Minnesota thing to do.

Here am I so pissed off that I did not write down this bitch's license plate number and turn her in, or at least have gone into the reception area and made certain someone followed up in prosecuting her.

I see this handicapped bullsh*t all the time in people with nice cars, new clothes, smoking cigs usually like a chimney are running around with handicapped plates living high off of the American society.
I have always cut people slack in parking lots for parking in handicapped zones, because people are people. What I can not condone is areas where people are dealing with medical treatment and some bitch pulls up in her new SUV, using handicapped tags which do not belong to her, and all this cow was doing was making a run in, because she was too damned lazy to fricking park not over 100 feet away and walk to the door.
For the record, I usually have to park that far away and walk, because I can still walk.

There is no excuse for trash like this woman. I hope God's retribution is thorough and thorough.

What I would like to see is people like Rush Limbaugh and Noel Sheppard in public face humiliation for their actions in being pompous asses as real people live their lives posting this blog.
What I would like to see is bags of money to make this front bench crap pay.

What I would like to see is every handicapped parking spot in America, have a video camera trained on it, and every person who is parked there either have to show up with a walker, cane or wheelchair, and if they do not, their license plates run and the police arrive to tow the vehicle away.
I'm not satisfied for 500 dollar fines. I want these parking whores to have their vehicles confiscated and given away to some invalid for free in a balancing of the scales.

I just have had enough of this from all these pricks. My Mom is still 2 to 4 weeks away from having her femur healed. She clings to her walker as you will find most elderly people get phobic about falling once they go through the torture of broken hips, pelvis and bones as it hurts like hell. Today I had to have her negotiate over bumps, curb heaves and a 25 foot additional walk, because some Minnesota bitch was parked in a handicapped offload and load zone, because she was too fricking Rush Limbaugh hiring Elton John or Barack Vacation Obama important to think of anyone but their own self centered, selfish, inflated selves.

God will hear about all of this, and by God, I will expect things to be done in repayment as I do not take kindly to anyone making Special Olympics cracks or making my Mom negotiate over rough concrete and asphalt as I have been watching her and numerous other people, like a kid with one leg today, deal with life in pain and a closed world.

This time it isn't enough said, but I have things to do.