Thursday, September 30, 2010

Barack Obama is Scared

Barack Hussein Obama is scared. It is a third world scared being in a
first world of Americans in which he doesn't have a clue what to do.
There is a big difference between scared, being afraid of having fear.

Fear is what humans have in battle, or hearing your loved one is hurt,
but you hold your ground, because the soul in you holds you to honor
that love you have in you for others.

Being afraid is what humans are in being frightened of the unknown.

What Obama though is, is scared, and you can hear it, see it, feel it
and know it in every step this fraud takes, because being scared is what
a fraud is in being found is followed by bodily fluids
of tears or urine, because it is what weak people do in digging
themselves into situations they in arrogance think they can handle, and
all they have left is losing control.

You can hear it in Obama as he quakes in hisself. Blaming others one
day. Defrauding Christianity the next, followed by the whopper of
conjuring of slavery, as like Dinesh D'Souza he read about America in a
book, and he thinks if he just repeats the words that the Americans will
think this braying jackass is just like the two legged variety Obama has
been so busy exterminating as a race from North America.

Mort Zuckerman said the American Dream is now a nightmare. He is wrong,
because fool Americans were told by Obama to dream on him, and what
these folks have awoke to is a nightmare called Obama.
I stated long ago that Obama is like going to Vegas, getting smashed and
waking up with a transvestite with VD you just got married to. It all
seemed so right when you were drunk and it all felt fine, but now you
are wondering how the hell you are going to get out of this, and hope to
God somehow you didn't catch AIDS.

Amazingly as Obama scares down America, his partner in this is Karl Rove
who once described Obama as the fornicating jerk, smoking a cig,
standing by a wall with a smirk as he looks at all the wives he screwed.
Karl Rove is not so mouthy now in only Sean Hannity paying attention to
the guy who is partnered with know that greasy, fat,
bald guy.......the one standing by the jerk, with a wrinkled shirt,
pants that are never long enough and that cologne even time can't rub off.

You damn betcha Karl Rove is scared like Obama, as that is why Rove and
that pathetic Baldy Schmidt have been so nuts in attacking Sarah Palin
and Christine O'Donnell.

It sure is a different world when you have George W. Bush making it look
so easy, and then those golf club whores holding up the walls steal
their chance, and all of a sudden it just isn't working like when that
"incompetent" Bush was doing it so well with Pelosi hanging from his
back like a rabid monkey.

That is the problem with Rove and Obama, in they actually thought they
were going somewhere in life, when all they were is just fortunate to
have been at a place where Americans were already going and now are too
stupid to figure out that America has passed them by as they are
standing still and no one is living in the past.

Obama throws more Predators and NATO in invading Pakistan as he said he
would. He is scared and desperate like Jimmy Carter in his failed
hostage rescue or his "get out the vote" by killing Iranians in trying
to beat Reagan.
Carter is still scared too as he keeps repeating if only it had worked
he would have been re elected.

Hey Jimmy, Mickey Mouse would have beat you in 1979, and Disney could
have spotted you a million votes from the Chicago dead Democrat voting

It's a bitch when showing up your entire life has been enough or being
the fat kid who played dirty politics got yourself attached to a winner
like George W. Bush.
It is a bitch when you are Jerry Brown using latino border busters to
try and win in California in smearing your female opponent. It is a
bitch when you are Stephanie Sandlin in South Dakota, always getting by
on looks, your family's political power and your crotch, to find out
that it still isn't enough.
It is a bitch being Harry Reid sending out thugs to start
fights........because no one believes the Democrats anymore as the Obama
fraud has rubbed off and B. Hussein Obama is running scared and they are
all scared now.

I feel for blacks who have been generationally trained to follow their
leaders. That was different though when it was Republican Fredrick
Douglas or the dead Martin King who could no longer disappoint. Now they
are following Obama into the abyss as blacks are afraid to admit they
made a mistake in tying all they are to a tan guy who learned how to a
black American reading it in a book.

Barack Hussein Obama is fast becoming someone of inconsequence in no one
from China, to Russia to America gives a damn what his teleprompter says.

The fact is Barack Hussein Obama isn't an American, because he doesn't
love America like the immigrants who gave up all and suffered all to get
here. Obama is like his Mexican slaves in they see the wages are good,
pick the surroundings clean and then will find another nation to spoil.
That is what Barack Hussein Obama should have said along as a kid when
he noted he wanted to be President of some country..........little Barry
Soetoro should have just said, "When I'm running scared, I want to be
President of many countries as I destroy the ones I left behind due to
my incompetence".

You haven't heard lately from Michael Beschloss and other David Brooks
types in how off the scale Obama is in intelligence. You don't even see
old crusty crotch Peggy Noonan lamenting her lost Obama doll.

The show is over and Americans have abandoned Obama. His sun is set and
he can't even appoint his fat children to be generals like Kim Jong Il
to carry on the 3rd world tyranny.

All Barack Obama can do is keep chattering like a parrot being Birdy
Obama. He sounds like he knows the words, but no one is listening.

Obama has turned up the volume as he is scared. His crew of gangsters
are fleeing his historic fall, and all he has left is Mummy Val-erie
Jarrett, still telling her scared little Obama............

"It's ok Barry, Mummy luvs you."