Sunday, January 30, 2011

Assassination of an American Prince

With deepest sympathies to the Shah of Iran's family, thee legitimate rulers of Persia, I open this wound as I will not allow these Islamocommunists of Iran to assassinate Citizens in America from TWA Flight 800 to the Prince of Persia, Alireza Pahlavi.

Full credit for starting the exposure of this goes to that Patrick Henry of America, in Larry Klayman, a personal friend of the Iranian People in exile and the Patriots of Iran.

From an intelligence standpoint, I know something is being covered up in the death of the Prince in Boston. The Obama regime and their east coast puppy press was too quiet. The communists of Iran were too quiet in not celebrating this event and this entire story was too scripted as it fed across the internet.
"Channels" should have been all over this to investigate it, but "channels" were instead out of Janet Napolitano's and Eric Holder's office were too interested in clamping this down hard and fast.

Some will point to the public affirmation by the Shah's family that the Prince was troubled. I have spotted non stop feeds of propaganda pointing to a drug user and to someone never recovering from his father's, sister's "deaths" and from the Prince never being at home in the west.

I counter with this account from a neighbor of the Prince:

A neighbor, Dan Phillips, 42, said he did not know Pahlavi personally but recognized his picture and described him as someone who was very social and "who always dressed very dapper."

"I would always see him walking around here and he used to wear blue jeans and a blazer," Phillips said.

Not exactly the melodrama of a depressed Prince now is it? I would also note that blue jeans are American attire. The Prince who came to America at age 13 was still an heir to the throne in Iran, but when one takes on blue jeans, he has assimilated to American culture in the truest John Wayne cowboy attire.
Blue jeans note comfort, as in comfortable in one's own skin. This observation by the neighbor of the Prince does not point to someone who is anything but pleased with his American family.

To explain the public statements by the Shah's family, Larry Klayman does hint at what the gossip is, that I believe the Shah's family does sincerely want made public.
In the Carter years, the Shah and his family were turned out into the world and America was the only nation who would give them a home. They knew the pressure on the US government by communist Muslims to turn the royals out where they would all be assassinated.
I join this with current Obama regime policy stating it wants to turn the Jews loose to face their fate and join the Islamocommunist crusade. I fully suspect through channels the Shah's family was told to eat this they way Teddy Kennedy was told to eat the assassination of John John and his wife, or they too would be turned out like the Jews.

This is not the world of George W. Bush with Dick Cheney when the Shah's family was progressively promoting their return, to which the New York Times did it's treacherous worst to expose Cheney policies at toppling the Iranian regime. In Obama, the world is one of protection for Ahmadinejad, and this death of the Prince of America which does not add up, points to a Mubarak weeding out of one Islamist for a chosen Obama Islamist in el Baradei.

Let us not forget ever that France was going to out the Persian regime in their nuclear weapons factory, Obama got Sarkozy to wait, and Iran within hours stole Sarkozy's thunder.
As this blog exclusively exposed, this came from Obama hisself in his cuddle policy with Iran.

Coupled with the rounding up and murder of Iranian Patriots in Obama's Twitter Revolution with MI6 Gordon Brown, staged with Russia and China to rid Iran of it's freedom movement headed by the Shah's family, as Mr. Obama remained silent, the evidence is enough to indict Obama that there is a symbiotic relationship between the Ayatollahs and Obama no matter what Stuxnet is doing in Iranian computers.

To examine the death scene of the Prince, we can only go on limited evidence, but the evidence does not add up to suicide.

The instrument of death was a double barrel shotgun. We know from Mr. Klayman that both barrels were discharged. In taking this forensic evidence, we will examine this "closed case" of a hot homicide.

A double barrel shotgun is a rare thing like all guns in gun control Boston. The standard double barrel comes in two types of over and under and side by side.
The old box lock type of the English Greener design had two triggers in which one trigger was for each barrel, and when pulled would fire the right or left.
Older models will have a hammer on each barrel exposed and newer models have the hammer enclosed.
More modern designs have a switch for over or under or a right or left, in having only one trigger. Some may have an auto set which upon which one barrel is fired it automatically switches to the other barrel.

In stating the above facts, in order to fire both barrels of a shotgun, rifle or a drilling, one would have to survive having their head blown off, switch the barrel designation, then fire the other barrel.
Yes here am I fully aware that when one injects brain trauma, the body can convulse and pull a second trigger, but the point is, how does one change the barrel designator?

If this was a double barrel "cowboy type" which I highly doubt as the Shah's family even in heirlooms from the 1950's onward would not have some cheap firearms, but only the best English or American Winchester 21 designs, there is the problem of the big toe.

Big toe you ask?

It is illegal to own sawed off shotguns. That means that shotguns are implements with 30 inch long barrels. The human arm is not long enough to pull the trigger using the thumb, once again even if one is Wilt Chamberlain which the Prince was not, how does one pull the trigger and then place your thumb in tight confines onto the second trigger when one's brain is no longer there to complete logical thought?

So the big toe is used, and there is not enough room in a trigger guard, two triggers and one big toe fishing about to fire two triggers, and certainly in other models, there is not enough monkey agility in the feet of the human primate to be switching barrels to fire another round off.

I will be blunt, two barrels going off is almost an impossibility with a shotgun, and in forensic psychology it means one very pissed off other human in that room, giving two barrels for malice. That is the kind of malice one finds in Islamocommunists following the turban heads around.

Reports have surfaced that the Prince did not own a shotgun which would indeed be hard to acquire in Boston in the first place.
No one seems to know who called 911 and it is interesting with two shotgun blasts going off in an apartment, that no one heard anything.

The communists of Iran have been murdering the diaspora for thirty years. The Prince's Uncle was shot twice too in Paris in a very messy execution. There are ways though in scenario for assassins to surprise a Prince at 2 am, give the impression of kidnapping or threatening one's family if they do not remain quiet, while a female honey pot who gained access or her male accomplice maneuver to give the intended both barrels of lead.
I return to the two barrels of lead as a noted Admiral in Jeremy Boorda during the Clinton tenure committed suicide with a rifle, shooting himself several times from across the room.

Multiple hits mean malice and this points to the turban heads of Iran being furious over the Shah's family during the 8 years of the Bush43 Administration trying to free the Iranian people, and now under Obama, it appears another quid pro quo was reached in American Soldiers in Obama fish in a barrel shooting gallery of Afnamistan as "pay back" for Muslim honor has joined to the murder of Prince Alireza Pahlavi as Mr. Obama has America engaged in his secular Islamist tribal war of Obama choosing which are the good Americans, the good Jews and the good Muslims who live and die.

In an operation such as this the hit team would comprise of the mole to get in close, the hit man, and two to three point men.
The mole and the assassin would have flown out of Boston Logan within hours on diplomatic type passes and the point men would have returned to the Iranian counsel's diplomatic protection at the UN within the time to drive there, and have probably have vacated on diplomatic passes to Iran.
The Iranians would not leave any loose ends for Heathrow or any other nation to detain the team. This would have been full diplomatic papers, just as the SAM which downed TWA Flight 800 which the Clinton group covered up, came in on diplomatic fliers in some box of documents.

I will leave this for readers to ponder for a time, as how does a neighbor who says the Prince was Americanized and happy, suddenly become suicidal in blowing his head off. In psychological forensics, his identity as Prince was his validity. If he was emotionally upset, he should have fired the shot into his heart where the emotion was felt. The handsomeness of the Prince was not something he would have violently targeted as that was not what would have been the suicide trigger.
That therefore points to someone else with a long barreled weapon seeking to take away the Prince's identity in pointing to murder, and doing so twice to make sure.

To conclude this, let us look beyond the Islamocommunists murder incoroporated in TWA Flight 800, the Marines slaughtered in Lebanon and CIA station chief tortured and murdered by the Brzezinski communists in Persia, Jimmy Carter and the MI6 Rothschild Marxists installed when they initiated a coup on Shah of Iran.

1. In July 1980, Shapour Bakhtiar escapes an assassination attempt in Paris, France. A French policeman and a neighbor are killed and one policeman is seriously injured.
2. In July 1980, Ali Tabatabai is killed in Washington D.C., United States.
3. In 1981, Shahriar Shafigh is killed in Paris, France.
4. In January 1982, Shahrokh Missaghi is killed in Manila, Philippines.
5. In April 1982, a young German student is killed during the attack of the residence of Iranian students in Mainzer, Germany, by the pro-Iranian Hezbollah.
6. In June 1982, Shahram Mirani is fatally wounded in India.
7. In August 1982, Ahmad Zol-Anvar is fatally wounded in Karachi, Pakistan.
8. In September 1982, Abdolamir Rahdar is killed in India.
9. In 1982, Colonel Ahmad Hamed is killed in Istanbul, Turkey.
10. In February 1983, Esfandiar Rahimi is killed in Manila, Philippines.
11. In February 1984, Gholam-Ali Oveissi and his brother, Gholam-Hossein, are killed in Paris, France.
12. In August 1985, Behrouz Shahverdilou is killed in Istanbul, Turkey.
13. In December 1985, Hadi Aziz-Moradi is killed in Istanbul, Turkey.
14. In August 1986, Bijan Fazeli is killed in London, Great Britain.
15. In December 1986, Vali Mohammad Van is killed in Pakistan.
16. In January 1987, Ali-Akbar Mohammadi is killed in Hamburg, Germany.
17. In May 1987, Hamid Reza Chitgar disappears in Vienna, Austria and is found assassinated in July.
18. In July 1987, Faramarz-Agha and Ali-Reza Pourshafizadeh are killed and twenty-three persons
are wounded in residences of Iranian refugees Karachi and Quetta, Pakistan.
19. In July 1987, Amir-Hossein Amir-Parviz is seriously wounded by theexplosion of a bomb placed in his car
in London, England.
20. In July 1987, Mohammad-Hassan Mansouri is shot dead in his house Istanbul, Turkey.
21. In August 1987, Ahmad Moradi-Talebi is killed in Geneva, Switzerland.
22. In October 1987, Mohammad-Ali Tavakoli-Nabavi and his youngest son, Noureddin, are killed in
Wembley, Great Britain.
23. In October 1987, Abol-Hassan Modjtahed-Zadeh is kidnapped in Istanbul,Turkey.
24. In December 1988, an Iranian refugee is assassinated in front of the headquarters of the United Nations High
Commissioner for Refugees in Karachi, Pakistan.
25. In June 1989, Ataollah Bay Ahmadi is killed in the Emirate of Dubai.
26. In July 1989, Abdol-Rahman Ghassemlou and Abdollah Ghaderi and Fazel Rassoul are killed in Vienna, Austria.
27. In August 1989, Gholam Keshavarz is killed in Cyprus.
28. In September 1989, Sadigh Kamangar is assassinated in the north of Iraq.
29. In September 1989, Hossein Keshavarz, victim of a terrorist attempt, is paralyzed for life.
30. In February 1990, Hadj Baloutch-Khan is killed by a terrorist commandoin Pakistan.
31. In Mars 1990, Hossein Mir-Abedini is wounded by an armed commando in the airport of Istanbul, Turkey.
32. In April 1990, Kazem Radjavi is killed in Coppet, Switzerland.
33. In July 1990, Ali Kashefpour is kidnapped and killed in Turkey.
34. In September 1990, Efat Ghazi is killed in Sweden by a bomb intended for her husband.
35. In October 1990, Cyrus Elahi is killed in Paris, France.
36. In April 1991, Abdol-Rahman Boroumand is killed in Paris, France.
37. In July 1991, Alberto Capriolo is wounded in Milan, Italy.
38. In July 1991, Hitoshi Igarashi is killed in Tokyo, Japan.
39. In July 1991, Ahad Agha is killed in Suleimanya, Iraq.
40. In August 1991, Shapour Bakhtiar and Soroush Katibeh are killed in Suresnes, France.
41. In September 1991, Saad Yazdan-Panah is fatally wounded in iraq.
42. In December 1991, Massoud Rajavi escapes a terrorist attempt in Baghdad, Iraq.
43. In January 1992, Kamran Hedayati is wounded opening a letter bomb in Vastros, Sweden. He looses his
sight and his hands.
44. In May 1992, Shapour Firouzi is killed in Iraq.
45. In July 1992, Kamran Mansour-Moghadam is killed in Suleymania, Iraq.
46. In August 1992, Fereydoun Farokhzad is killed in Bonn, Germany.
47. In September 1992, Sadegh Sharafkandi, Fatah Abdoli, Homayoun Ardalan and Nouri Dehkordi are killed in
Berlin, Germany.
48. In January 1993, Ugur Mumcu is killed in Ankara, Turkey.
49. In February 1993, the fundamentalist terrorists in Turkey admit to have kidnapped and killed Ali-Akbar Ghorbani who had disappeared in June 1992 in Turkey.
50. In March 1993, Mohammad-Hossein Naghdi is killed in Rome, Italy.
51. In June 1993, Mohammad-Hassan Arbab is killed in Karachi, Pakistan
52. In October 1993, Turkish fundamentalists admit having tortured and killed for Iranian officials, Abbas Gholizadeh who was kidnapped in Istanbul, Turkey in December 1992.
53. In November 1993, William Nygaard is wounded in Oslo, Norway.
54. In January, 1994, Taha Kermanj is killed in Corum, Turkey.
55. In August 1994, Ghafour Hamzei'i is killed in Baghdad, Iraq.
56. In February 1996, Zahra Rajabi and Ali Moradi were killed in Istanbul, Turkey.
57. In March 1996, Ali Mollazadeh was killed in Karachi, Pakistan.
58. In May 1996, Reza Mazlouman ( Kourosh Aryamanesh ) was killed in Paris, France

This points to the murder of the American Prince of Persia and the complicity of the Obama regime in this. This has all gone on long enough in this Brzezinski and Obama central European benefactors murder pro quo.
Mr. Obama must be investigated in this as his regime's criminal leaders and the Iranian communist regime violently decapitated as these are acts of war against Americans and her protectorates.

Never again for Jews of the holocaust, never again for Americans in Flight 800 and never again for the Shah's family or the diospora.

agtG 235

"I'm not here to advocate anything but ... freedom and democracy for the Iranian people at first and I've determined this as my unique mission in life."

The American Prince of Persia

Who ended that mission?