Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nazi O'Barbie

Ann Coulter official Obama Certifier

Unlike all liberals, I dislike Ann Coulter not because she is on the right, but because she is national socialist Obama voter in a fraud on the right.

Odd is it not, that all these drooling, ranting and insane liberals hate Ann Coulter, because she is one of them in reality and not for the delusion they operate under that she is a Conservative.
Sad that Sean Hannity constantly parades Coulter and Karl Rove on his program a people on the right, when they are the biggest B. Hussein Obama advocates in having installed this undocumented alien.

Think for a moment, or even an hour, when George W. Bush was going through drunkgate, Rathergate, Plamegate, WMDgate or whatever other gates which the Rovians were feeding to the press to give them something to feed on to keep them off the real Bush details, including that George W. Bush goes urban on guys like Obama, did one liberal stand up and defend George W. Bush?

Come now think about this.

Can you think of one time that Rachel Maddow, Katie Couric, Joy Behar, Whoopie Goldberg, Rosie O'Donnell, Cynthia McFadden or any of the other media shrews who are Coulter's equals in rants, did they ever once stand up and call their MoveOn terrorists nuts and defend George W. Bush?

How about did you see Joy Behar joining Rush Limbaugh to defend W? What about Whooper joining Bill O'Reilly? How many times was Rosie on Sean Hannity denouncing any attack on W?

Yet upon examination we find Ann Coulter joining Geraldo Rivera to bash Birthers, wrote columns smearing Joseph Farah and went so far to call Birthers nuts and then certify that she investigated Obama and announced he was certified to be President, because she looked at his online birth posting which wouldn't get you food stamps at an ACORN event.

Seriously, Ann Coulter is the new breed of NeoProg hiding in the right like Peggy Noonan, that voted for Obama and then bash him about at times in catharsis to make him pay for neglecting her like all the other weak liberal men who Mo Dowd'ed them in spreading them and leaving just the crispy crust.

Ann Coulter is a Nazi O'Barbie, a sexed up Obama voter who is a Nazi, a National Socialist like Obama, like the Hitler groupies were showing their garters to the SS.

This is all systematic of these moles on the right who type out books like Dinesh D'Souza and are not Conservatives at all by their own admission. Coulter is like the woman against abortions except she has had a dozen as birth control.
Ann Coulter is the gay ear Graham of CPAC in speeches there deriding Conservatives as lunatics and in the meantime being so in bed with Obama that the sheets are in light profile of them, as they have laid there so long.

Ann Coulter certified Obama and trashed Birthers who are the Tea Party, and then pretends she is the Tea Party. Rush Limbaugh didn't do a thing for the Tea Party and then tries to crawl up the Tea Party's ass like Coulter while getting Obama elected and getting Christine O'Donnell destroyed so Limbaugh can have his GRIDLOCK as America sinks deeper into the Obama abyss. Bill O'Reilly goes on Letterman and pretends they hate each other, when both are fricking Obama voters so maniac that their ballots when marked had the pens chewing into the table as they were so obsessed with Obama.

Ask yourself who needs Keith Olbermann in his fake act, Ed Schultz going goon or Nancy Pelosi going gonzo on the left, when you have Ann Coulter leading the poltroon platoon propping up Obama?

They are all the O Squad lifting their skirt, seducing trusting people on the right, taking their hard earned moral money and using it to prop up Sodom and Obamamorrah.

Ann Coulter just needs a man to tell her which end it up, swat that end on it's ass, tell her to be a Lady and order her to get supper fixed, the laundry done and a beer with snacks on the table because whitetail hunting is on at 7.
That is the problem with all these Noonan and Dowd chics. They think they are so bright in playing men, and the liberals who use them as cum dumps run off with the pretty whores and they are left all old and wrinkled blaming men when they are the whorish problem.

Coulter needs to have a man in her life who she will follow around, gut his fish, pick his grouse, skin his goat and then make sure she fixes her hair and lipstick in the wilds to make sure she is pleasing to a man who will put up with her.
That is why all these tramps are bangin' Obama at the ballot box. They sold out long ago for these mansexuals who let them think they are in charge when they are being played for fools.

I don't need Ann Coulter on the right and I don't want her in the Conservative Movement of Ronald Reagan..........and notice I don't pull any liberal sh*t in saying WE in trying to isolate Coulter as little Noel Sheppard tried with me at Newsbusters. I can deal with this fraud in Coulter as she certifies Obama as there is no excuse for her.
Ann Coulter belongs with the other brothel whores of Obama. She can take Limbaugh and O'Reilly with her to the Reggie Love nest of flossing.

She is a prank of the cartels who created Obama, just like all these other FOX frauds and CONservatives get their funnel money from the Rothschild and Rockefeller elites, after it is pirated from folks like nation rapists in Warren Buffett and George Soros.

Coulter needs redemption in a husband to knock her up, feed her some steak, make a woman out of her in a mother, and some pots to scrub to give her an understanding of her purpose in life, as she like all these other rich frauds feeding off the right and whoring for Obama have lost the Christian Way.............for the messiah they are protecting.

Strange is it not eh, that my Messiah protects me and needs no protection.

Nazi O'Barbie, the Ann Coulter her tinglings nationally socialized her to be.

You would think Sean Hannity would want to wash his hands in compunction after having these O'Barbies always around him.