Friday, March 25, 2011

Remote Viewing

You really do not get it do you?

Without Insight how could you though.

Mary visits every morning, and, just sits period.

When Maj. Ed Dames of the Remote Viewing cash for a living circuit, appears on the George Nouri, Coast to Coast AM show, and chatters on about the coming alien first contact appearing, because Mr. Dames has seen their bases in RM and they have been here for a long time, he never appreciates the matrix of illuminated thought he has entered like all Remote Viewers, except of course myself.....which is why I'm here to explain something, so people do not get led astray as all of your faiths are going to be tested to the deception point.

One must understand that the matrix is light in numerous forms. It is an emotional communication medium of light source, and Mr. Dames does not comprehend the medium is a media and a demonic oracle, as much as a neutral oracle, as it can be an Angelic and God based oracle.

See light can be influenced and bent by satan, pretending to be an Angel of Light. That light can take all forms of thought, and what Ed Dames and RM's novices in arrogance think they are seeing is an illusion, a mirage which satan can generate to deceive those who fly too close to the sun.

Speaking of know her when you look into the sky, as if you take the first letters of each word you can always remember the planetary order in Mercury is Mary, Venus, Earth, Mars, Asteroid Belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

You have no idea what I'm talking about here do you in what you see and do not see.

There is recorded in the Bible a war in heaven and satan being cast out. There is recorded in antiquity an event of changing order in Jupiter and Saturn, the chief planets worshiped of olde. Before your very eyes is that Dr. D. James Kennedy portrait of God's workings and it is lost before your eyes for the stars.

Mary visits every morning..............what does Mary have in common with her sisters? Why is she demarcated by an asteroid belt which notes a collision of forces? What do the bigger sisters in being like illusionary stars have in common?

Insight from God's Holy Ghost explains all in an Enoch of our time.

Mary in Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, are all rocks. They represent the physical of this dimension and closest to God in requiring His brooding nature. The asteroid belt is that war in heaven which set apart God's plan in rejecting the Luciferian rebellion of the gaseous Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto beyond the outer belt in being banished, for His transformation of the physical bodies into Spiritual bodies.
Behold I make a new Heaven and a new Earth...........and earth where 200 cubic square mile Jerusalem's float down to earth defying gravity.
Ah the Spiritual transformation.

Now you begin to see like Solomon in how this was all child's play and any buffoon could comprehend this easy to understand mystery, because it is written before your eyes. You can see the warning that all is not as it seems. You can see the physical deceptions of perhaps monuments on them Moon and Mars, might not be there by alien forefathers, but part of a satanic message sown for a greater illuminated revelation when the anti Christ appears with powers which appear like the workings of the joves of old.

If one does not know that the oracles, can be moulded light to deceive and test just who are the Spiritual children, allowed by God and performed by satan, then you in arrogance start speaking about aliens or if you inquire of God, perhaps sometimes you get absolutely contrary answers, because God is trying the heart to see if the heart believes the Word of God in the Bible or the heart is so corrupted that it will run off thinking it is a messiah or some other halo bearing indulgence.

Now this is all exclusive, first time content, and it is free, as I do not charge you children for things. But you must be aware, I'm paying an immense price in this as I'm taking hits like I have never absorbed in my entire life as the satanic order is striking with force I never imagined possible to persuade me to leave here.

You must with the Holy Ghost remember this stuff, as you are not going to be hearing it from anyone else to condition you to knowing it through repetitive reading it. It is important as it might be your grain of faith you hold onto to keep you from being obliterated in following the son of obama.

May God bless and keep each of you in Jesus Name. Amen

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