Thursday, April 21, 2011

What are you going to do when the Birthers prove Right

With the come release of Jerome Corsi's book Nightmare of my Obama, or whatever Joseph Farah is calling it.........this blog has some exclusives which no one but the insiders know and perhaps you will too if you keep reading the script.

When Matt Drudge ran the banner headline on Obama's secrets, it was a coordination with Joseph Farah as he indeed is the insider source.
It is no secret as I posted it here, that Joseph Farah is a rude man who is one of the reasons Obama was elected in his own book, None of the Above.
In stating that fact, Mr. Farah is one of thee best strategists for profit, Molotov Mob bling headlines and in setting the stage for stories.........his story is the Birther issue which he has driven.

I can tell you some secrets in this, in Joseph Farah has never once put up a billboard, "Show me your Kenya", but instead has focused on the COLB. The reason for this is Joseph Farah has evidence of that "document" from Hawaii.
Mr. Farah posted on this in Twitter in June of 2009 in which he stated he had "proof" which would rock the world, and he promised to release...........and as this blog chastised Mr. Farah in not making good on his word, that proof has never surfaced.

The reason is, someone took no doubt a photo series of Obama's records for Farah and Corsi in the sealed vault. See that probably even if World Net Daily did not sponsor it, but received it, be something which would get Eric Holder doing a Larry Sinclair on Farah and Corsi on some private information charges for the regime to put the screws to Farah as he has been stalked from 2008 by the Obama folks.
That is why the promised information has never surfaced........and is why Joseph Farah has invested a great deal of time and money building this story in his billboards and the compiled work of Swift Boat Corsi..........make no mistake in Jerome Corsi was right about the fraud John Kerry was........and this book on Obama has the goods on Bearick.
Some of Corsi's stuff is plagiarized from bloggers who covered the story months before, but in the "Obama recorded birth", Corsi has the fire which is making the smoke.

Joseph Farah to his credit did not pull a Dan Rather in Forgegate in knowing the story was right, but creating documents............Farah and Corsi instead built a story, fanned the Ann Coulter skirt high into the air building this issue, and now are in the process of vindicating themselves for Obama's folks almost murdering Corsi in Kenya and for all the hell Joseph Farah has taken from these Coulter frauds.

You must understand that Joseph is the cat who ate the canary.......he is smiling, as all the smears he has endured, he knows he has a plan and has been carrying it out for the major punchline which will be delivered when he chooses.

This is now the original title in "What in hell is Ann Coulter and Pat Buchanan going to do when the Birthers are proven right?"

What is Mark Levin going to do when his distraction, becomes a driving political movement to arrest Barack Hussein Obama?

You start to see now what Donald Trump is about in sending investigators to Hawaii over the Corsi book and why Sarah Palin is back on this issue..........the inside track is tracking Birtherism, and now you know why Karl Rove had that socialist Mike Huckabee nattering like a ninny a few weeks ago in trying to make Birthers sound crazy.
You know something is up when Rush Limbaugh who keeps calling Birther kooks, is taking a photo with the Drudge Headline about Obama's birth..........the inside information flow is flowing and Drudge and Limbaugh have been let in on the information and going to assist in building this.

I have been disappointed repeatedly by Joseph Farah on this issue and while I understand when one has information which Eric Holder will bring the Federal Police to your abode and stuff you into the cell they lost Larry Sinclair in..........but if this plays out, Joseph Farah now has 53% of Americans he has convinced there is an Obama story, and that fertile ground buys Corsi books making money, and it takes this to the Joesph Farah next phase in as he stated, "To make Obama squirm".

Mr. Farah is patient like a cat. Obama has been joking to try and deflect this........Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh have been floating their flat world warning of "Obama is setting this up to make the GOP look bad"........but these Obama enablers are going to be facing the realities which Ann Coulter has been hiding under her skirt.

You will notice that Darrell Issa of this period is finding his balls again in going after Obama in not producing files Congress has requested. All of this points to blood in the water, and in a small community which Joseph Farah operates in, hints start coming out.

Now you are not going to hear one word from the Buchanan types, because all these enablers of Obama are horrified by this Corsi book if it brings out what it can as it makes them all out to be exposed as the damn fools they are.

Yes it is the Birthers who have been smeared inside the Tea Party who are destined to become the wise children.

Just reflect on what Corsi's Swift Boat book did to John Kerry...............

There could be by next year numbers of Democrats running for cover and running for President.

Twas the Age of Obama.

Of course, that is if Joseph Farah keeps his promise this time.

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