Thursday, September 8, 2011

Obama's Missile Runner

As an exclusive, the New York Times is reporting that Obama's Arab Autumnal Nightmare in Libya has just lost heat seeking missiles from the Khadaffi stockpile.

Is it not odd that we were assured immediately that the Khadaffi WMD stockpiles were complete secure?
Gee how would that assurance from the regime be possible, unless Obama has Americans on the ground, exactly like this blog exposed in being the armed forces driving Khadaffi out.

You do get this do you not, that when the Obama regime can secure WMD bases, that in the finite situation of life, that they can secure the limited depot that heat seeking missiles will be stored at.........BUT THEY WERE NOT and that Obama just handed these missiles over to his Mulims brothers.

The Times speaks of "black market" outlets for these weapons as a Mockingbird cover for what is really taking place.

They will not find their way onto the black market, as they are already in the Obama pipeline to Gaza and the coke pipeline into America.

El Al should find that interesting and as this is a week old, that cargo should be crossing the Mexican border today.

This is Missile Runner folks and when Obama has black rioters, union thugs, missing full auto firearms from a California military base, do not think that just as Stalin knocked off Trotsky, that the Obama jihad will not utilize heat seeking missiles on his GOP rival.

I will repeat that so that soaks in. The two primary targets for these missiles are Jews flying on El Al, and the secondary target next year will be Sarah Palin while in flight.

DO NOT FORGET what was shown you hear in how Hutatree was left over a year, from the first day Obama took office that program by BATF was initiated, but he waited for the moment to unleash it for political gain to smear Christians.

DO NOT FORGET, Dr. Corsi stated that Obama's October Surprise in murdering the bin Laden shadow was planned, but had to be moved up due to what Dr. Corsi was exposing on the Birth Abstract and the heat from Donald Trump.

Barack Obama has created a paramilitary goon squad on the Mexican border. Barack Obama has missing weapons out of Fort Irwin in California..........and now we have heat seeking missiles designed exclusively to shoot down airplanes.........just like TWA Flight 800.

I'm telling you that when this goes into operation, the Times has laid this out as black market terrorists, and Napolitano will label it some "lone wolf" doing this, AND KHADAFFI WILL GET THE BLAME.
Did I not exclusively inform you that with bin Laden dead, that Obama had to create a new boogerman? This is it people and Gabrielle Giffords was the warm up rounds directed at Sarah Palin, and now Obama has his heat seekers to murder his political rivals with no blood on his bloody hands.

I post this immediately so Deep Tutu, the Bundle, Donald Trump and thee entire cast of this caste get the point that Obama knows he is being leveraged out, and Obama knows he is going to have a major problem stealing the 2012 election as he needs 30 million votes to flip.........his only alternative is to Joe Stalin direct assassination of his rivals.
You know how nuts Obama has been with Predator strikes Mr. Trump. You patricians if you do not draw the line in the sand immediately on this, these Obama jihadists are going to be unleashed on Sarah Palin and Obama is going to like it so well that every damned one of you skulking Obamites who think this is a damn Levin and Limbaugh game of Karl Rove "waiting for the election" instead of arresting Obama immediately, are all going to be eating heat seekers.

It's not unions you idiots! It's the damned jihadist Obama has been importing. I told you that months ago. This is Obama's game changer and he just armed terrorists with missiles to shoot down planes at least a week ago.
Those missiles are in Gaza for a warm up and the surprise comes to America in 2012, because those missiles went south to Sudan, had al Qaeda jets route them to the west African coast, and were flown into Latin America, have been shipped to the Mexican border and are in custody on the frontier.

This story stops now before it plays out, or Mr. Trump, Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Emanuel and Mr. Bundler, you are all going to find your Mort Zuckerman jets all glowing with one up the arse from Obama.

They will not waste this on a 9 11 attack in America. This is designed to keep Obama clean, blame Khadaffi and the lone couscous with a heat seeker eliminating American politicians standing against Obama.

agtG 287, 272