Monday, March 26, 2012

What did you do to Baby?

A few weeks ago Mike Huckabee phoned me in those Senate GOP fundraising calls out of a 202 DC area code.
As I was waiting for a VIP phone call from the Tiger Lily, I was rather annoyed in my service picked up and as I tried to disconnect, there was Huckabee doing digital recordings on my machine.

I hit the phone several times to hang up.......still there was Mike Huckabee recording.

I hit the machine several times to hang up......still there was Mike Huckabee recording.

Being frustrated, I thought I would get that Arkansas boy in I literally pulled the land line from the socket, waited a few moments for the phone to disconnect, plugged it back in, and there was fricking pig state Huckabee still recording on my digital machine.

So I pulled it again, waited longer, and plugged the phone back in and just like before, there was Mike's voice yacking away into my answering machine.

When one hangs up the phone, it is supposed to disconnect.

When one disconnects a phone from the jack, that is disconnecting the connection, so it should be broken.

Yet I could not break the land line connection on an incoming call when I had broken the connection several times.

I just phoned myself as an experiment, and when I started recording a message on my machine, I unplugged the jack and was immediately cut off.......not though when Mike Huckabee phoned me from DC.

I would remind readers that my phone company literally informed me when I was getting non stop disconnects one evening to unhook the jack for 5 minutes. That of course would have absolutely no value and yet it did stop what was taking place in Government spy routers directly hooked up to my computers in resetting them, and stopping their overt disconnecting my phone calls.

When Mike Huckabee was marathon calling me, something was taking place that is beyond phone bank calling, as a business can not override a national phone company in not allowing hang ups when people hang up.
What took place was a glitch in this national caller bank somehow tapped piggyback onto the phone spy network which is constantly illegally harassing me. There is absolutely no way to disconnect this thing when in operation as it apparently switches from land lines to electrical grids automatically.
I would have had to unhook my cordless phones from the electrical outlet and the phone jack too, and frankly how zap they have the system now, I suspect with microwave towers that the spooks are able to activate cordless phones too in order to listen to homes as long as the battery power holds out.

I will not get into a reality curve of being able to charge a battery in a cell or cordless phone using radar or microwaves by agitating the battery in ion flow, to literally use dead phones to bring them to life, but there is a reality in my phone would not disconnect after repeated tries, and that reveals the reality, a phone of any sort can be lit up and operational, when not connected to a phone line, and it will keep that connection when disconnected and reconnected.

None of this matters to me as when Rush Limbaugh ponies up the 11 million he owes me for plagiarism from his Mockingbird bosses cracking the whip, I will be up to God's business and Baby will have to tap me from 200 miles above, as going off grid is what my life will be, as I really do not care when the Indians dance.

Personally, I understand Baby in wanting to woo me in wanting to be the perfect mate for me, as who would not want someone as desirable as me, but how no underwear is it to jack off to phone conversations and texts, as you have no life and it is the highlight of your spy life to see what Lame Cherry is talking about.

Yes, yes, I do realize that everyone does dream of me, and there are countless fantasies about what you would say to Lame Cherry in communications, but the difference is you know you are not in my league and you content yourself with daffodils, watching Wheel of Fortune and having dinner with the person God intended for You.
It is completely different to not have your undies on deliberately at work, just to plan your entire evening to read my transcripts, listen to me or get a glimpse of me in my front yard with my shirt off from 200 miles above, knowing that you are not worthy of me, and all you can do if vote Obama or Romney and have a glimpse of what a God given Life is.

I do understand this, as I just heard Mark Levin playing some Obama soundtrack, and honestly Obama sounds as stupid as most people think this dangerous mind on cartel crank is. When you have Lame Cherry, it just makes your no underwear existence have meaning in your soiled slacks.

Of course it is flattering to be a lesbian's dream, as I have had to face this my entire life. Yes it is acceptable to have blacks want me to be all the things Obama can never be to fulfill them. The problem is I can not enable all these folks, including the intelligence community in their fantasies. Yes being perfect is attractive, but being the most popular girl in intelligence, turning homosexuals straight and having blacks live out their secret white fantasy, has it's limits when scientific principles are involved in the algorithms of Baby and this sloppy spying is taking place.

Of course this is the issue in Panetta and Patraeus, in when I being Inspired find problems in their spy system, then the real evil people will notice it too. Is like when the boys are spying on Janet Naps Napolitano.....yes they spy on Napolitano.
So Naps is phoning up some 976 number of lesbian girls aged 12, but is really this black fag named Maurice that Barry Soetoro went to school with in New York, and so Naps is talking dirty to the guy girl and she hangs up after her green responsible vibrator which Sotomayer or Kagan loaned to her, and the phone does not hang up.

Naps is going to figure out she is being spied on by crappy software, and then everything will not work as Naps will be worrying more about being recorded at the right pitch than in finding some dead Muslim like......bin Laden.

I hope this explains everything, as Blackberry Obama has the same problems, and once the boy figures out he is being spied on by this own contractors......well he would not figure it out, but someone would tell him, like a white gay sex partner he was phoning.......and then people like Sarah Palin will figure this all out to as they keep tabs on her.

Now being a popular girl is something this blog handles well. It is though in national security duty necessary to help the spy network in knowing the problems they have in the system. Sure I can do this until Rush Limbaugh pays off, but think of the asset I could be in Mockingbird cash allowing me to buy all sorts of things to build in my portable system to expose all the flaws in the Octopus II.

Enough of this, as I have ice cream and a phone call to make.

Odd how I can not keep a phone call connected and I can not keep from disconnecting calls, what eh?

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