Saturday, April 21, 2012

Milton's Lebanon

how's that media watching turning out for ya now that Lame Cherry stopped explaining things?

It is better to rule in hell, than to serve in heaven.


The reality in life is, Barack Hussein Obama is about the international drug trade.and counterfeiting racket. It is why South American drug communist drug lords started building their pipeline to west Africa to flow into Europe bypassing the Brits in 2008 for a 900 billion dollar mule haul, and is what the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon is all about in opium trade, contraband and counterfeiting US currency by the leading families there.

The 300 million dollars illegally dry cleaned into Obama 2008 campaign accounts in majority came from the Couscous Mafai.

Exclusive: The reason that Col. Khadaffi and Dictator Assad are on the room temperature mode, is they know Obama's criminal secrets and tried to blackmail Barack Osseiran, and Obama is putting the hit out on them

Scratch Sidon Lebanon to Tripoli Libya, and one has the previous transshipping points of the Bekaa, Afghanistan and Turkish routes in narcotics. The Bekaa was even contracting for raw cocaine cake to process there for distribution into Europe.


Laboratories in Hermel, Baalbek, Zahle, and other Bekaa Valley towns reportedly continued to produce heroin from opium imported from Turkey, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, as well as cocaine from raw coca paste imported from South America under Syrian protection.[8] Nevertheless, in 1997 the U.S. State Department removed Lebanon and Syria from its annual list of countries that produce or traffic in illicit drugs.

In 1993, NBC quoted U.S. intelligence sources as saying that Syrian counterfeiting of $100 bills in Lebanon had "skyrocketed." It reported both that U.S. authorities had already seized $200 million of the fake currency and officials' fears that billions more were in circulation.[13] The bogus bills were so sophisticated that the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank's scanning machines failed to identify the money as counterfeit.

Lebanon for being thee most dangerous of places for normal people is a money whore worth billions of dollars a year and is why Assad of Syria survived without Soviet aide as it was Lebanese criminal funding which Syria gleaned that kept the regime afloat.
Some have noted that it was not Syria which corrupted Lebanon, but it was Lebanon which corrupted Syria in bribes when the Syrians annexed that whore on the shore.

Hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes flow through Lebanon yearly. Each person taking their cut from Syria to the power families of Lebanon.makes piles of cash.
Understand, when one is printing up hundreds of millions in counterfeit US currency, one is taking cuts of hundred of millions from auto dealerships to narcotics, that makes money cheap and one can afford to invest 300 million in Obama.
Obama of course uses TARP to pay off the Rockefellers and Rothschilds in the credit card industry and taxpayers are stuck with the bill, but seeing red is better than being Khadaffi found his contract was bought out, and Assad found his part in blackmail got him Boeing and then an Obama spring looking for his head too.

All of this is what is driving Obama policy is Muslim terror money and Obama selling hisself to the best bidder, and the best bidder is the Osseiran connection out of Beirut.

That is the reality of Barack Hussein Obama and the tip of the iceberg in Salah Osseiran. Both small Muslim Arabian fish in the market of big mongers, but both being the exposed stench of just what smells fishy after laying out on display a bit too long where people can get a good look at you.

There is a reason that the Iranians pointed directly at the Lebanese for the intelligence breach feeding them information and why the US Congress was busy hoovering around Lebanon a this blog reported.
Lebanon is the hub in this because of traffick and the money flowing in to the coffers and is why Obama after taking Libyan oil and cutting out Khadaffi, is now focusing on how to take the prize whore of Lebanon from the Syrians and Iranians, because the Osseiran clan is pulling the Obama regime's strings as the Wikileaks have revealed, which everyone has missed.

The Osseiran's of Lebanon are what is Southern Lebanon in real estate, governmental power, intelligence connections in talking directly to the Obama regime in dispatches and having this odd little iceberg in Salah Osseiran showing up with a great deal of cash, buying up little companies and suddenly transforming them into major contract he claims great corporate power in his vast empire, which until recently was things like bottled water and a furniture store.

On the evidence, all know Lebanon for the corruption she is. No business is done there without bribes. Lebanese banking is a money laundering world capital, so why is it no one is inquiring how a competitor to Warren Buffett in Buffett getting Lubrizol America in Salah Osseiran getting Axel Christian in Sweden, and spreading cash around in America, is this Salah getting this kind of revenue flow to Europe and America, staying alive, and no one has ever inquired what this Muslim with hinky finances is about?

As I hinted previously, how does Osseiran in an American holding company with a million dollar loss in 2006 and 9 million in debt, happen to start shelling out 10 million dollars for a Kansas grease making company in competition with Warren Buffett who is Obama's buddy, and Buffett dared not squeal?

Did you comprehend the above are almost 20 year old stories, and all stories about the criminal Islamocommunist rapine have stopped under the Obama regime with no policy to try to stop this flow, but reports do surface how al Qaeda is now involved wholesale in the drug trade?

Lebanon the hell which Obama and the Osseiran's rule from, and which will become a nuclear gehenna as they profit from this game.

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Maybe you idiot children should be paying attention and have been talking about this, as the power elite do not want this information out there as it will bring down Barack Hussein Obama and all of his connections.

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