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The Secret of my Goebbels Suckcess

Obama is what we need to rehabilitate our world image; a Hail Mary of sorts to recapture what George W. Bush squandered.

Maher Osseiran

It is sort of revealing how a November 2, 2008 statement of what America really needs by a Beirut born, now bourgeois residing in plush Connecticut, in Maher banu Osseiran, sort of has a different reality in all the murder, war, robbery and destruction of America that Barack banu Obama Osserian has unleashed on the world population, but this is indeed the "fix" that the Osseiran's of Lebanon, in their NeoProg propaganic voice in Goebbels Osseiran initiated upon America, just like the Osseiran relatives fed the Brits and Americans fraud data to invade Iraq, and it was Maher Osseiran who made a name for hisself in calling for the prosecution of George W. Bush.

Now just back this up for a moment in the land of Patriot Acts, 9 11, and all the reality of supposed Muslim intimidation by western powers, just how is it a son of Beirut, outing Saudi and Iranian intelligence operations, openly calling for mob rule in America in his "democracy" and his own website, never once appeared on any FBI, Homeland or CIA watch lists and was arrested for what he was up to, in the bringing down of the US Government, and the installation of Shia banu Osseiran, Barack Hussein Obama?

Was not Lebanon and the Middle East the focal point of thee entire 300 million dollars in criminal donations to Obama 2008? Yet not one investigation into any of this, in which America was stuck with that bill in TARP bailouts under Obama.

Just what kind of Muslim mafia is this in connections which buy up US industry in front companies like Salah Osseiran of Lebanon and have seditious keyboards in Maher Osseiran, who helps install foreign fraud Obama onto the throne for George Soros?

Yes, it was Maher who tried to lynch George W. Bush. Even going so far as to out the Saudi's in the bin Laden confessional tape along with the Iranians in working for the Americans.
With the world establishing that bin Laden was dead in December 2001, while this blog postulated that the Sheik was in the Chinese Muslim hinterlands being cared for, and his assassinations by various means, were cover stories from the Pak Intel as a living bin Laden, was necessary to keep the heat off the Islamocommunists in the Mideast and America for their 5th column trying to blame this all on the Islamofasists......

*Note that it was Dr. Zawahiri the communist who conned the Sheik into attacking America on 9 11, after being recruited by Vladamir Putin for this war on America. into this writes NeoProg, Islamocommunist Maher Osseiran in promoting his brother Barack Osseiran, and neither the Iranians nor the Saudis tried to off this guy, so his connections run deep.

The Iranians were a problem for the Osseirans, as they were trying at that time to gain control over al Qaeda for their use from the Lebanese Berlin cartel structure. The same for the Islamofacist Sunni Saudi family, who are direct competitors of the Shia Osseirans.

This same hatred for Geroge W. Bush which came from Barack Obama is in the keyboard of Maher Osseiran.
Ask yourself though in the "sting tape" of the bin Laden confession, just what intelligence links did Maher Osseiran have in bringing this information forward? He just did not dream this up, and it was definitely coming from the same sources which were funding the biggest Bush bashing names in Soros world at the time.

No one should forget ever that the Bush family got into trouble for removing the golden goose Saddam Hussein, whose liberal benefactors across the world were receiving billions in funds for that oil for food scam set up under Clinton, and let us not forget in Marc Rich money laundering and pardons, it was Obama's own Eric Holder, the criminal conspirator who obtained that pardon for Rich.
The Bush family is powerful, but they took their whipping by the Berliner boys and the Osseirans over the Iraq War and let Afgahnistan go back to control of the ruling communists there.

Do not forget in the exclusives of this blog linking all of this, in two Osseiran relatives in Alawi and Chalibi fed fake information to the Anglo Americans to topple Saddam Hussein, but there is not a great deal of focus on any of that in their not being charged nor executed, and Maher Osseiran's main focus was on Afghanistan as the "wrong war", and Obama after bleeding America there to settle the score as this blog predicted is taking a retreat to install the same terrorists as before now under communist rule.

The Osseirans got away with Iraq and no CIA retaliation. Why is that unless they are in bed with a higher order which trumps the Bush family and the Saudi royals.

There has been a great deal of silence in Maher Osseiran since Barack Osseiran has gone on his murderous rampage. No problems with Obama caging Mubarak, mass murdering in Libya stealing Yemen and North Africa, and blowing Syria up.
Yes Osseiran has groused about, "The people in the Obama administration", but that would be the white folks Obama hired and is victimized by, as this Muslim merchant in Obama is just an innocent as he thumps his chest over bin Laden's babies playing in his freeze dried pools of blood.

Yes Sheik bin Laden was dead before Obama murdered his corpse. Odds are Obama was in negotiations in this for months, after his birth abstract was outed as a fraud, and once the Sheik was moved out of China, and settled by PAk Intel there, the rigors of the trip had the invalid expire, and in the Obama timetable for political events he chose the best day for effect.

This is why Obama dithered after getting intel on bin Laden, as bin Laden was not going anywhere in being sick and especially when expired. It only was the case for bin Laden not showing up dead in photos before Obama could murder him and take credit.
That is part of why Andrew Breitbart went puff pink.

Maher Osseiran quoting Biden:

Biden warned us of the test Obama is going to face early in his presidency. Biden knows something, and in his usual bigmouth Biden way, he let the cat out of the hat but spoke in riddle and his words were intriguing

"Mark my words," Biden told donors at a Seattle fund-raiser Sunday night, "Watch. We're going to have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy [Obama].

No Maher Osseiran, there was no need to "test" Mr. Obama as he was bribing the Chicoms, giving eastern Europe to Russians after the mass murder of the Polish Patriots, shelling Jews, and giving Boeing contracts to Syria, oil contracts to Libya and allowing the conversion of Iranian fatty boy nukes to Khan cone shaped the International communists had no need to test their golden goose, only to sell more south American dope through him, as Obama was busy setting up the Osseiran mercantile rule in removing nationalist Muslims from power and installing Islamocommunists to manage the Roman Empire which he is assisting in setting up.

......and no Maher Osseiran, I was not asking for repartee with you, as your head like all Osseiran's has been squeezed and out comes coucous excrement of mob rule and communist despots.

Yes Maher Osseiran was in bed with John Zogby, the Mideast pollster exposed as a fraud in Obama skewed numbers, in handing over documents to John Conyers to prosecute George W. Bush.
But no, Maher Osseiran is a typesetter and is never privy to the big Rovian and Rothschild deals in things worked out among the lords. No more than the Osseiran merchants get to sit on the policy meetings, and only get to manage the books for the eastern Roman Empire.

Always is the problem for Soros writers in they get a few things thrown at them to make a coup and never realize their slave work is bringing about a worse master of their own bloodlines busy murdering the competitive families and will be knifing them when they get around to it too.

Yes Maher Osseiran has pronounced the Islamocommunist merchant's decree for brother Obama of the banu Assad. America is certainly rehabilitated to exactly the image Obama Osseiran desired in posing with Muslim corpses, dragging Muslim leaders through the streets or putting them into cages, and best of all there was Ambassador Osseiran joining Hillary Clinton in behest of Barack Hussein Osseiran on the United Nations floor voting for it all.

Yes get rid of that Assad family fascist competitor out of Syria, as the Osseiran brotherhood with Obama has worked a more profitable deal in the dope, people and arms terror trade managed out of Lebanon.

The check is in the mail.

not nuff said.

agtG 262

The Canadian National Newspaper: Barack Obama's Dilemma may ... - Canada
Dec 12, 2008 – Barack Obama's Dilemma may be to Prosecute Bush or to Become the Criminal. by Maher Osseiran. Barack Obama.

(It seems Maher Osseiran that Obama chose to be come the CRIMINAL)

Uncommon Thought Journal Back: Maher Osseiran Archives
Position Paper: "Super Progressives for Obama" on Guantanamo. By Maher Osseiran

(Super Progressives? Must be like a Super Communist in Stalin murdering millions.)

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