Sunday, April 22, 2012

Which came first? The Lebanon or the Obama

If one examines the familiar heritage Great Expectations Obama, he is a great deal like the shell game of Salah Osseiran in his dubious business dealings which apparently the entire world seems to be in the market for buying Brooklyn Bridges.

Ask yourself if you were in your city, and there was Walmart Corporation and Walmart LTD in stores before you. Would you not wonder what was going on with them?

How about if you were on the border with Mexico and there was a Taco Bell LLC there in Mexico and in Texas there was a Taco Bell LTD there. Would you not wonder what the difference was if a Taco Bell exec told you that both were owned by him?

That is the problem with these holding companies of this Barack Obama relative named Salah Osseiran, in if one examines them, they have holding companies, holding holding companies, holding holding companies, holding holding companies.
Why does one need a holding company in Lebanon named BPC holding a Fairford which is a Fairford in the UK and a Fairford in Sweden, which holds a CTI company in Indiana, America.....oh wait, there is some Salsel or something in the UK too, when if one reviews the entire Security and Exchange Commission listings, it is Salah Osseiran owning all the millions of penny stocks in total, by one of his holding companies, holding a holding company?

If one examines the portfolio of Mr. Osseiran in Lebanon, he really is not a big player as he has some very low key assets in bottled water plants and furniture stores. There is nothing which generates the kind of billion dollar revenue he is listed in Forbes with and worshiped for.

For example, CTI from 2005 to 2007, never cleared a million dollars in any year, had 14 million in liabilities, and lost a million dollars in 2007, but somehow managed to start buying up a Kansas City grease manufacturing plant with a branch in Mississippi.

Massive debt, losing money, and CTI Group Holding shells out with Fairford 10 million dollars for that grease making plant in America, in which they do not buy the plant, but only the people employed and lease the facility.
More on that to come.

What is to come is though CTI has CTI Billing Solutions INC and CTI Billing Solutions Ltd. Then there is CTI Data Solutions (USA) Inc. and CTI Data Solutions Ltd.
When one looks at consumer goods or companies, it is usually reasonable for purchasers to trust a brand name and not be confused, and is why Ford is not Ford Ltd, Ford LLC or Ford Inc. Yet Mr. Osseiran has a penchant for his holding companies, holding companies which have confusing double names.

A "shell company" is a public company with no business operations. A "reverse merger" occurs when a private company that wants to be public merges into the shell, typically getting 90 percent to 95 percent ownership of the new company while shell shareholders get the rest.

The reverse merger can be quicker and less expensive than going public through an IPO.
If one examines Mr. Osseiran's bragging rights associations, one finds the same double fronts:

Centrillion Data Systems Inc. and Centrillion Data Systems LLC.

Hawazan Corp BVI and Hawazan Corp.

BPC BPCa and Business Projects Co

Fairford Group and Fairford Holdings Scandinavia

CTI Group (Holdings) Inc and Cti Group Holdings Inc

Out of 13 companies Salah Osseiran holds, 10 of them are dual named which is quite confusing, and begs the question in just wh is Mr. Osseiran trying to confuse?

It is fortunate that Mr. Osseiran owns all the stocks in his companies or his penny stocks would plunge to pennies as investors would wonder why companies within companies are named the same confusing things.

What this all appears as is the reality in Salah Osseiran started his BPC in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where he soon relocated to terrorist haven Lebanon, filled with bribes and murder.
Mr. Osseiran, allah rest his soul, though prospered in local business, and soon enough was putting his Muslim named company on very European sounding holding companies like Fairford which as long as the money was plentiful, the locals liked Muslim ownership with English sounding soothing names, and groups of white folks directing things........even if some of the white folks had their own companies going tits up.
Yes Mr. Osseiran employs high salaried people who actually failed at business. That is quite fine though as this billionaire earns a poverty wage of around 15,000 dollars in being paid by one of his holding companies.

Rupert D. Armitage


CTI Group Holdings, Inc.

Indianapolis , IN

Sector: TECHNOLOGY / Business Software & Services

60 Years Old
Mr. Armitage, a citizen of the United Kingdom, has been our director since November, 1995. He is a founding member and director of three United Kingdom-based software-related companies: Ambit Research Ltd., formed in 1987, Information from Data Ltd., formed in 1993 and, formed in 2006. In 2006, Ambit Research Ltd. entered into creditors voluntary liquidation in the United Kingdom.

Director Compensation (CTI Group Holdings, Inc.) for 2007
Fees earned or paid in cash $14,500.00
Stock awards $0.00
Option awards (in $) $8,316.00
Non-equity incentive plan compensation $0.00
Change in pension value and nondisqualified compensation earnings $0.00
All other compensation $0.00
Total Compensation $22,816.00

This all ends up in America in American sounding holding companies, buying other companies and doing expensive upgrades, when there is not any money in their debt riddled coffers.

What this all appears as is simple Lebanese business in the bribes being paid to the Lebanese Ossairens who then pay millions to the Syrians, have so much money in all this crime haven, that they are looking for either 300 million in donations to Barack Hussein Obama's 2008 campaign or telling Latvians to pound sand as the Polish have a better deal to exploit on the Poles.

For some reason Salah Osseiran has a 7 to 10 year plan on investment, where he buys companies in Europe and America for millions of dollars, spends a fortune upgrading them......and then who knows what happens in 10 years, as that has not arrived.......but even if the companies were profitable, no one is going to spend a fortune buying them back to make up the investment, and why would anyone sell a company one invested millions in to only break even?

The key to this is the Osseiran money flow which has somehow been missed by Eric Holder at Justice and Naps Napolitano at Homeland......even Obama as he is messaging the Lebanese government as Wikileaks revealed.
One puts up front companies the same way Liberia used to register more than one ship on a title, to confuse tax collectors and hide assets. Pretty hard for the IRS to collect on companies they are told are in Europe and not to be confused with American companies of the same name.

Then there is the matter of legitimizing illegitimate money from bribes, terrorism, dope and whatever, in buying western things with the purposes of making turbans on the ground in a Caliph with a happy Fairford name. Can upgrades funnel money back to companies owned by other Muslims? Certainly they can, but then one might ask when one buys a Kansas City grease making company with access to all the lubrication formulas, perhaps something else is taking place in that technology flowing to other venues, which can not be termed corporate espionage as Muslims own the store and no one is watching Europe or America.

See we just do not know.......well we know that Lebanon and the British Virgin Islands are havens for money laundering, and that is where Salah Osseiran runs part of his empire out of, as he buys up things, and starts swooping in to make deals like in Brazil after Mr. Obama promises 2 billion to Petrobus if they drill for oil and sell to America.......while Salah Osseiran by mystery shows up trying to make lubrication contracts, while Warren Buffett at Lubrizol is left out in the cold.

I guess blood is thicker than old Warren Buffett in Obama greases the skids for his Osseiran family from money laundering Lebanon.

We just do not know any of this, as Obama, Holder and Napolitano do not see a thing. Oddly Steve Forbes and FOX just do not notice anything like this either in how a guy hiring failures, has holding companies losing money, is somehow a billionaire and buying up things European and American.

One would think the FBI would like to know or Interpol which Mr. Obama gave rights in America to pursue crime.......especially as this is an election year and we must make certain that all of Mr. Obama's donations are not coming from terrorists or from his family members owning companies with an American label, but a Muslim turban deciding on which white folks are fired while the black folks run the mills.

Odd how Salah Osseiran seems right phobic about hiring black folks.......but then Mr. Obama has that same problem in not having hired one black for his cabinet......except is that Eric Holder who is West Indian or is that Colin Powell?
Gets confusing as all them holding companies start looking the same after awhile, just like is hard to tell the difference between Saddam Hussein rampages on Muslims or Obama rampages on Muslims in Libya.

Forbes Thought Of The Day

No man is a failure who enjoys life. ”
— William Feather

One can see that Salah Osseiran and Barack Osseiran certainly are successful in life as they both enjoy other people's money.
When are the paid experts going to start asking the Obama 2012 campaign about his Osseiran family members odd investments in Europe and America or at least ask Eric Holder if the way Salah Osseiran manages things reminds him of that Marc Rich, who Holder got a pardon for.

not nuff said

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