Monday, July 9, 2012

Chasing Giants


This blog is going to invest some time again to fully explain by Holy Ghost Inspiration the topic of giants, because there are too many liars making money off of "giant lies" and people buying into it as if a huckster tells a big like, the masses get wide eyed and believe the lies as they do not rely on the Holy Ghost.

Firstly, I will once again repeat the exclusive given me, in giants or the Nephilim are not products of demons sexing women, as in the Sons of God went into the daughters of men.
Spirits do not produce SPERM. Jesus states this in Angels do not marry or are given in marriage. Yes a demon can enhance sex in incubus and succubus forms, but they do not have physical natures, so they can not produce the sperm necessary to inseminate an egg to produce a child.

The Sons of God in this Biblical reference refers to the Adam line and the daughters of men, refers to the rejected lines. Quite obvious if one uses that brain between their ears or activates God's Holy Spirit to explain things.

Genesis 6:4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

So this "giant" race came from humanity, and not from demons or space aliens. They did exist, and if one bothers to look around at the American freaks in professional sports one soon witnesses that in a few generations a five feet eight inch Civil War America, becomes by 1960 a six feet specimen and with additions of nutrition and hormones in the food supply, one gets these almost 7 feet 400 pound freaks, and that is all from just nutrition and tweaking the growth hormone intake, which the cartel is doing.

King Saul was in the six and a half feet range as he stood above the others. George Washington was a very tall man as was Abraham Lincoln. Humanity has mutants, meaning those who are more productive in pineal activity which produces a person who is taller or larger than others.

I Samuel 9:2  And he had a son, whose name was Saul, a choice young man, and a goodly: and there was not among the children of Israel a goodlier person than he: from his shoulders and upward he was higher than any of the people.

It is a fact that in 1970, a male American who was XL was a rare person. Now an XL is simply a stepping DNA code to these freaks one sees bred for professional sports.

As one notes, small frame American women do not die from breeding with these freaks, as penis size is not connected to frame size. They like livestock simply produce a larger child, like an Charolais bull bred to an Angus cow, with milk production produces a larger beef product.

Your chickens you eat by the piles, are Cornish Rock, which means they are Cornish and a White Rock Cross, and they come from the Azeal breeds of India which in crossing, grow faster and produce a larger framed bird.

So if one has environment, food and a mutant, one can indeed produce a freak of nature which can produce a race of giants, which this Canaanite peoples seem to have been quite freakish in their bloodlines.

Ham as has been related here, means in context hot, which could mean emotional, to over sexed to literally a dictator type in Nimrod, as numbers of the Hamites were in trying to be God, and God either wiped them out or scattered them.
The remaining Hamites or Negroids became the over sexed in production and slave in attitude.

The Nephilim though are spoken of and next appear when the children of Israel start taking possession of the Promised Land. In that, they are spoke of in the place which Abraham dwelt in Mamre, which was the oracle tree, meaning a place of finding Divine association.
This then was Kirjath Arba which became Hebron of today.

Kirjath means City and Arba is interesting as Arba is the father of Anak of the Anakim or the giants.

Arba is a slang name for Ar Baal. The hero of Baal. Baal in the Bible is satan as in the Philistine Beelzebub, also known in literature as the Lord of the Flies.
It is possible in this, that as Jacob pealed sticks for breeding livestock of multiple colors, that this hero of demons arrived from some force of satan in this Sons of God with the daughters of men, which through enhancement of environment, nourishment and degraded spiritual natures, produced this giant.

This entire area was nothing but genetic freaks who were animalistic as in sodom in being rapists and robbers, to the six fingered and toed humans to the genetic freaks of "lion syndrome" in mutant DNA.

I can reveal a secret in this found in Egyptian hieroglyphics in the Shemites of Shem are pictures as light skinned people armed with spears and bows. They were a warrior class eating meat, milk, honey and cereal grains.
These same people in 400 years in Goshen Egypt became a slave class. People can be changed by environment and nutrition. There is something in some human lines which the Promised Land turned into genetic freaks, but in other God's breeding program became a Spiritual Race.

So this hero of the lord of demons, produced a son named Anak, who had three children who were giants too, and were driven out by Caleb of Israel.
There do appear other "giants" in Goliath and is clan who when the Ammorites drove them out ended up in the like Hamite peoples of same language and bloodlines in Gath of the Philistines.

Except for the few giants in Gath who seemed more warlike, the others do not seem to be any more dangerous than an elephant if left alone, and is perhaps how the surrounding "grasshoppers" destroyed these lumbering giants.

 Numbers 13:33  And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.

There is something interesting in this though in Numbers 13:23.

And they came unto the brook of Eshcol, and cut down from thence a branch with one cluster of grapes, and they bare it between two upon a staff; and they brought of the pomegranates, and of the figs.

This is the crop of the giants, and while the Israelites might have been in the 5 feet size, one has seen enough modern grapes to know that a cluster of grapes does not take even 2 people to carry about. This grape vine must have been immense in a 50 to hundred pound range to carry long distance and require this type of transportation.
There are hints that the Land of Milk and Honey produced an over abundance in nourishment which assisted the breeding of giants who this Arba was progenitor or named for.

The fact is the human in normal form, can not survive in "giant" mode. They require too much nourishment and their systems burn out. In livestock, animals will die prematurely as organs give out. The race of freaks America is worshiping in sports do not have a longevity factor, but their mortality rises quickly.
Natural laws indicate that most of the freaks America produces in this enhanced breeding program will go the way of the ancient giants with only a few Anak types surviving, but only surviving as long as food supply holds out.

When one has normal sized humans which can survive on 1/4 the giant food intake, then that means the grasshoppers win out in the end, and the giants starve or freeze to death. More food and more shelter requirements are like having a Yorkie to a Pit Bull. Yorkies can crawl under a rock, but Pitt Bulls need a ledge and more food to fuel that large frame.

The Pineal Gland does develop tumors which cause over production of it, in giant syndrome at times. Nourishing the gland the manganese, sodium and potassium, along with Vitamins E, F and B6 regulate this growth hormone structure.

I will though submit as exclusive, that there is a possibility that this Arba group actually ate testicles, ovaries and other glands in offerings to satan, as that is what growth hormones in "sexual enhancement" pills do contain and tissue growth will occur in the human body from this intake.
The bovine testicle for example is rich in fatty protein structures and it is possible someone liked  Rocky Mountain Oysters and would consume them in large amounts while the rest of society ate the tenderloin.

All of these factors from genetic freaks, who had supplemental nutrition and environment, like America being a better source of parchment than any other place in the world, as the Jewish scribes note, produce a superior product. It is why God planted His Spiritual people in the west, are what factored into these giants of old who were around 10 feet tall.  The environment is blessed in having the right things to produce superior genetics.

There is no great mystery in this, and the reality God and His nature hates freaks, and why  He wipes them out, as larger humans create larger ego which are more predatory. Crossing people or animals does not always produce a superior bloodline or psychological profile.
A high production milking cow, might give more milk, but it might also require more food and that lust will have it breaking down corrals and eating your garden so you starve.

Obama is an example of designer negroid as featured here, in an aggressive Hamite not tempered in Asian work ethic, but always up to immoral things, gets one spending too much and murdering around the globe too much.

The warrior white races of the west have almost killed themselves out of existence, and why the cartel is importing these Mexican, Muslim and Negroid populations to out breed the Caucasoid which are not manageable in the long run.

Those are the realities of the giants in chasing them. Nothing demonic sexual except for the hero being connected to the lord of demons. These programmes are genetically old as antiquity and America has it's own freak population prowling about and no one questions why.

Enough of this, as it is boring, and I'm not selling this to stupid people nor going on radio programs to prattle on about  things to steal money from the mentally retarded.
Yes children, you have someone light a match in front of you and you, BOOGA BOOGA, in response yet just like the primates in delight and horror.

Fire is just chemicals of luciferian origin and giants are just electro chemical entities of luciferian chemical origins.

Anak, the long necks, born from the defender of satan.

Who is it breeding the new race of giants.......

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