Sunday, July 29, 2012

Obama's CIA Girlfriend

Just research this picture and see how many months ago this blog in Inspiration was pointing you children to all of this, and none of you got it.......and how much Mockingbird clamped down thee entire story of Obama's Asian connections.

Geneivive Cook, Obama's only female girlfriend, has been covered here, a month after the rest of the media tugged at the story and then dropped it as they could not in bloggerdom figure out that they were looking at.
This blog noted that Obama is a pervert in going after a female who looked like his adoptive step mum, Stan Ann, but that is not the full story on this Cook female, as her true identity follows.

One has to have been there to know the things to look for in the red flags, like any good Cold Warrior would notice things in things sending signals which point to the CIA. Yes for the first time, this blog is actually going to finger the CIA in something Obama, as Genevieve Cook and her entire backwash of family, all are dripping with the Central Intelligence Agency.

Her father, a former Australian Ambassador to Vietnam, is the director of the Office of National Assessments, a Government agency in Canberra. Her stepfather, a former corporate secretary and general counsel of the International Nickel Company in New York and Toronto, is the secretary and general counsel of the National Gallery of Art in Washington.

The bride is a step-granddaughter of the late Philip C. Jessup, an authority on international law who was a United States Ambassador at Large and a member of the International Court of Justice in The Hague. The bride is a granddaughter of Mrs. Jack B. Ibbitson of Melbourne, Australia, and the late Mr. Ibbitson, who was a banker in Melbourne.

That kind of resume would have the children in the Kremlin going wide eyed, as their translation would read, CIA asset involved in the Australian government's assistance to America in the Vietnam War, and rewarded for a job well accomplished with another cover assignment for father.
Stepfather kept it all in the family as the CIA owned Australia in the past century, including using trade companies as cover and cover jobs at "art galleries".

On the mum's side, one has the attorney class serving the cartel and the banking connections.

This entire Cook  family has the earmarks of a matches made in the intelligence community, including her later "marriage" to an Egyptian who was a product of the same class of Obama sr. inductees to international Brzezinski chess.

Helen Ibbitson Jessup as an expert in Indonesian art is that flake class of 007 shaken and not stirred crowd of how this all is MI6 and CIA joined at the hip.

Haul in the same schooling as intelligence asset Bill Ayers in the connective tissue with Brzezinski, and this fictional Barack Hussein Obama, is quite the popular girl in his early intelligence community associations.

What interests this blog most is the reality that Gen Cook just happened to be at a bring your own drunk party with fag Obama sipping feminine Irish Creme, in she appears the same pixie as Stan Ann in being serviced out to the help, so the old man could advance.
Bluntly put, there is no way in hell a white Oz girl with her connections is going to have the Obama creepy crawly on her, over her parents dead bodies, unless she was sent in to make a connection in what this Son of Soebarkah was up to.

Obama was setting off trip wire flares in who he was as king of kenya and emperor of Indonesia, and the FBI files on his associates.
What this Cook group was, was the typical double agents in her magesty's secret service in serving MI6 and the CIA at the same time. MI6 was curious about this Barack Obama breeding program in who was shepherding him, and they were having a looksee at the next king of kenya, and yes hoping to do what Stan Ann was in being not just mum of the king, but Gen Cook was looking at being wife of the queen.

It is why she bedded the Egyptian in keeping an eye on a royal asset in Cairo. All of this drips of intelligence assests and the humorous part is the British after looking at Obama, and finding this idiot was worthless, discarded him as a new direction was being broiled in Kenay by that Cliveden Set that loved things Nazi, but were spooking about for communist Odinga or a like partner.

Same thing in the overthrow of the Shah of Iran by this same ilk, and putting in communist Khomeini.

Something else exclusively posted here and you missed.

If you notice a pattern in this, you should as it all reeks of Obama in his fabricated existence, and this Genevieve Cook in her connections joins this all to Obama's hip.

Obama is odd in this, in she was sent in to be mummy pretender to appeal to him, and yet he made her blonde. It was important the social set to give him validation, but the gaining access to this woman's diaries is most interesting in Obama exposing her, as he feels confident again in exposing one of David Cameron's assets.
Perhaps was worked out with Dave as he tucked Dave in.

Obama really does drip intelligence assets in all he is about, in all he has associated with, and is why all these doors of various powerful elite flew open for this genetic engineered sociopath.

What does amaze me, is the crop of Frankensteins assembled from this period must have been all rejects for Obama to float to the top. No one including the Cook set, thought Obama was worth the effort......I mean washed out as heir to Kenya is pretty low, along with washing out of Indonesia.
Obama did not even get a crack at his native Philippines, he was that runs like a duck toxic.

Now you know another part of the story exclusively posted here. Are you not pleased you waited around for two months to find out.

Oh and MI6 with the Queen was worried this Niggazi bastard was going to be installed on them as their Prime Minister......yes that was discussed.

They call that an exclusive of Lame Cherry and not open for questions.


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