Monday, July 23, 2012

The Joker's Wild

This blog sincerely applauds Dictator Bashir Assad in stating Syria will use chemical weapons if they are "attacked", but wonders what the hell is attacked when his nation is Obama terrorized from border to border.

Assad has seen his nation terrorized by Barack Obama literally, as his roving ambassador is the source of the current murderous terror there. This is not war, this is not civil war. This is Obama terrorism, DC sponsored and Obama in a suicide bomber jihad just murdered Assad's family and the Syrian government and in an act of desperation almost got Assad.

This has nothing to do with Assad being a not nice neighbor, as you can not be nice and rule Middle Eastern people. They require a thug. This has nothing to do with the Lockerbie bombing which Syria was involved with.
This has to do with the world's worst terrorists in Barack Hussein Obama a secular Islalmist, murdering all the nationalist Muslims, stealing their lands and installing Islamocommunist Muslim Brotherhood committees to rule this for the Neo Roman Empire out of Europe.

This BLOG WARNED ALL OF YOU CHILDREN IN 2009 already that Obama and his  benefactors were setting up deals which rewarded al Qaeda with dope contracts and nations they would be in charge of in exchange for not bombing the Obama regime.
Yes Obama has gone to work for al Qaeda to install marxism in America, and the reality is Americans your taxes are funding the biggest dope network in the world and protecting it with the US military.

You read that over again as that is exclusive and it is blessed CORRECT there Robert censor Morton. Now you Jews are in the Obama chemical burn unit holocaust of New York and Tel Aviv.
New York Jews will get the Persian communist nuke and the Tel Aviv ghetto walled in Jews will get Assad's chemical weapons.

You see this blog alone has been trying to stop all this, and none of the Mockingbird Levin's would stop it. Limbaugh stole my material and Robert Morton blocked my comments, and all it has gotten you is thee exact scenario this group wants in a WMD event so horrid that it will cement the coming central European structure.
Obama wants this WMD stuff as he has it in his delusional brain of disarming Iran of nukes for a perpetual Nobel Prize which will make him greater than Reagan.

I told you children that Obama wants three things. 1. Murder the American Virgin and make her a communist whore. 2. Murder Ronald Reagan's legacy. 3. Murder Jesus the Christ and arise from the dead.
Obama is a sociopath and his mind conditioning has prepared him for all of this, and they want Assad to be pushed into using WMD's so they can use WMD's to terrorize Europeans into accepting a new dictator ruling a 10 nation syndicate there.

Look in the Bible for a few moments about what Damascus is prophesied to be, but a pile of rubble. That kind of rubble would take place if Assad sprays chemical weapons at Israel and they are forced to use a nuke to retaliate.
10 toes of the beast in Daniel is the 10 nations in Europe which will be the new Roman Empire.
It fits, and it requires a catalyst and Obama is forcing Assad to act exactly as the cartel wills him to act out, so they can murder piles of people and blame the nationalist Muslim while stealing the world.

Dictator Assad is a long line of Muslims who Obama has tortured and murdered. Assad knows what awaits him in a cage like Mubarack being tortured or dragged around and tortured before being murdered like Khadaffi.
He sent his wife to Moscow for protection, and knows if he left, in a few months Obama would either have him murdered or hauled by chains into some kangaroo court...........Assad has Saddam Hussein's biological weapons. He was allowed to keep them if he did not use them, and that was the silent deal which was worked out in covering up the German sponsorship of the Iraqi WMD biological weapons.

See all the lies keep coming up in being discovered when Obama is digging the graves open again which the Europeans covered up and Bush43 agreed to keep quiet about for his terror war.

Syria was thee last Muslim nation which Christians were allowed to be safe and be Christians. This has now all ended with Barack Hussein Obama Osseiran's onslaught and a Christian genocide is taking place there, just as all hell broke loose in Egypt when Obama was raping Lara Logan there for his Muslim Brohood.

The Saudi's warned Obama not to humiliate Hosni Mubarak and that is what Obama did. Old dictators deserve so much better in respect. Saddam Hussein should not have been in a rat hole, but drove up in an armoured car and blazed it out with his horrid sons as men.
Dictator Assad should challenge Obama to a winner take all sword fight. Obama could bring his Filipino blade and Assad could bring his dagger, and the world could watch then fight it out........on the Golan Heights with the Swiss being the seconds for both, that if either cheat, they would be shot down like vermin.

Now I would trust Assad to be honorable, but that Obama would try to screw the pooch as he is a coward in slipping in some SEAL in the rocks to hit Bashir with a sonic weapon to stun him as Obama pranced around like some Star Wars ninja looking chest thumper. That is what you get with a foreigner in the White House as they just cheat and act 3rd world.
Obama is a glutton as this blog warned you children over. He could not just eat America and Afghanistan, nopers he had to start biting the frosting off the cake in more and more nations.

Point in this is, this all seems to be pointing to prophetical events for the End Times building blocks in the anti messiah Obama setting the stage for  the anti Christ in Europe.
I really feel bad for Bashir Assad, as he is from a line of dictators who did well under Baathist rule and gave Christians a safe enough home to live. Now a secular Muslim in Obama is stealing his nation, going to murder him, and Obama is going to chemical burn Jews, and Netanyahu is going to get blamed for nuking Damascus.

You think about all the warnings this blog has been placing here for years before events, and now the events which Obama was warned of, are on the threshold. I will only warn and will not stop these events.

Obama is going to burn the one Jew trump card in the Holocaust, because when Jews vaporize a city with nukes that card is gone. Tell that to the Shalom Wall Street Insider and all those Jews who voted for Obama or salivated over Sheik bin Laden's corpse getting shot up by Obama in how he robbed 9 11 families in that staged murder. You made this new holocaust and gave Obama the matches to ignite it.

Colin Powell with illegal intelligence information in Powellgate, and all these other shills setting this murder of Assad up, and now chemical weapons unleashed.
This is Russia now butting heads directly with America.....Obama did that, and that is nuclear weapons in the thermo class aimed at US cities like New York, Chicago, San Fran etc... the Obama enclaves.

Sure be distracted in that Obama visiting Aurora Colorado wag the dog, because Obama is going Joker Wild in the Syrian theater, and this is now a chemical, biological and nuclear theater.

You really think when this blows that Iran is going to wait for it's head being cut off by Obama, or will they start vaporizing the New York Jews first to give America something to play with instead of Tehran?

You better stop it children, because this is going to flashpoint.

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