Thursday, September 13, 2012

Obama behind Muslim attacks on US Embassies

My children, you really do need this explained, and here am I to do this in pointing out what you already know by asking you quesitons, you have heard before.

In Egypt and Libya, you have been told that the Muslims have been rioting due to a video on YouTube, which was produced by a evangelist exposing the reality of the plagiarist Muhammed.

Have you not heard a Mike Gallagher or Rick Santorum "talking point" in this preacher is "nuts"?
Where have these "conservative" voices gotten this from in making certain to call this person crazy?

My children, if you were to engage in a conversation with the Muslims in Egypt and Libya, what would you say to them concerning this YouTube preacher?


You missed my experts, because if you asked any of these Muslim rioters a question, they would blink at you and jabber back in Farsi or whatever Aramic they would be chattering at you.

Does that YouTube preacher produce his digitals in Arabic and Farsi or does he speak to you in English? it dawning on you yet something is wrong in the Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Mike Gallagher and Rick Santorum statements in how would Muslims know what this preacher is talking about, when 99.9% of them could not carry on a conversation in Floridian.

So let us now project this out correctly before you start thinking again like you know everything there is to know in.......

How many computers, laptops or iphones do you see being used by these impoverished Muslims who get bread rations in their nations?

Hmmm, one has Muslims who do not speak English in mass and one has Muslims with no electronics in mass.

How are they watching internet videos then in mass to get all riled up about all of this subject matter that none of them could understand or even have access to?

You have now entered the out of the box zone and what sets this blog apart from all forms of teaching in media.

Who was the first to come out apologizing to Muslims and ATTACKING CHRISTIAN AMERICA for it's Free Speech and Freedom of Religion?

Why it was B. Hussein Obama and Hillary Hussein Clinton with the embassy staffs....who do have access to YouTube and who do speak English.

Now for the eye opener.......

Who was behind the riots in Egypt deposing US Ally Hosni Mubarak? Why it was Cairo speaker, Barack Hussien Obama Osseiran.

Who was behind Yemen, Libya and all of North Africa going nuts? Why it was B. Hussein hisself.

Who sent in the US Ambassador from Iraq, into Syria and all hell broke loose there? Why once again the lotto comes up, B. Hussein Obama Osseiran.

Now who was it in the 1990's who decided to smear right wing America with a vast conspiracy, blow up Oklahoma City after using the BATF to supply Terry Nichols with bomb making materials?
Why who incinerated by Wes Clarke, all those babies in Waco Texas with the Branch Davidians?
Who was it who blew that American mother's brains out in Ruby Ridge Idaho with the BATF again, in order to intimidate right wing Christians?

Why it was none other than Hillary Clinton and that stooge of Janet Reno, Eric of the infamous Obama regime.....why Gun Runner and Fast and Furious were some more operations that just cropped up against those Bible thumpers.

So we have a pattern........

Hmmm, patterns like who was it that set up Hutatree people? Yes Mr. Obama again in February 2009, but he did not spring the trap until a year later almost.....for political impact to intimidate right wing Christians.

How about that Tea Party, who was it who said they were being spit on and called fags in DC, but those same Obamites who were trying to criminalize the Tea Party which is once again .....right wing Christians.

You don't suppose that Trayvon Martin was made an example of to intimidate right wing Bible thumping gun owners do you? Just like those blacks wilding white Wisconsin fair goers in 2011?

So could it be that the Obama, Axelrod, Jarrett and Plouffe 2012 campaign.....just like when they had a Lara Logan gang finger banged to send a message to white reporters in the media to tow the line, that someone who has been setting these Muslim militants, created by Zbigniew Brzezinski, just like the 9 11 terorists, that someone who could speak Anglo, handed out a bunch of cash for some Muslims to riot, attacking the US embassies and murdering folks......just like Trayvon Martin, with the full intent of hanging this on a preacher who put up a YouTube video, in order to intimidate and suppress the Christian vote for Mitt Romney in the 2012 elections?

Amazing is it not that "right wing" pro sodomite Mike Gallagher comes up with calling this preacher nuts, and Rick Santorum of the Aspen Institute Foster Freiss hog trough just so happen to be coming up with the same talking points while they profess how wonderful of Christians they are..........

This blog was exclusively first in telling you children that Barack Obama was behind the Muslim  riots for 2012 campaign reasons. No one  else picked this up and no one else informed you of this.

All of this embassy attack garbage is coming from the Obama regime, in order to apologize for Christian America and how superior Islam is, all for the purpose in suppressing the Christian vote.

It does not have to be dozens of points, as all Axelrod needs in one point shaved off of Romney here and a few more there. That is why he went nuts over that Gallup poll. This has tightened to 5 points in Romney is ahead, and Obama needs that margin to use Scytl, illegal Mexican votes and dead voters to steal the 2012 election again.

That 1% is vital and Obama will instigate Muslism murdering Americans for that very reason, in first taking down US flags to rally support for Muchelle suddenly caring about the Soldiers her husband is slaughtering. It is all about shaving the margin, and the Muslim muff is finding the razor bared against the Christian netherworld.

This is another matter and anti matter Lame Cherry exclusive. Muslims who do not speak English and who have no resources for internet, somehow in mass are directed to scale US embassies.....and who is immediately there with talking points, as Bill Clinton was blaming Rush Limbaugh for OKC, but none other than the same machine flipping the same switches.

Obama staged these riots for his 2012 election.

Obama has gone so far in damage control in Libya, to make certain to state "these were elements inside the elements he installed" , because they were not supposed to burn up the white Obamites, but this is all about smearing right wing Christians.....FROM BOTH the Foster Freiss Aspen side and the Barry Chin Islam side.
It is all about Obama's election, and why he is not blaming his electoineers in the Middle East, as he hired them to shave points in part of his continuing campaign which first made a political prisoner of Lawrence Sinclair to silence him and then to destroy John Edwards so he would not challenge Obama in 2012.

nuff said.

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