Thursday, September 13, 2012

بليس ، الشيطان الْمِعْرَاج

Many of the protesters in Egypt had never seen the video, but said it sparked them to storm the U.S. embassy on the anniversary of Sept. 11.

It is amazing what a little Truth will do in smearing Americans who expose Islam.

No, I'm not speaking of the Obama Islam riots for his 2012 campaign, involving Sam Bacile's  movie which eclipses the clap trap of Dinesh D'Souza, but I'm exposing again how all these Mike Gallaghers on the "right" somehow came up with talking points blaming Florida Pastor Terry Jones for this movie and smearing him as "crazy".

These "talking points" included Rick Santorum for the Mitt Romney campaign in interviews, as this  blog is tracing what is really going on, and not being led around by Southern Poverty Law Center "press releases" in another Obama 2012 campaign act of violence in this world in his thug politics.

The facts of the Bacile movie are as perfectly made as Mel Gibson's Passion of Christ, without the Catholic dogma. The fact is Mohammed was satan's prophet, in Mohammed was a camel trader who showed up in the Holy Land, heard for the illiterate he was, the message of the Hebrew Bible and the Christian New Testament, and scurried back home in the racist bigot he was, to make "Arabs" the focus of the story which evolved in time to that crazy Mahdi theory......and it was all based on Moses and Christ teachings.

Lusting for power, Muhammed went to war on his bloodlines and lusting for sex, he molested children, which was legal in his day. His last words were recorded in his asking his young wife where he was going to ejaculate that day.

As a Christian, this plagiarism is disgusting and blasphemous in Muhammed is satan's prophet, as this illiterate Scripture thief never heard about Grace and all he came up with a God of doom and hell to condemn all.
How ludicrous is it, to tell people they are going to have 70 virgins, when dead people are SPIRITS and having sex has no body parts to enjoy the act, so .........what else would you expect from a camel trader who went into spasms and came up with this Koran nonsense like some Mormon revelations that cult is based on.

So who was really behind all of this, in we know Obama was rapid with talking points and apologies in knowing about a movie, he was tracking, AND ABC NEWS STATES MOST MUSLIMS HAD NO IDEA ABOUT THIS FILM.

How about Mike Gallagher smearing Pastor Terry Jones on September 12th in calling him a kook, stating that Jones was the source of this movie......and Rick Santorum was providing the same Mockingbird talking points which are absolute lies.

It really appears in this, that Mormon Romney was figuring on this movie which has been around for a long time, along with Muslim Obama was figuring on this movie, which only got Arabic sub titles a week ago.......oh yes, a WEEK AGO and all of a sudden the furor breaks out on  9 11 and Obama can attack Christians with the SPLC in being "hate groups".

You do recall that shooting in Wisconsin in Southern Poverty was weighing in with smears and talking points too, in a story which like Gabby Giffords seemed to involve other you do see a criminal pattern here in SPLC is spying on people illegally for Obama, and Obama is stoking up violence for his 2012 campaign and Muslims who do not know dates from camel dung in this, are screaming about things like Rovians who do not know their ass from a hole in the ground in Mike Gallagher.

The controversial Florida Pastor Terry Jones, who in 2010 sparked riots in Afghanistan after burning copies of the Koran, told ABC News in that he had been contacted to help distribute the film.
Just like Trayvon Martin was an event to happen for Obama to utilize, this Embassy Surprise mayhem was a Gun Runner operation. It was too pat in Hillary Clinton, the Embassies and B. Hussein all coming out talking about things, which honestly had me puzzled as to what they were referring to, as IT WAS INSIDE THE LOOP INFORMATION.

See you would have to be BRIEFED on the Sam Bacile film, know that this film was being used by crazy mullahs and imams, for the response to be the way it was.

THAT being the case, why did not B. Hussein and Eric Holder not act before the mob was set on fire?

Surely Obama could have released a statement as the man never shuts up or hogs for camera attention, but Obama never bothered.....he instead went to bed.
You do recall all the effort Obama put into these Muslim overthrows and chest thumping on bin Laden, but somehow he only found his voice, after these staged riots had sent out the talking points which were intended, as much s Karl Rove in smearing Todd Akin in Missouri.

This was all by design and there are no coincidences, as these people attacking Terry Jones were coordinated as much as the attacks in Muslim lands.

Sure it is more Obama crimes, but this time that scent of Karl Rove is drifting about upon the puffy lips of Mitt Romney.

Interesting is it not, in the Obama regime and the Romneycrats both target Christians who had nothing to do with this......

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PS: This blog repeats that in 2001  Dinesh D'Souza was blaming Americans for 9 11 and debating Robert Spenser of Jihad Watch as those two whored the issue for attention.
2012 Dinesh D'Souza is now making a fortune blaming Obama for things, and being championed by the same right wingers who are libeling Terry Jones.

Get some reality children in satan has more false prophets in this than just Brohood Muhammed.