Friday, September 14, 2012

The Obama 2012 Campaign's Muslim Terror Mob

This blog it going to continue to rub this in, as now Mike Gallagher "conservative" announces that a YouTube video now does not matter. Quite revelation from a Dinesh D"Souza fraud in D'Souza was BLAMING AMERICA FOR THE 9 11 attacks in 2001.

It is wonderful new in Mike Gallagher is asking on FOX and Friends if democracy is a good thing in the Middle East to liberals and they are saying yes........ah democracy is MOB RULE and that is what Obama has been unleashing in his Arab Spring and the reason a US Ambassabamite is being raped in Libya before being murdered.

JUST SO YOU GET THIS how Mockingbird this is, and HOW MUCH PLANNED OUT THIS IS FOR OBAMA'S 2012 campaign, this was known about AS THIS BLOG FIRST REVEALED, this was PLANNED BY OBAMA FOR EFFECT IN HIS 2012 CAMPAIGN TO SUPPRESS THE CHRISTIAN VOTE, and now Obama's FBI under Eric Holder is warning of VIOLENCE IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!

Exclusive: America 'was warned of embassy attack but did nothing'...
State Dept 'had credible information 48 hours before'...

PAPER: Egypt intelligence warned on Sept. 4 of possible attacks...



Who do you think is paying the bread ration and house rent payments for this Obama democracy Muslim terror mob?


Protesters smash windows, set fires at embassy in Tunisia...


It is the same counterfeiters who electronically used credit cards to create 300 million dollars to donate to the Obama 2008 campaign who you were stuck repaying as this blog exclusively covered.

Obama could not after 3 years get the Afroids to riot and murder white people, except a Wisconsin wilding, and then George Zimmerman shot Hoodie Terrorists Trayvon Martin, and immediately Al Sharpton figured it out that Obama was going to pave his re election theft on dead black men, and the blacks picked up their Skittles and went home as they knew they were about to be shot.

This then  transformed into Obama reigniting his Arab Spring in the Wall Street Occupiers who were paid for the job, but like American blacks were too lazy to actually do more than create isolated violence.

To this the SEPTEMBER OPTION was unleashed in waiting for a catalyst, which just happened to be an ENGLISH LANGUAGE DIGITAL on YouTube which sat there for a very long time, and then the creator who was an Arab Christian put on sub titles in Arabic........which was then a week later seized upon as the "reason for the uprising".
As this  blog  exclusively pointed out, this terror mob for Obama does not speak English, does not have internet access and most are illiterate in could not read any language. Yet this is the recording which was seized upon by "a few" and "spoken" of, when this blog asks if these fire throwers would be bright enough to find a search engine or even know what the hell to search for.

Furthermore, you know YouTube is filled with all kinds of western filth in porn. Now why would all these devout mullahs and imams be on some site of infidel filth they would be marching against?

Yes see the evidence all points to this being like all Obama events in being staged, and now the inferno is spreading as Obama intends......and he intends to have Muslims start raping and murdering Americans on US soil, as that is what the FBI KNOWS IS COMING just as all these nations security knew what was coming and was looking for directions from the Obama regime if they should crack down or not.

Obama wants all this violence. He wants Christians scared. He wants some George Zimmerman types to get beat to death and start shooting, so Obama can unleash HIS STATE POLICE in crooked states like Iowa to start baton busting Americans.

Look, this blog exclusively tied this can to Obama's tail, and all Mitt Romney has to do is whack that can for then next weeks with the GOP and make a racket with it, as the evidence is there that Obama staged all of this, as he did all of these violent events around the world.
Yes Mike Gallagher is attempting to switch this now to some geezer gal getting anal raped in New York, and the democrats are trying to deflect this and blame Romney, but if Mano Romney is for real, he can win by 30 points on this issue and he will owe the Lame Cherry blog for that victory.

I won't vote for that apostate, but this issue is the issue and Obama is bringing another wave of Joker terrorism to America, and if Romney exposes it, Mr. Chin will not just be defeated, but be facing a military tribunal as he deserves.

Frankly, I want Obama arrested and deported to Egypt, so he can face the same court that Mubarak in a cage did. It would be fitting as this Cop Christian was the target of Obama's 2012 campaign as Mike Gallagher and Rick Santorum joined in on talking points fingering Pastor Terry Jones, who had nothing to do with making this recording.

Those are the facts in this. This blog was right and a day ago, it warned of this was not stopping, and now in the 24 hour news cycle there are the headlines in the FBI is warning of terror in America over what Obama has unleashed to intimidate American Christians from voting.

It is past time this is not on every American's tongue in the reality of what Obama has been up to in violent vote suppression and terrorism against Muslims, Jews and Christians in this 2012 campaign.

What follows in this is nuclear attacks as this blog explained. America already has Saddam's missing West Nile Virus in a secondary part dumped into America as this blog proved conclusively by distribution of this virus, after Obama bombed Syria where the weapons were being held.

You children owe me, Mitt Romney owes me the US Presidency if that apostate steals this back from Obama and Christians owe me in exposing this to hopefully save them from anal rape and being burned, as this is just starting, and if the people do not know the Lame Cherry is right, then it is coming mass death from this Obama terror mob to population centers as Obama retaliates on them.

Do not forget Mark Halperin's words about the Gulf Coast in OBAMA DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THEM BECAUSE THEY DID NOT VOTE FOR HIM.

That is how Obama operates in taking names. This is his mob and he is coming for you.

Yes Obama intended this for the blacks to riot against Christians in America, but they refused to do it when they figured out what Obama was up to. Now it falls to the rent to own Brzezinski Muslim mafia terrorists. This is the Obama 5th column to attack Christian America.

Another Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive.