Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Day Obama Died

My children, there is something strange taking place in this county which no one has noted. As of last week Wednesday I had the typical horrid line drag of surrveillance spying on me from this regime, but as of Monday it had disappeared completely.

I was puzzled by this, but then I ran across this Obama campaign alert which as you will remember was from an Obama supporter illegally impersonating this blog on a felony offense in Minnesota, so I get these alerts from the Obama campaign which are quite frantic.

What was interesting about this one is the reality that the Barack Obama campaign officially died on October 21st, as they initiated an end of business firesale in dumping all items.

Get the reality in they are providing free shipping and 30% off 10 dollar purchases. The items they have are basically costing them money now to deal with in employing packers, packaging, shipping and the expense of acquiring the items.
THAT is an exclusive of this blog as something is very strange now coming in the signals of the Obama campaign in he is no longer viable.

The spiders though of course are going off the red line in the title of this blog in the Day Obama Died in not allowing photo evidence to be uploaded, but the reality is it appears now in Obama's folks he has had terrorizing people since 2008 have left the building.
Naps Napolitano is even pulling those cancer causing body scanners from airports. There is a major shift and the people on top know something is up.

If You want another eye opener in this, Obama has been running a pyramid scheme in raising money, where he takes the first 2,500 dollars. The next 30, 800 dollars goes to the DNC with the next 10,000 split up to the Swing States, but not equally but on percentages.

 The first $2,500 from a contributor to Obama Victory Fund 2012 will be allocated to Obama for America, designated for the general election. The next $30,800 from a contributor will be allocated to the Democratic National Committee. Any additional amount(s) from a contributor will be divided among the State Democratic Party Committees as follows, up to $10,000 per committee and subject to the biennial aggregate limits: OH (24%), FL (15%); WI (12%); IA (10%); NV (10%); VA (9%); CO (7%); NC (7%); PA (3%); and NH (3%).

The DNC and State Parties even seem to be putting the screws to Obama. Frankly, I do not know who would purchase fifty thousand dollars of Obama mugs or Muchelle's soiled underwear, but the reality in all this is, is telling in no one else has mentioned any of this.
If one examines these percentages, Obama has literally abandoned New Hampshire, Pennsylvania which is really coming into play, Colorado, Virginia which is tightening, Nevada, Wisconsin and Florida with only a marginal try in Ohio which seems to be breaking hard for Romney.

This is not a campaign operating like it is even trying to win or it has this thing stolen and could care less.

The pure reality is Obama has abandoned even trying to win most of America, and as North Carolina just found it has thousands of 110 year old voters who have pre election voted for Barack Obama, one sees that the Obama crime spree is in operational mode.

Obama is dumping his merchandise and if one examine the advertisement they used, it is something that looks like a mob has walked all over it. This is not designed to elicit funding and is one of these odd Bill and Hillary Clinton sabotage things like the "What a Guy" ad that bragged up Mitt Romney.

The personal evidence in this is the surveillance on this blog disappeared this past weekend. For that to be  taking place, means the people behind it for Obama have closed up shop and they only reason they would be doing that is they are making an exit as they would be prosecuted in someone else at 1600 Penn Avenue.

For you Romney supporters, that is the best evidence I have uncovered in something is not right in this and when liberal polling is made public that Romney is up by 5 points, I would note that someone using inside polling, including dead voters, that Obama does not have the math now to steal this election. Mitt Romney might very well be approaching a 15 million vote lead at this point and expanding it.

I noted the 25% margin for Romney was fail safe time for Obama to initiate removal. Currently in these trends, while I would not put anything past this regime, that slump in the stock market being engineered after the debate does not appear pointed at Romney not being in the White House, but a measure to ensure that B. Hussein Obama will not be come January 2013.

Once again a Lame Cherry exclusive and it will be different if the net predators Obama has had covering for him the past 4 years are not going to be protecting the stalkers who have been hounding Americans during this historic time for B. Hussein. Their prosecution would be most interesting as while the connected will flee to Europe, the rest will be as predicted left to be chewed on so Mr. Obama can save hisself.

This is the LAST CALL SALE from the Obama campaign. Their letters have a heaviness and unenergetic feel to them.

Perhaps Bob Schieffer in helping out Mitt Romney got the inside information like the rest of this gang of criminals.

Why Drudge and no one else has made not of this is puzzling. Perhaps they stopped opening Obama emails too. This one though with other evidence all points to a message that on October 21st, 2012 was the day Obama died officially.

Our biggest sale EVER

Obama Store 2012

To lamecherry Larry_Sinclair_Supporter

The prosecution of Mr. Obama's conspirators and his exile to Albania certainly would be a start in this, after Obama gets done selling the dirty laundry.
Mormon Romney and his elite owe this blog so much in protecting Mitt's life, suppressing Obama funding and giving the Strawman the opportunity to prosecute Barack Hussein Obama in keeping Mr. Obama safe for justice to be accomplished.

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