Saturday, November 24, 2012

Analgate: Tax Breaks for Terrorists

If you want to really know the root of ANALGATE in the murder of Americans by Obama terrorists in Libya, the answer is Barack Obama provided tax breaks to terrorists and terror regimes, and that is what funded the Muslim militants of Libya so they could build terror training camps there.

See when Obama sabotaged the Gulf Gusher with BP to drive up American fuel prices, he held America in bondage by that record spike in fuel prices and he set free terrorists worldwide with trillions of dollars more to subsidize terrorism against America.

As a Lame Cherry exclusive, if Americans want to put in a foundation to taking America back, all they have to do is give themselves a tax break in dropping gas prices, a this will give them 3000 dollars a year extra to buy things they need instead of the money being concentrated in oil companies and government tax gathering. It is as simple as that.
This blog warned long ago, that if one wanted to win against terrorists and their sponsors like Russia and China, one simply dropped crude prices to exactly the way Ronald Reagan did in pumping western oil, and this would deprive the terror states of oil revenue.
Deprived of this funding, they would then have mobs in their streets trying to cut off their heads, as that oil money is used to bribe lazy Muslims to not revolt in all the handouts Americans are providing in Muslim welfare.
Yes America, you are subsidizing Muslim Welfare and terrorists at the same time by high Obama oil prices.

It is this mechanism by which Iran got it's nuclear arsenal. It is by this that the entire Middle East is a cauldron of nuclear machinations due to Obama tax breaks for terrorists.
Hell if these terrorists were in America and had millions of dollar for terror camps, the IRS would be all over them, EPA and OSHA would be fining them and these Obama terrorists would be bankrupt for all the tax spikes Obama would be leveling on them for Obamacare funding.

This is the economic basis of terrorism plain and simple. Terrorism exists because oil prices are high and oil prices are high as Obama NeoProgs inflate those prices to make a feudal state so you have no money to be competitors to their political orders. If you have no money, you can not fund political revolutions of opposing candidates.

So the reality is B. Hussein Obama in his economic green plans, actually has rebuilt al Qaeda, along with his handing over the dope trade to these Islamocommunists of terror to give them a trade to make money off of. It is all by design and deliberately implimented as terrorists are the thug enforcers of the global lords and green fraud laws are the means of putting you into an economic gulag.

The timeline for Benghazi took place in the American Gulf when Obama blew out that well with BP which then was awarded Libyan and Iraqi oil monopolies. Those price spikes kept the Obama crises too good to waste operating as he implemented his global feudal order by terror fiat.
None of this could have taken place with George W. Bush gasoline at 1.87 a gallon. Terrorists need money and without high Obama  fuel prices giving them tax breaks and subsidies while Americans are taxed and criminalized for driving SUV's, none of the events of Benghazi could have taken place.

The reality is Chris Stevens and the Navy SEALS would all be alive to day if Sheik bin Laden's corpse was still in cold storage and Col. Khadaffi was still playing with big breasted Slavic blonde nurses. If terrorists freed by George Soros operations for Obama overthrowing governments in the Middle East were still in prison and not dining in luxury due to Obama high fuel prices, then thousands of Americans would still be alive.

If Americans want to stop terrorism, it is simple in they cut oil prices in giving themselves a massive tax break in money they can then spend on fueling their own economy instead of terrorists fueling their terrorism against Americans.

You never heard this stuff from Romney as that crook Harold Hamm of Oklahoma oil wants oil high to pump American shale in this inflationary scam, which does benefit terrorists, but is factored in this way.......

Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter:

See Hamm keeping oil prices at around 80 dollars a barrel, keeps Russia and OPEC from imploding as they need that price to barely keep functioning in their welfare states. It keeps their warring troops at home, keeps them from being able to expand their militaries and it just sort of stagnates them, but does not allow the extra to fund terrorists.
That is why oil is being pegged at around 80 bucks. It is all part of the scam which also keeps Americans barely afloat in offering a few more dollars in still too expensive gas prices.

Reaganomics would fix this as it was proven it would, and the doctrines of all of this are here in the blog archives to resurrect America as only this blog could.

Those though are the facts of the Hamm Terror Policy degrading the Obama Tax Breaks for Terrorists. None of them are about putting America first. They are about feuding feudal orders trying to rule the world in siphoning how much money terrorists will get from Americans.

ANALGATE only took place as all of this did by Obama anti American energy policy coupled with handing over Nationalist Muslim lands to al Qaeda terrorists, so they would stay home and not 9 11 America. Benghazi taught the world hopefully that terrorists get bored with money, sex and running nations they can murder whoever they want, as terrorists want to murder not just in their own kind and lands, but desire to murder other peoples and murder them in their own lands.
This is the ANALGATE reality and has now been effectively explained from the economic end.

Obama subsidized and gave  tax breaks to terrorists. That is what caused Benghazi.

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