Saturday, November 3, 2012

Blood Libel. Blood Money and Bloody Murder

Every human is a life in the womb.

Every baby from conception has a God given living soul which returns to Him in Heaven.

In the book, HEAVEN IS FOR REAL, the child Colton met his sister which his mother miscarried. All children of the womb are alive in heaven and safe. It does not matter their past or reason for being there. What does matter is the conduct of the people on this planet in whether they now are Judged to Hell or by Grace presented Life with those children of God.

This blog is not going to allow the Dr. Frankenstein labs of Semonyx get away as all of the Nazi and it is Nazi food companies in America, who are led by the Obama regime in threats and finance, to employ some new poison as a "sweetener" to get away with "cloned cells" in the mutant testing when the reality is this IS a butchered child from the Netherlands whom this blog has named Dan.

Dan had kidneys and his kidneys were stolen by some lab in Europe and billions in profits have been made in testing pharmaceuticals off this aboriticide baby.
Semonyx with assistance from the macabre feudal lord labs has mutated those cells into baby tongue cells to lap at poisons before those poisons are certified to murder you legally.

None of this is by accident and is all by design a certain as the billion dollar human genocide industry led by Planned Parenthood came up with buzz words like "fetus", "tissue" and a "woman's right to choose" to bring this all about.
Gary Collins  wiht his wife Miss America Mary Ann Mobley, on Our Magazine featured the repentant doctor of this slaughterfest on his syndicated television program in the1980's, confessing to all the plotting and manipulations which went on by design to sell this butchery of children so American mothers could be butchered as they were conned into this soul rape.

Senomyx and the ghoul companies of Kraft might want you to think of cells, but this is dead babies all through this and Frankenstein labs mutating cells from kidneys to tongues, all for literally obscene profits........and nothing from corporate Limbaugh.

This blog is not going to let anyone forget babies are involved and some of these most abhorrent and heinous criminal events in human history which rival the Nazi testing and Japanese testing on humans during World War II.

Pictures are worth a thousand words and those words all call out in disgust of an Obama regime wed to the rapine of his community organized corporations using butchered children to make snack foods more poisonous for you.

This is Blood Libel. Blood Money and Bloody Murder, and it was all mandated from the bowels of the Obama profit for murdered babies regime

There are things in civilized peoples that they just do not do, as it destroys civilization and the premier standing is not to harm children. To initiate pedophilia or cannibalism in any form, is a devolutionary slope where a race can not survive.
Senomyx could have used harvested tissues from dead humans legally who had a voice to decide in what was done with their tissues or could have utilized animal tissues, but instead this macabre drama seized upon dead baby Dan, butchered in the Netherlands in the 1970's, all of the wonder of a new sweetener called OBAMA LITE, a poison meant to slaughter the masses outside the womb in the RU 486 of the food industry.

This Obama regime, these Frankenlabs and these cannibal corporations of Obama and now you know why they were referred long ago to Cannibal Capitalists by Inspiration will rue the day they decided to be unfriendly.

This is just started and it is not nuff said in the talking points..

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