Friday, November 2, 2012

Let them eat Debra

I was listening to Mike Gallagher today tell these heart rending stories of old people eating black bananas as they had nothing to eat because of hurricane Sandy.

Then there was the people on Staten Island trying to protect property and the police came out and arrested the armed homeowner for waving a gun at looters to scare them away.

......and who can forget the story of Debra Messing from Will and Grace, attending Bette Midlers rebuild Gotham orgy with Mike Douglas and Zeta Jones hosting.....and that naughty Deb dressed up as Marie Antoinette while New York burned.

Let us not forget about the tales of people standing in lines for 3 hours for gas, and people who tried to butt in line were chased with hammers and undercover police in line had to pull their gun and arrest them.......

This blog says of this, GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is nothing like weeding out idiots who have no sense to heed a song like Silent Running by Mike and the Mechanics.

I got a lesson in my disasters in life, in government never helps. FEMA flies over at one mile up and says, DIE. It is up to you to save yourself and no one else.

I mean how hard is it, to buy 7 cans of stew, 7 cans of chicken soup, 7 cans of beef soup and a few boxes of crackers to get nasty in your closet, so you have a few weeks of food to ride things out, so you are not an idiot standing in line for gas?
Wow a storm was coming for a week and none of these Obama state geniuses thought about buying 10 gallons of gasoline for generators or their cars.

Of course preparation after 9 11 would have meant living near your job and having set up a George Zimmerman community watch to shoot Skittle bandits before bad things happened, but it only being a decade away sine 2001, I suppose these fine Obama voters in Jersey, New York and Maryland need a few more decades to prepare as more important things are obviously pressing them.

Common sense sort of tells you, that when bad things are going to happen, maybe you get the hell out or get some place where it is not so bad with family, so you can look after each other in having supplies for a few weeks laid up. Things like blankets to keep warm, water  to drink and oh perhaps a recording of gun fire to scare away looters, but then in Bloomberg New York, they would probably arrest you on that too.

One does these things, so one can stay home and away from masses of very angry people, who probably are coming down from dope withdrawal and are just looking to murder you.

Never fear though as UNDERCOVER POLICE working overtime are standing in fuel lines to monitor everyone, but no no had the brains in government to simply bring in tankers of fuel with the National Guard to distribute them and set up emergency generators on brown out levels.

I told you the poor people would be screwed in this, and CONED is not fixing the electric in the poorer neighborhoods. Those people like I experienced never see anyone until a week is passed, because the rich people always get their utilities fixed first.

It is amazing after all the disasters in America, that these New Yorkers still are in fantasyland in thinking that the government is going to save them or that some kindly person is going to understand their condition.

Debra Messing, even though she had a flat chest and is getting geezer had it right. She is getting a bad rap for being the face of the Letterman Cocktail Crowd which votes for Barack Hussein Obama.
The idiots of the America should understand that Bette Midler threw a party to rebuild New York and that is her contribution to caring for them. She has done her part and who in the world cares if children are dead, as they should have been aborted any way.
That is what they told Sarah Palin on Trig, so Deb is getting the blame for the liberal line. She was just being compassionate on Holloween and having some fun......yes I mean Holloween.

Honestly, these people on the coast should be dead who had no sense to prepare for anything and to trust Bloomberg would give a damn about them. Hell that marathon will go on with 3 generators, but New Yorkers can sit in the dark.

Let's just remember how pretty Debra Messing was long ago when all masturbated to her in the lesbian corp and Bette was playing in the background, as New York has too many people anyway and Jersey is just a sewer flush of New York and the world would be a better place without these extras which Bill Gates is going to thin with vaccines by a billion people.

I got taught in Katrina a hard lesson in life. I served, made time, volunteered and sacrificed for numbers of people who really needed help in life from going to hell. I disappeared for a week AND NOT ONE OF THIS PILE OF RETCHES BOTHERED TO EVEN EMAIL TO SEE IF I WAS ALIVE.
They never noticed. This was from people whose marriages I saved and put back together. People who I had spent money on to cheer them up. People I had stayed up all night talking to on the phone when they were suicidal......and not one of these goddamn retches cared beyond their keyboard what happened to me.

Two came crawling back begging to talk, one tried to steal from me a website I created for them, and the rest never bothered......and I see on Facebook the two who are now gone too, are still projecting they are moral and the one bottle blonde thief sold herself as a whore to a developer after her husband booted her butt out.

So people can leave Debra Messing alone. She is what America is, people who lie to themselves how wonderful they are  in the mirror as people suffer and die, and they are the ones that have people check up on them, as they are the rich people and one just always make time for the rich, as the poor never matter.

As you can tell my disasters have left permanent marks on me I will not forget. People are retches. The good people who are poor have nothing to give or help and they are the ones who need to be told to keep their money and save themselves, because no one is going to do the right thing, and government sure as hell is not as all the baby butchers are in government and want you dead.

Take care of yourselves in the simplest of ways and keep your heads down. You can not put yourselves in jeopardy for people who are so inept all they have are black bananas in their homes.......if they do not have children to care for them, then perhaps they should have invested time in God, Church and teaching the brats what was important.

Debra Messing. Poor girl, she never donated to this blog either, but she did party with Bette Midler as children lay rotting in the sewers. That should account for something and she did give lesbians allot of Ellen panting in getting a peek at the snake cake.

Cast iron pan, charcoal, bricks for your lawn oven, matches, clean water, non perishable food, chlorine, blankets, weapons of protection, fuel and a Bible.

PS: I'm sure Bette, Debra and Mike will be inviting all of us over for Thanksgiving to make up for this bad publicity due to climate change and they like most Americans not having souls......sorry, having satan in their souls.