Friday, November 9, 2012

BOXGATE: Obama's Election Theft Propaganda

It is amazing in how a few short years that Puffy Lips Rove and Puffy Cheeks Obama have seized upon a new explanation on how elections are rigged as posted by Real Clear Politics.

Yes in  2008, we were told all the Republicans "moved" in America and that is why 10 million votes for John McCain disappeared, but in 2012 election theft the "white folks" simply just did not show up, but for some reason Sean Trende just can not figure out the numbers as he wants to blame Christians, but yet the Southern vote was not off, so it is these saltines who are missing and no one knows who they are, where they are or what they are.......they simply just do not vote.

The answer of course is Scytl, Sequoia and SOE, the Big Three S's in vote fraud which Tiger Lily pointed out first. The programs are simply running now casino software making it a payout for the masses in the minority, while the "house" which is Obama or Rove always win.

It is amusing this RCP propaganda as it quotes numbers of these "minorities" which vote and they do not make up a great part of the vote. You got blackoids at 13 percent, hispanoids at 10 percent and the other oids of Asian at 5 percent with Caucasoids at 72 %.
It is amazing in these numbers that when it came down to missing white folks, that Obama still "wins" the elections as it is only the right wing white people who do not show up to vote in the missing millions.

I desire you to read this quote which is telling:

We’ll have to wait for this year’s absolute final exit polls to come in to know the exact estimate of the composition this time, but right now it appears to be pegged at about 72 percent white, 13 percent black, 10 percent Latino and 5 percent “other.”

How do the sources of Real Clear Politics know the race of people voting as that does not show up on registrations now does it. This is the clue in this that when Scytl runs it's pre programmes that the 2012 election was designed to run on suppressed Obama voter numbers, so it immediately started running vote tallies exactly as the model was set up, the same model which stated that this would be a "close" election and other such things like a close Senate.

I make the point that Baby and the Plasmas have a most interesting offspring in Scytl in that it literally on the Obama model wiped 20% of the vote approximately off the Romney voting block so Obama would "win". We know this absolutely, because in Missouri Todd Akin was doing well in winning that election, but was trounced by Clair McCaskill. I have watched this model working and something started projecting out in this Scytl monster went into North Dakota and flipped enough votes to send another Obama girl there, while Kristi Noem of South Dakota had a far too close of race against some bubblehead candidate
The national elections all evidenced an algorithm which broke hard for Obama liberals. Scott Brown of Massachusetts found this out in being booted out of office.

Al West is the bugger in this snot pile as he had 5000 votes just appear and disappear to boot him out of office. For some odd reason, the codex does not nuance as it should. This is a primitive gaming program by effects in it is just a nuke program that turns on and puts out the same effects and when the Obabots get their marching orders, they put ballots into places they should not be on the Al Franken voter fraud principles.

RCP goes on with this bizarre statement :

Obviously, this surge in the non-white vote is troubling to Republicans, who are increasingly almost as reliant upon the white vote to win as Democrats are on the non-white vote.

What surge, according to their own data, minority voting was down for Obama from 2008. The reality of this Mockingbird propaganda is to condition voters into thinking these stolen elections were valid, because Scytl was valid, but the reality is as this blog has been proven right again, is that across the board major anomalies were taking place  A liberal Obama skirt in North Dakota beats a Conservative as the rest of the state goes hard GOP?
That is bogus and it is all that software turning on and off to throw elections based upon the population centers deciding things.

Kristi Noem of South Dakota "surged" in West River where......there were hand ballot counts.

As it stands, the bigger puzzle for figuring out the path of American politics is who these non-voters are, why they stayed home, and whether they might be reactivated in 2016 (by either party).

No it is not, the reality is Obama used corrupt software to steal another election and Mockingbird is conditioning the people to accept it.
Mark Levin is screeching about being the last man standing and this idiotry about next elections. That is all designed to pacify you, criminalize you and the main point is to keep you from revolution.

There is a way out of this and Lame Cherry will provide it. It will require you doing something though that will make things much easier financially for you. Yes Lame Cherry is going to from the poverty patch help you do things legal, not worrying about some frickoid politician or suckoid talking head like Limbaugh to save you and save America.

That is enough now in the Lame Cherry exclusives in matter and anti matter.

Do not fear my children. This is the brier patch and I was born here. I know how to get you out of here and to do it all legal and each of you rugged individuals is going to do this in the quiet of your homes. The patricians are secure and think in their election theft and absolute power they have you in the gulag where you are helpless.

Not the case, but pay attention as this is so simple it will explain the brilliance of God's Inspiration.

Prepare yourself to accept every free gratuity which is being offered you. Do not be repulsed by this, but start pondering this as a chess move. It will be explained

nuff said.

Oh my television is turning on again.....hmmm infrared sweeps off the computer. Thought they had enough pictures of me, but then this is how they have overthrown the world in corrupt elections for Obama Marxists.

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