Friday, November 9, 2012

Flaps about Flaps

It seems this blogs idol, Dangerous Weapon Ulsterman, is losing friends who are insiders. That is too bad as being inside with an insider is like a double negative making a positive.

Take for example, that dreamy Pentagon Insider, or Military Insider who is playing coy with Ulsterman, in now going to not waterboard Barry Chin but Watergate B. Hussein. Ulsterman just should not have broken the illusion of the PI or MI, who is part of the military contractors in asking him if he killed folks.
Killing folks is what military insiders do. I can not say I have ever enjoyed killing folks, as killing comes in many forms. Some people enjoy putting a shot on other people. Some like kitty scratching some horny big shot with a bacterial potion which will eat away the heart. Some, well some like employing ancient of days things like in bagging political insiders who screw with popular girls. God said no one prosecutes Him, and I'll be blessed if God is always right.

I never understand telegraphing information to someone one is going to undo. Like the MI, telling Ulsterman, all emotional, about going to check out Obama's plumbing like Nixon got his dick weeded. One only informs someone of your actions to get into their head to make them their worst enemy in scaring them. Barack Obama is really too stupid to comprehend fear as he is a sociopath and that emotion does not exist in his psychological framework. It is not that Obama is brave and not a coward, but it is Obama has no conception of fear to govern his actions, so fear is a useless entity, and in that telling the world one is going to hotel Obama only alerts those who are in Berlin of your actions and then one has to deal with them...........and sometimes it is a demon machine one has flipped into gear against one's operations and most do not know how to bust a demon.

I have mentioned there is a SEAL option now in the Obama operations ledger which concerns the very MI issue, in Mr. Obama in his claim to be George W. Bush..........that is exactly what B. Hussein did in Chicago upon declaring victory as he was all over the military begging it to love him, and Mr. Obama desires the military to love him the way it did George W. Bush.
Obama has all these goofy little nuances in being a chamelion in he is obsessed in replacing any American of note with hisself.
I really had hoped never to have to write hisself again, but when the civilians do their job in voting Obama out and Romney in and Obama flips millions of votes for hisself again as he did in 2008, then one has the reality that the MI was incorrect in blaming the civilians for not doing their job.

It is puzzling why none of these types have any unction at all to ever mention Scytl as all those electronic brains just intimidate the insiders.

Speaking of which, Obama invested his first trimester in domestic policy as he blew up the Muslim world. People who occupy 1600 Penn always shift of foreign policy as that is where the legend is made. Obama's legend is dogging Iran out the nukes Obama has built for them along with the Jews, as he gets flexible with Putin.
I doubt the Military Insider has time for popular girls, but Lame Cherry does have some advice for him and or her. If you are going to Nixonize Mr. Obama, do it with ANALGATE and make the bored children in the media use the phrase as Jake Tapper is looking very much like he has not had a good bowel movement for some years.

The reason for the haste in this with ANALGATE is that if the military waits about the place in this, Mr. Putin is going to tire of Mr. Obama's blowing up Syrians and Iranians, and just send in a spear which will chuck all the way to Saudi Arabia, and take all those pretty toys the Americans have in the Middle East.

Fire sale prices bring Obama sale results.

Am thinking here...........where was I going with this?

Oh yes, how much people like people in uniforms. Is odd how men like banging little Air Force vixen wives in flap clothes. Then those women just seem to like to get banged by dress blues.

Where was I going with this?

Have no idea really, but one wonders about women who want to be in bed with males who are trained killers so they can get off in pretending they can tame them and how men thinking riding some guy girl in a uniform who is the wife of some flap is some kind of trophy.

If the dots do not connect, in the ledger there is still the issue of those SEALS threatening B. Hussein, and how to guilt the military into loving him, one of the crazy SEALS is going to be set loose to humiliate the military and to put the diaper on ANALGATE.

I guess that is what is called another Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive.

Don't know why these mid level insiders never talk to me or donate, as I'm always friendly and  have pointers to hone their operations.

Oh well, am on a private mission of Peace.

agtG 304Y