Saturday, November 3, 2012

damn that really bones ho

This blog is extremely concerned about the daughter of Muchelle Robinson Obama that looks like Stevie Wonder (We will not disclose which one it is, but it is the one who does not look like Scottie Pippin of the Chicago Bulls when Donald Young's gonad weep did not accomplish a bundle of Obama.....)

The point in this is concern as B. Hussein Obama is in exile flying around to non descript places with no one showing up, so he is sending out the father looking sperm donor of one of the Obama daughters to try and gin up support in Cleveland Rocks Ohio.
Granted a few hundred people were there, but that was because Mr. Wonder apparently did not want anyone to know he was campaigning for the father of one of his children who looks a great deal like him while Barack Obama was making sperm donations to gay white males like Lawrence Sinclair, as a Chicago hostess.

All of this has to be  troubling for the young Obama Wonder as not only is America rejecting Obama on the birth certificate, but America did not even show up for her sperm donor who got the groove thing going on Muchelle.
Now everyone knows how gorgeous, sexy, hot, snap, sultry, vixen, beautiful and sensual Muchelle Obama is. She has her own fashion sites that this blog used to show how lovely Muchelle looked in drapery and upholstery wear. You know that any black man would have loved to hit that and Muchelle is the secret Chicago fantansy, and it was not her best friend Jesse Jackson's daughter.

This all comes back to the need for psychological counselling for the young Obama Wonder, as apparently Scottie Pippin has stayed clear of the Obama campaign and is not causing his daughter to have any psychological trauma other than having B. Hussein as a parent plugging damn holes.
Ms. Obama Wonder must have at least Rev. Jeremiah Wright speak with her, and this blog advocates perhaps good Obama supporter. Louis Farrakhan head of the Black Mooselums as Mr. Obama calls them, to perhaps bring in Obama Wonder, put her in a veil and woolens, and let the sisters do some soul searching for her in letting her know that she too will overcome.

What if for validation now Ms. Obama Wonder turns to coke and weed like her adoptive father Bearick? What if she starts selling it on the corner of 1600 Penn Avenue and Ho Drive? What if she finds new uses for cucumbers from Muchelle's garden? What if she starts dating adoptive father Bearick as he has in the past shown a great deal of sexual attention for these daughters......
Could this have been the signal that these were only his biological wards and the real sperm donors were two very successful black men like Scottie Pippen and Stevie Wonder and Muchelle just had to have it as Spike Lee said......was Muchelle Obama the secret inspiration vixen for the Spike Lee documentary?

All of these questions though do not answer the need for the Obama Pippen Wonder daughters in they are in need of psychological counselling. Would not some away time with Whoopie Goldberg help them in real black America where they could learn to talk foul and practice loading Whoopie's shotgun she keeps by her bed as she explains choosing Ted Danson's penis and no one elses as black men do not measure up.

Should not the fine examples of the American Afroid in West rapper who said George Bush hates black people be the one the children spend some more time with as they can listen to the bed squeak as this black man puts it to that Kardashian thing who whimpers in bed in wanting to be sullied up.
Would not the Kardashian girls be perfect role models for the Obama Wonder Pippen girls in how much they have been let down by the blacks who have bedded them.

Yes we must have Donna Brazille in this too, as she is always good for commentary....and that woman who said she hoped Clarence Thomas died who is some French name like Julie Malvoo. These Obama Wonder Pippen children need some black attention to make up for their communist Peking stepfather who has let them down.

Can Ohio be wrong in no crowds for Obama or Wonder, and Pippen not even showing up? These Obama daughters must reach out to their 63% Afroid and see what real winners the black race is and not deal with the dramatic rejection of blacks in Ohio and the entire nation.

Obama is big in China, they love him there along with Moscow. That should be their winter vacation and spring retreat all to soothe their wounds.......or perhaps just moving into the Pippen and Wonder guest houses might help them too, and Jesse Jackson could come over and tell them about the good olde days in spitting in white people's soups and talking about cutting B. Hussein's nuts off.

That would surely help the girls as in Stockholm Obamaholm Syndrome the girls will no doubt take the American majority's rejection of B. Hussein and reject him too.

Let us let the Obama Wonder Pippens know that they are not alone and that we do love him.....platonically and not the way the Obama males like children.

No more Bill Maher kinda love of black chics.

They must be protected starting with the Obama Wonder Pippen children.


Few knew.........fewer cared