Saturday, November 3, 2012

Obama's Chicoms Killing Dogs: PETGATE

My children, you will remember that Barack Hussein Obama's favorite place in the world is the gulag work to death of Asian slavery, China, the Pretty Peking Girls.

What you will not be aware of in an exclusive here is the Chicoms for almost all of 2012 have been placing on Americans markets under various names dog treats where healthy animals fed them, simply drop dead.

  1. China-made treats linked to deaths of hundreds of dogs
    Sep 18, 2012 – News late last week that China-made dog treats have been linked to the deaths of 360 dogs - and 1 cat - and sickened another 2,000 over the ...
  2. PETS - Poison Pet Treats Made in China Killing Our Dogs | Los ...
    Aug 8, 2012 – Waggin' Train and Milo's Kitchen, Canyon Creek, et al. This stuff is being investigated by FDA and still being sold in stores. Sale this week at ...
  3. Toxic Treats from China Killing US Dogs, Say Pet Owners - ABC News › Investigative Unit
    Mar 16, 2012 – In just the past four months, the Food and Drug Administration has fielded over 530 complaints from pet owners claiming their dogs suffered ...
  4. Chicken Jerky for Dogs Warning
    Sep 11, 2012 – Herky Jerky. Claim: Chicken jerky treats from China are causing illness in dogs. ... Please re post and make sure all your dog friends are aware.
  5. Dog owners warned of treats made in China | Portland
    Aug 31, 2012 – The dog owners believe the treats made their dogs sick and in some cases killed them. ... jerky treats because they believe their dogs were sickened by the treats made in China. ... WA lawmakers want wolf pack kill answers ...

As you can ascertain in an exclusive of only here, that it appears when one brand of poison is discovered, the Chicom puppy murderers, move onto another brand name, and obviously to a new region of American to spread slaughter for Obama cash sales.

From the latest on this, this is no secret in Vets across America are well aware of this chemical poisoning of America, but the Obama regime is stating IT CAN NOT ISSUE A FOOD RECALL for pets, from the report I surfed in North Dakota from FOX's KVRR out of Fargo.

I have experience with this from six years ago when my puppy which was eating Diamond dog food, all of a sudden started stumbling and bleeding out of the rectum. That was from the era of the terrorists doing test attacks on America. You remember before the Age of Obama dope deals with al Qaeda when under George W.  Bush every few months spinach, pepper or puffed wheat was killing people......and you will recall that my mere mentioning of that fact nothing happened under Obama, brought about "a headline in the news about food poisoning again.

It is reprehensible that the Obama regime protects these pet murderers of China. Simply put, it is past time that Americans stopped purchasing Chinese products as what they are doing to dogs, can you imagine what is in those oysters they farm in that sewer hole Yellow River they feed you them from?
You ever tasted that garbage sold from the cheap food chains out of China ? The smoked oysters are like rubber erasers soaked in oil and taste a faint hint of forest fires from a coal pit.

So the point of this is, Barack Obama has not just been protecting Fort Hood Muslim mass murderers, protecting his anal rapist Muslims in Libya, but he has been busy for a year protecting Chicom pet murderers.

Where was snot on the sleave Janet Napolitano in all of this ? She finally rolled her lesbian self out to Statten Island as it was too dangerous on the east coast for Obama to visit. You remember Naps gate raping you in mass as the Lara Logan rape tape got old at the TSA screeners, Naps telling you to spread diseases by wiping snot on your elbows and her fine job of spying on Americans putting Veterans, Christians, Constitutinoalists, Patriots and all Americans on terror watch lists......yeah that Naps, but she will not raise a hand in the Obama cover up of Salah Osseiran laundering Lebanese Muslim funds into America and Europe nor will Naps stop the poisoning of American pets.

You want an issue to remember? Try the murder of American pets!!!!!!!

Where the hell is Mark Levin in this in covering this up for Obama like Obama's Birther issue?

Amazing isn't it, that this story floating around for most of 2012 has to be broken here in being assembled in the facts of more crimes of the Obama regime.

Some advice to you PETA types. Donate to this blog instead of the slaughter pit of the Humane Society and you Levin types who buy his cut and paste books, donate to this blog instead of the Limbaugh SPCA ,because here you get the warnings and facts with the details exposing this entire fox nest of predators.

American pets are being murdered AGAIN in PETGATE, and the Obama regime is protecting their Peking Girls just like the Muslim terrorists, because this regime is in the Marxist money bed with them.....and once again American people and American pets are being slaughtered.

nuff said

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