Tuesday, November 6, 2012

No Title Necessary for Vote Fraud

Look I'm not going to waste a great deal of time in another election fraud by Barack Hussein Obama and his algorythm voting machines as in 2008 as I broke a tooth tonight and will have it cut out in the morning, so am not in the mood to talk about things which this blog was stating now for months that in a fair election, Romney would win it in a landslide, but when one has high urban areas negating in a "close" election the will of America that is what one gets.

They told you from Day One what they were doing. They sabotaged candidates to keep Obamacare and his mandates in place, as America is dead and it has had it's last free election as of years ago.

This is what you get in the American gulag and it would be wonderful if Fred Barnes and the toe sucker would actually note this blog now, along with the few who still thought American elections and government were not 3rd world.

There is absolutely not any way that Jimmy Carter Obama, after his horrendous torture of Americans, put up the numbers he did, on the tails of ANALGATE and the hurricane, and there is not in any way Mitt Romney put up the exact numbers John McCain did..........

Look the race is not called yet, but as I said, I'm getting a tooth chopped out hopefully in the morning and that is a bit more important to me than grieving over a dead America that died decades ago.
You know something is up with all the Diane Sawyer bull sh*t just keeps Obama at 269 for hours, as they grin and draw this out to torture the people who love America. They get off on this and that is what this is about.

This is about Mitt Romney as the Strawman, and he was unstuffed by Karl Rove, Jeb Bush, David Axelrod and Barack Obama.
Barack Obama is going to get away with his high crimes and it is going to be the reality of the Mormon the Christians did not want in enough numbers and A HOLES like Mark Levin who shilled for Obama in not bringing up the Birther issue and how thee entire media covered up ANALGATE broken here.

I will return to the exclusive of this blog which is one no one is going to note save here by Inspiration.

Mitt Romney puts up the same numbers and states just like John McCain. That is from the same program which Obama had run for him in 2008 in vote flipping. That is the MISTAKE that Obama made and is exclusive here as it reveals the algorythmns are unable to be rigged to nuance the data.

So Jeb Bush writes his book, Conservatives get blamed that America is not them, and it all has to change so Reagan is Road Kill and we all have to be like Obama. That is what you were all told in 2009. The lies of Obama flipping 10 million GOP votes is a reality.

My angst is more to the assholes like Foster Freiss who this blog reached out to in trying to set something up to really save America, and those billionaires are so cock sure that they could do this in the hippy way.

I have something in the archives coming up on this in what the people on the right can do, but for now just chew on the exclusive that this blog caught Obama's election theft numbers in matching John McCain's.

Nothing like a broken wisdom tooth and people still expecting more from you.

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