Tuesday, November 6, 2012

When communists were on the ballot

You know in the good olde days, you could always count on communists being pests in American elections on the voting ballots. Think the book on it was Gus Hall was some perpetual candidate like Pat Paulsen.

Now a days though, the Yanks just got people running like Jill Stein who seems to want conjugal visits from Green Party folks as she keeps getting arrested. In that though, Green people even are not communists.

You got that sodomite Gary Johnson who beefs up his  cakes in marathons, while wanting dope legal that is taxing the old democratic base, but even he wants things too free love.

Then there is that Clymer and Goode, Constitutionalists. No community organized anything there.

But we come to Romney, and you know it is kind of creepy in his Mormonism is pretty socialist but a fag line off communist as Romney is more Nazi in liking big business dictating things.

That leaves B. Hussein Obama who is community organized to the Peking bloodlines in his Mao  veins. The reality is from Obamacare, executive orders, murdering people across the globe, to union thugs ruling things, that Barack Obama has literally ruined it for communists in America, in they can not field a candidate on the ballot, because Obama is too communists for communists.

The Chicoms think his policies are nuts. Putin puts nuke subs off the coast as Obama scares Russians with his cuddling. Even the Muslim communists are getting nuclear bombs worried about what Crazy Chin is going to be doing next.

Is a strange thing really in America has the nuttiest communists now, that communists are afraid of and the American communists  can not get any votes, because Obama is the communists communist. He makes Stalin's butchery look like he is Pope John Paul. He makes the Jong family look serene as one minute Obama is spitting on stage in fury and the next he is bawling like a girl who had her Barbie broke.

I sort of miss the communists, as while they liked communists who wanted to nuke America, they were the kind of strange people you could grow your garden beside and eat turkey on Thanksgiving. They had a place for their six thousand twenty votes they got, but I really do not miss this type of Obama Marxist who gets 50 million votes, steals 10 million from Republicans, and blackmails everyone in Congress and Justice John Roberts.
Communists used to be pale like Obama in being scared of the sun, but broke down your doors at night to put you into the gulags...........Obama just floods you out, covers you with oil, gets some Muslim to shoot you or asks someone like Putin to nuke you.........if he has not froze you to death from a hurricane.

Yes it was much better when Adolf Hitler was head of the Nazi movement of government controlled industry in how money was collected and spent, and much better when Stalin was the head of communism, in government control of industry in how money was collected and who worked where.
With Obama and Romney leading things there is just no place on the ballot any more for the people one used to feel sorry for.

Now with 120 million voting for this duo, one feels sorry for the voters and the 120 million who just stayed home because they are either communist welfare whores or nazi feudal whores.

I have no time of day for Jefferson and Madison as they were democratic disasters. Andrew Jackson actually was a real democrat.. The only democrat I know of now is Jim Traficant of Ohio, who democrats threw into prison, because he was not a NeoProg.

I do not know what a Conservative Republican is any more, as most are so castrated they just sit there and collect checks.

I can not cheer for who wins in this election as America looses in either it will be cannibals like Obama globalists using union thugs or it will carnivores like Romney tycoons using slave labor.

Odd isn't it that things were so much better when communists were left in Asia, nazis in Europe, Muslim zealots were left in the Middle East and blacks actually had a black guy like Jesse Jackson doing all the talking and leading for them.

When they  brought it all to America it just bigger, but not better as extremism in the rest of the world becomes fanaticism in America with halo heads or heads with Mormon crowns on top.

Mark the warnings of this blog. I will be pleased if the door is shown to Barry Chin, but I fully know nothing is going to be fixed as it is in no one's interest to fix any thing. Wars are started in things like this, because it allows all the bookkeeping to be blown up so in the looting it can all start over again.

The communists and nazis now head the American tickets. The one American party is a fringe and the other  two in Green and Libertarian audition to see which one can be more pagan than the other two.

"Shout out to Kevin Yoder of Wyandotte County Kansas, the poster boy of what is all wrong with the United States Congress in thinking he could get along with Obama and that Romney is his Mormon debt savior."