Sunday, November 4, 2012

Obama Keynesian

I wonder at stupidity. I wonder at lazy. No I'm not defining Barack Hussein Obama as a lazy nig as the racists would jump to on the left.

No, this is a celebration of Barack Hussein Obama, the hardest working, and most successful Chinese Negro in human history.

I really do not comprehend the Mockingbird always experts as one would think that once awhile intelligence would seep out of those diahrreah brains.

I have question for each of you to answer, or a series of questions, so do not let your log brains hurt in this if you are Karl Rove.

What do you have if you have if you have yearly growth around 3 percent and under?

What do you have if inflation in around 10% yearly with no cost of living?

What do you have if you have workers who have jobs just showing up for a union check?

What do you have if you import foreign workers?

What do you have when you have a an extreme wealthy class ruling and a mob below in welfare?

What do you get if you have snobs classifying groups of people as sub for being Christians and nationalists?

What do you have when unions are the marching mob for government national socialism in vote blocks?

All of the above have several answers.

If you said Barack Obama policy, you are correct.

Some might say how can all of the above have several correct answers, and Obama is one..........that is because you have to know what Barack Obama is beyond Marxism, because what B. Hussein is at heart is a meld of National Socialism out of Adolf Hitler's Nazism. The Boshevism and Maoism of the Asians. The Baathism of the Islamocommunists and a clever little invention created by a pedophile economists to make being a welfare recipient of the American Treasury a "pension for life" .

What you are experiencing in America is Keynesian Economics, or manage socialist poverty where the ruling class live like royalty and the rest of the population is kept as livestock and managed for death.

This should not be a revelation nor exclusive as it is plain, but it is the reality of what America is. If you love high gas prices, high food prices, not being able to afford anything, that is what Europeans have been enslaved by in mass for generations.
This is what John Kerry and the host of democrats have been allured to and telling all of you that they wanted to implement into America.

You now have Keynseian Economics back in Obama force, after Ronald Reagan freed You from it and John Kennedy tried to economically.

The point being is Barack Hussein Obama has Europeanized America. This is the great dream of all the American snobs. They went to Europe and Muchelle Kobi and Endive while the peasants at gruel and it was just wonderful to them, as it finally made them feel superior to bull shit.

You now have this and Mr. Obama deserves full credit as he has been completely successful.

This is what Europe looks like. Paris with a Muslm ghetto, which use to be Jew ghettos. Imports to do cheap tech jobs. Union thugs working 30 hours a week, a welfare class of trolls and a few rich people managing it all for death as American finance funds it all.

So enjoy as America in the Obama Abyss is built under the European Mosoleum. Mr. Obama has had epic success and I keep telling you that Mr. Romney if he steals this bakc is going to put a new Keynesian name on this for the oil barons and Wall Street tycoons and manage this all just like Europe for the elite.

I'm ultimate goat of this pasture as I know I'm not a sheep, and I have no value for the Limbaughs in being a judas, so I'm just waiting around in the hell to be slaughtered when the regimes get tired of torturing me.

This is what managed economies look like and are misery like for the masses. It is why all of your families fled Eurasia, Africa and South America. Now it has all been installed in America and the idiotry tries to say this is not what it is, while the parrots never mention it and you stand around wondering why the hell this feels like a gulag.

It is because it is prison. You can not leave without a passport by government armed border issue and if you do not pay the taxes you are throne into prison.

It is what it is. So deal with the reality instead of listening to the lies of America is still out there. America is dead. America with the doctrines posted here can be raised from the dead, but this socialist thing can not be transformed as it is filled with a cancer and a plague which has infected the nation and the disease will never let go of sucking the life blood out of the land.

Obama Keynesian, the elite sucking on the top straw. The caste on the bottom straw and you being starved out.