Sunday, November 4, 2012

Obama's Terror Trade: Analgate

My children, in the annals of ANALGATE, there is a telling excrement which when people are made aware of it, it is going to make B. Hussein Obama's chest thumping in the murder of Sheik bin Laden's corpse, turn the grey shades of cold blooded murder, because of the exclusives about to be revealed here once again.

Return to September 11th, 2001, and recall how the Bush43 message was one of "justice" in apprehending these terrorists of killing them, for the closure of the terror event either in a grave or by bringing the terrorists to Gitmo for trials to expose all of their crimes.

Revisit now B. Hussein Obama and Eric Holder. What is the first act they performed with terrorists?

Do you not recall the Chinese Muslims which they spent 1 million dollars per head in relocating them from prison to West Indian vacation resorts?

These were Obama's good terrorists, and his bad terrorists he was having the US military assassinate from Day One in order to bring al Qaeda under the governorship of B. Hussein Obama.

It is tellling if one notes that Nidal Hassan is not tried for the mass murders of US Soldiers and family members at Fort Hood and Obama will not even define him as a terrorist.
Recall the Christmas condom bomber in which Obama was more interested on vacation in taking on Dick Cheney, in the several "Indian" looking agents who were helping this terrorist were released and that was all covered up.

Americans like Hutatree are smeared and imprisoned illegally, but these terrorists of Obama just have a reality of being released or the reality of Mr. Obama apparently fears their ever seeing the light of a court trial for all the secrets they hold.

What are the secrets?

Have you heard in the Obama media anything about the exact names of the claimed Libyan terrorists of Benghazi? Bill Gertz a Conservative named two of the terrorists finally after months, but the reality is apparently for months the Obama intelligence community has know several of the terrorists they employed in his Turkish Muslims had enough warning to arrest a Tunisian Muslim named Ali Harzi, and held him in detention WHILE RELEASING ANOTHER OBAMA OPERATIVE to freedom.

Once again the Obama good and bad terrorists. One is the traitor who must be kept under wraps (traitor to Obama's hostage strategy of Chris Stevens to help his campaign") and the other is an Obama mole set free to monitor and shepherd Obama's al Qaeda in North Africa.

The terrorists being pointed at too in the media are North Africans, when the masterminds of this slipped away back into Asia, so why the reports of only these few select which never appear in American media in working for B. Hussein Obama.

One would think an AP report from Obama's own puppy press of community organized propagandists would have championed such information.........including an October Surprise of Egyptians KNOWING the name of a person in their country who was armed and shot in a firefight in Cairo..........but no chest thumping from Obama in this about taking credit for any of this Obama justice done.
Gee why is that? It make Mr. Obama look very guilty of something psychologically.

We have no idea who this dead terrorist is, as no one in the press bothers to print his or her name, meaning they are being told to not print this terrorist's name, as it would lead directly back to people whose name you would know apparenlty who are directly linked to Barack Hussein Obama.

Examine all of this in the covert assassinations from the beginning in this from Day Five on as reported here. A group of Americans from civlian and military backgrounds entered Libya and mass assassinated the Libyans on the ground who did not follow through with the hostage taking.
We know they were from different intelligence backgrounds by the different methods of assassinations. SEALS are trained two taps, once in the chest and once in the head. Some of these Libyans only were shot in the head, pointing to civilian experts.

This then spirals to the action command, almost two months after Benghazi stationing more American military assassins, excluding the SEALS for reasons to eluded in a previous blog, in the SEALS might be looking to keep people alive to question them, while the orders now are to silence all the remaining parties not of the Ca'an heirarchy, to write this down as the Obama propaganda to cover all of this up.

What is being revealed by all the information is clean up crews are now being sent in to hunt whoever, report whoever is dead, with no names, no information, and the public is just supposed to accept all of this as messiah Obama Obama having Sheik bin Laden's DNA long before he could have had it proven in lab to be the Sheik's.

So before the world is a Murder Inc. now which has been set loose not to bring anyone to court justice where facts can be made public, nor even a grave of known butchers like Saddam Hussein and his sons, but what is taking place are nameless, faceless, ghosts who are being exorcised and hunted by chains of command whose main command is to not leave anyone around to explain things like who gave these terrorists the information of American safe houses, who supplied the flight routes of SEAL teams flying in, who provided these terrorists with advanced weaponry, who was supplying them money so they could dine without fear in Benghanzi luxury hotels months after the murders and who was it that funded and allowed a dozen al Qaeda training camps to be set up in Libya...........whose terrorists seem to have been trained for Syria where once again American arms, including Stingers from Turkey in Turkeygate are being re packaged for these terrorists.
Yes the same Obama Syrian terrorists who he imported and has been backing who have now been outed as capturing Syrian soldiers and then murdering them in captivity.

Blood on his hands Obama was the title this blog gave Obama years ago, and that is exactly what this Stalinist butcher is doing. This is not natural law as idiots stated, but it is Obama lawlessness where he kept the FBI from investigating these mass murder crimes, all the while the loose ends were being sanctioned to silence.

Those are the realities in this. Barack Obama has been involved with terrorists in employing them. He  has supplied weapons to them. He has used them to murder Nationalist Muslims, and now when another one of his operations for his re election has blown up like Benghazi, Obama is now using delay and murder to re write his crimes and the media is complacent in not reporting these "terrorists" being offered up as the culprit Obama employed for his original hostage  taking mission.

This is Obama's Terror Trade. This entire aftermath of Benghazi has been one of pointing people via FOX news in a direction other than the Obama employed terrorists and it is one of the "terrorists" who are being picked off are not the masterminds behind this, as they are being protected and the few who are being shot, are suddenly without names, as their names would point in directions which would link them directly to Obama associates and that means directly inside 1600 Penn Avenue.

That is what is being hidden now and the meaning of these headlines. Richard Nixon fired people to try and cover things up. Barack Obama has red herrings shot as his Jake Tapper press covers it all up.

Silent terrorists only will tell the tales that B. Hussein Obama seeks to re write history with.

As most will require this to be pointed out frankly. Barack Obama chest thumps and brags on things he is proud over like the murder of bin Laden's corpse as it sticks it to George W. Bush. When Obama is GUILTY he always goes silent like a child to cover things up. Obama is a pathological liar and a sociopath, but when he is guilty of things he always shuts his mouth.

B. Hussein Obama is acting guilty over the Benghazi terrorism, because he is involved in it. These were his terrorists.

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