Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On the ground voting report

I just voted at my precinct in the middle of nowhere and I conclude in my Conservative enclave that it is a telling thing of how things should trend in the election.

My Obama voter neighbor was there. She lives in her own house and her husband lives in their older house. She did not seem too confident.

In that there were quite a few people voting, and numbers of people voting mean they are voting for change.

I voted for Goode and Clymer, and then did straight GOP as I always do when it is not people who think Jesus is a brother of satan. I chose not to retain my judges and voted no on all the other things as government has enough things to play with and have messed things up.

Obama is playing with his balls again, having others "get out the vote". I can state they would not be getting out the vote last minute in Illinois if he was not concerned about being made a fool of in his own state, as in others.

Romney is pounding Virginia hard. That means the tie there a tie which he is flipping for him. Obama is holed up in Chicago, looking like his polling confirmed the tracking numbers of he lost it and like a 10 year old just quit.

What is telling is, gas prices are falling hard, even leading up to the election, while the west coast and east coast is horrid, in that manipulation there. What that all means is a President Romney's backers know how bad the economic situation is, and they are trying to start the economy before he takes office from Obama.

I'm not stating that Obama can not flip this in electronic machines, but the signs now appear that Obama quit and the barons are setting the markets for a recovery. Obama did this in 2008, but if the elections go fair, it looks like Romney will win this.

Mitt Romney the 44th President of America, and the first wetback el presidente of America in being a border buster.

Yes I mean 44 as Obama was an illegal without any American parentage and he gave up US Citizenship as a whorehouse anchor baby for trying to rule Indonesia. Just a few years ago he was paying Kenyans to make up signs on his visit PRESIDENT OBAMA OF KENYA in laying the groundwork there.
Amazing if that had happened thousands of nameless blacks would now be dead in Kenya, instead of thousands of white and brown skinned peoples you know the names of.

Trayvon Martin would still be armed with Skittles and smoking dope if only Obama had been President of Kenya. Is that Niggazi Hoodie's life worth more than some Machete Mama in Nairobi?

Letterman: Recount Starts Wednesday, Supreme Court Gives Election to Romney December 18...

Fort Hood shooting victims sue Obama admin...

Welcome to the Legacy of Obama, the Court Room Criminal. 


Oh, I had a strange dream last night in I was at a gathering at a mansion, some wedding reception I believe, and I was sipping my fruity soda punch which was reddish colored with a stir straw, by a fireplace, feeling like the most popular girl there did not want to be there, and who should pop over for a nicety, but Willard Mitt Romney.
Nice guy as I ignored him, so he popped over par dux and chatted me again, as I'm apparently popular.

Yes there was one of the powers that be there too who was chatting me up, not for a date mind you,  but folks were like all Letterman Cocktail Crowd folks in being cotton candy sticky.

Romney seemed shorter and more blue grey.

I left my punch on the hearth and woke up to go vote.

Guess that was important to include here.

agtG 313 YY