Thursday, November 1, 2012

Raping children the Obama way

I usually use satire in being a wag, wag  from the Libby Custer book of 1880 for the someone who uses humorous commentary to make a point, to deal with a number of issues, because that is what one does when one has had an unpleasant life.

Jonathan Winters the great comedian became a humorist for the simple reason he had such a horrid childhood. Humor is a self preserving reactionary response to keeping one's morals.

There is though nothing funny about democrat Bob Menendez of New Jersey in his paying money to have sex with underage girls in the Dominican Republic. This blog is going to exclusively place before you a reality that no one else will. It is what I do in this job in having this vast matrix of knowledge I have been exposed to all for these purposes.

I actually have known and spoke with prostitutes. As I have stated, I have had them offer me sex for free as that is the highest honor they think they can give to someone. I did not partake nor would I ever.
Most prostitutes are made that way from being raped as children. It is a valueless identity that if one sells oneself, then one feels one is worth something. It is an empowerment and is often sadistic in controlling sex in making sounds to perform to make an idiot think they really are something in bed.

People do not understand that there is a difference between a hooker, whore, prostitute, street walker, call girl or escort etc... A hooker is someone who hooks the john in usually drugging them so they can roll them for money. The Menendez girls were sexual hostesses "allowed" by the resort he was at to service customer needs.
Barack Obama was a Chicago hostess to Lawrence Sinclair "allowed" by the city to provide a service. Obama got off on having men service him on their knees to validate him.

The reality is these two latin girls which were raped by Senator Menendez, were there because of Barack Obama's benefactors. The same people who caused the 2008 depression are the same financiers who in the late 1980's went into Latin America on the coat tails of the Ronald Reagan economic expansion in the trading partners of South America, conned them into over extending in spending, pulled the inflation rug out from under them, and economically gang raped  those nations to control their resources.
This global financial cartel led by European interests then installed all these Obama communists in Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela and Central America to cheaply exploit the peoples there.

So Robert Menendez can thank the Berlin masters of Barack Obama for the child rape he was short changing those children for, as those girls would have homes with prosperous parents if it had not been for the Obama rapine of Latin America.

No one in this bothers to consider the Obama daughters, Queenie and Sloven, but for the Rothschild natural selection, they would now be getting raped by Robert Menedez or Bill Maher on some junket to Asia, Africa or Hawaii, smelling of that rich cologne and covered in sticky sweat as they got Bob off and then his attitude changed and he kicked their little black asses out of the hotel room, short changing the agreed upon price.

The liberals of the world never bother with realities like that in rape is rape, and molesting children is molesting children. That is why when it when on with Sarah Palin and her daughters, thsi blog raised hell about it, becauase institutionalized rape is the destruction of society.
When this blog has pointed out for years that people like Bill Maher know damn well who is raping children in their circles and their employers, it is all disgusting David Letterman winked and nodded about as the perks which are part of this cocktail crowd.
Henry Kissinger gets off on power, but the stooges like Letterman get off on f*cking little girls to cuckold their men at home, as that is what they empower themselves over.

Perverts like Menendez go out of  town like all these perverts as this blog pointed out, if you have corporate, media or political figures always going off country, it is because of the sexual perversions found there. It is an international trade. If one likes white girls you get Slavs from Israel to Russia. If you like Asians, then Thailand to the Philippines is the destination. If you like Indians you can buy them and have them shipped anywhere. If you like latins, you just show up in any capital, and if you like blacks, you can hit any African capital to get your bell rung, male or female.

This is the way these people exist. It is so Chris Matthews can rant about people on the right in America liking their "stuff", but the problem it is Chris Matthew's types who are working Chinese to cripple status, it is Chris Matthews types who are running the Mexicans doing pesticide work while cheating them out of Social Security benefits, and it is the Chris Matthews types who make this entire global commerce system of rape run, because raping children for a fee is part of the rewards control program the feudal lords employ to both blackmail, leash and amuse themselves with.
I have mentioned one used to be able to buy Egyptians back in the day to have sex fifteen feet from you as you sipped your gin and tonic, as it was the amusement. Making puppets of people is entertaining to those validated by this need and Bob Menendez is a practitioner as much as the lord providing the service.

No one is going to tell you these heinous things, as it is much easier to make jokes of it or to find the lurid details of it interesting, but it is all about commerce. If these Reagan nations had not been raped and plundered by the Obama benefactors, then these girls would not be available for Bob Menendez to rape.

New Jersey would not now had a fat Chris Christie bragging on Obama as Christie wants to be VP to Jeb Bush in 2016, knifing Romney in the back. Christie instead would be calling for a Grand Jury to indict Bob Menendez on child molestation charges, but then that would be moral and in all things Obama, what hurt is there in raping some  brown skinned girls as that is what they are there for any way like walking on the beach.

It is what it is and it all connects. It is human slavery and Muchelle Obama can bondage belt all she wants in dramatics, but it was herself, her husband, Barack, who put the whore belts on those Latin children so their organized community of liberals can rape those girls.

Do not forget for a moment in the lewd things B. Hussein said for several years as this blog pointed them out here, concerning his daughters in sexual situations. It was Obama is from his pretend Kenyan pedophile roots to his literal roots of his mother, Anna Chin was an Asian political prostitute meant to perform and anchor service for Barack sr. to remain in America.

Anna Chin of the Philippines was a Peking asset in the overthrow of Hawaii from a capitalist agricultural conglomerate state to a state run slave union state as espoused by Uncle Frank Davis, another child rapist.

It all comes around and what this entire ilk is, and those who are not raping the children know damn well who is in majority raping the children.

The problem with raping Latins now is there are too many of them in America to translate as the Secret Service learned and Bob Menenedez learned too late on his......what was it, Easter holiday?

Fitting as Easter is the sex fertility goddess all these perverts lay down to worship.

nuff said

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Raping children the Obama way