Thursday, November 1, 2012

Naked Aggression

I like playing word games.

For example, Clinton era Secretary of State Madelyn Albright when confronted for her war crimes in eastern Europe, spat out the phrase, "Disgusting Serbs".

Would this be something condoned if she was with the Congressional Black Caucus and spat out, "Disgusting Niggers"?

Would this be condoned if she was at Chris Stevens funeral and she spat out, "Disgusting queers"?

This blog does play favorites in this world of humans, and one it's pet peoples are the Slavs.

When I first came online I used to chat on a Jewish created programme called ICQ. I met a very young Slavic girl named Sammy who had returned to the former Balkanized Yugoslavia and she was a favorite of mine. She was pregnant and having been raised in America, returned to eastern Europe to live with her husband, and she actually understood the poetic discourse I would type in, which was a most pleasant exchange with this friend.

I love the Poles for their being the United States of America in Europe, even if they changed the Prussian names. I love all the Slavic peoples as they are handsome group, and even in their scariest forms of cold blooded killers, they are a people who deserve some slack as no people on this planet have been ravaged as much as they have.
They have been raped, slaved, invaded, murdered, divided, conquered, exiled and spoiled, and yet one can look at them in the Serbians and notice one thing about them in the word CHRISTIAN is something Islam could not destroy and something the Soviets could not obliterate.

What was done to the Serbians under Bill Clinton for that Kosovo oil war, and paying the Saudi's off with a European Muslim island at Kosovo is criminal. The cartel stole Serbian lands as much as if someone  took Texas out of America and gave it to Mexico.
The lies were horrendous in "ethnic cleansing" in which proof surfaced years later in the "dead Muslims" suddenly appeared again to vote in elections.

Gen. Wes Clarke literally almost started World War III during that war by trying to bomb Russian troops in the Balkans sent to help the Slavs. If not  for a British general who told that wacko to bugger off, America would have eaten nuclear bombs all for the rape and theft of Serbia.

It is most interesting in Sec. Albright in how the maxim is never to divide "Jewish" lands, and yet she was first like Hitler to divide Poland in her division of Serbian lands, which she oversaw the mass bombing of these Christians.

Think of that in before Obama, there was Bill Clinton handing over lands to Muslims which was not their land while he was busy blowing up European Christians, and doing it all with imported Muslim militants from Afghanistan for his oil war.
The same militants who would form al Qaeda and carry out 9 11.

Yes the ghosts of the rape of Serbia still linger, and they are Mr. Obama using the same Muslim terrorists in his wars, and that group just raped and murdered Chris Stevens and three other Americans in Libya.

"Disgusting Serbs".

That line simply fills me with revulsion in this Sec. Albright in her Ashkenaz division of lands as a war criminal that branded Serbians the way Adolf Hitler branded Jews.

You want to understand what went on in Benghazi? You need to look no further than this criminal Madelyn Albright from Prague. Obama followed the same playbook she initiated, and the only thing Obama has not done is dance with Kim Jong Un  the way Maddy pranced around with Kim Jong Il on the dance floor.

There is nothing disgusting about Serbians. What was done to them is disgusting from what the Ottoman Muslims did to what Ashkenaz Albright did to them. It was the epitaph to the 20th century in the brutalization of the Slavic peoples who just happen to live in a land the powers that be lust over.

I have quoted the European seers in the Catholic oracles, and they have a theme in their prophecies, and one is when the Obama  Great Eurasian War comes, it will wipe Prague from the map and it will be ploughed by horses after the people's return, who will number in the hand fulls.

Personally for Serbian justice, I do hope that Sec. Albright in all her "Monica did not suck Bill" whore payments from the world order, buys a nice mansion in Prague, invites George Soros to stay, just about the time that Vladamir Putin unleashes on the west for all the criminal rapine Mr. Obama has been unleashing, as Mr. Putin is going to "protect" his eastern Europe, as it was only reported here that Obama turned the Slavs over to Kremlin rule to curry favor with Mr. Putin, as Obama enslaved a hundred million people and sentenced them to coming wars of genocide.

Yes this all starts coming full circle. The Slavs have done nothing to deserve this, and this disgusting rant by Madelyn Albright is unAmerican, as if it is anti human to utter the word "Disgusting Jew" then it is anti human to utter "Disgusting Serb".

You would never hear that from Benjamin Netanyahu, but you hear it from Madelyn Albright in all her master race liberalism of the NeoProg Obama left.

George H. W. Bush said naked aggression with Saddam Hussein would not be allowed to stand.

The world said it would never forget what happened to Jews in Europe during the 1940's.

Yet there squats Madelyn Albright in all her anti human hate. Frankly, if Mitt Romney gains the White House, he should have two Justice Department acts take place, in the first banishing the foreign agent Barry Chin to Albania for crimes against humanity, and the second, revoking the US Citizenship of Madelyn Albright and send her packing back to Praque where she can goose step with Obama as he talks about disgusting Benjamin Netanyahu and Albright spits out about the disgusting Serbs.

I like playing word games, but I love the Serbs.

The Serbians have stood against tyranny from Muslims, Nazis, Communists and Americans. God must love the Serbian Christians as they still are a people after centuries of genocide.

They have born the burden. They deserve the love.

Lame Cherry

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Disgusting Madeleine Albright