Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Missing Link

Did you ever notice anything odd about the Obama's?

I know you have but this kind of odd is the child psychosis they have as a couple in being aged 10 and 8, and how they have matured to this odd couple of two gay men who are not that fond of each other.

So you got pictures of Bearick and Muchelle, and you honestly wonder who is the man in the picture between the two..........and when you toss in white guy Romney you start wondering if Muchelle is that missing link Darwin was so fond of.

The Obama's never kiss, like Bill and Hillary lay one on before lesbian sex. It is like you never seen George and Laura Bush ever tongueing it, but you know that Laura has to have George doing the pony ride with his six guns a blazing as them librarian types use their brains for fun in making things fun.

Now you got Muchelle. You seen pictures of her as a little ho for prom. Things all hanging out and no one caring about the show. Then she is in college and no man thing wanted to get near that cranky frumper. She ends up getting things handed to her in Chicago and no one gave her a thing to do as she was so stupid.
Then the only guy who dates her is B. Hussein, that fag Chinoid, who picked his price in she was black connected.

Obama was no good in bed, or Muchelle would not have been bitching about him not helping with the kids. Is why she almost divorced his sorry ass.

It just goes back to B and M. Yes have you noticed that in bowel movement, M. R. Obama for Muchelle in name, just all tells things about this couple which is queer

They just never kiss and that is what it is all about. There is no affection in them. Couples who are intimate with each other always get excited in their chemistry to kissing as it means something. For the Obama's it means nothing.

It is like Bill and Hillary doing that porn shot on the beach in swimwear. The only person posing is Obama to the gays. There is just nothing in this couple that says husband and wife or man and woman. It is probably why Obama likes that gay marriage stuff in he is in one.

In their inauguration, Muchelle would not even lip lock Obama and in debates she won't do it yet. From pictures she seems more in great ape mode for territory with Romney on stage. That sort of is spooky really in Muchelle looks like madam congorilla out shopping for a new manmeat for her rather bushbabe like clitoris.

It is not that I desire to see Muchelles what's it, but bushmen genetically have a flap down there unlike other genus of humans, and I wonder if Muchelle has some natural selection like that in being bushman bred, as she has a big package down there and scientifically I do wonder what is going on down there.
Perhaps if Muchelle would care to snap shot of the slot and send it to the blog for examination I could endure it without vomitting. It is just odd in women do not have what Muchelle has, and I do not mean a gay husband from Asia.

The entire Obama thing in pictures is like when they pose with the kids, then they can act intimate as no intimacy would develop. Like the kids are the protection from them having to have a go at it.
When they are with each other, it is like polite kissing of people you do not like.

Muchelle just acts around other males, territorial.......maybe she is not looking for man meat, but wondering if that man meat will be having Obama drop his soap later.

You do notice in the debate picture that Muchelle made certain she was between Romney and Barack. That either means she wants Romney or it means she is worried that Obama wants Romney which is a probability in his calling out Mitt Mitt Mitt in the bathroom tends to give that away.

Pictures certainly reveal a great deal. I know the Obama hell of a marriage is nothing I would care to be locked into, as gender sex change couples are sick and not wanting to be kissing your mate is just a dungeon.

 The more I see of the Obama's coming close to fading away like a bad dream, it is I have pity on them as I would not want that on anyone, and it is probably one reason why they are such horrid people in looting money and nagging about fat kids.

Imagine if the Obama's actually cuddled and liked to kiss...........

America probably would have had 4 great years.

The Obama's missing link has cost the world a great deal.