Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Obama Scytlgate

My children, I neglected to mention yesterday an sign which I did not want to deal with the meaning of on the way to voting. I looked into a field on my right side, and there sat a bald eagle on the ground.
A soaring eagle was a sign of victory to Americans in the Mexican American War. It is obvious now what that sign portended to in what America's fate is, as I have never seen a bald eagle sit on the ground in the middle of nothing.

By now I presume that others have started to put together that the 2012 elections were stolen again by foreign agent Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Chin. One of Ulsterman's geniuses happened to smear this popular girl that Lame Cherry was right about everything but Romney.

Guess the election theft proves that Lame Cherry was right againg about the Romney numbers, the election being stolen from Romney and that you had better be wary of your insiders in what they really are up to in feeding you bait like "we will never know the real results".
You know the results of this flipped election and statements like that, including George Nouri's economic guru who was telling you EXACTLY how Obama would steal the election, or in his terms "the numbers", all to condition you as Nouri stated in now you must all "get along" or submit to Obama Marxism.

Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos are not very good actors. They knew from the start last night that Obama had this stolen. What you do not know is there was an organized effort to torture the people on the right with "hope" that he would pull it out.
It became so sadistic that ABC ran it's "numbers" with Obama only having 269 to prolong it, and that is what Florida was about, as B. Hussein hit every visitation in this election. This was designed this way to exercise the ghost of Al Gore over George W. Bush, but this time Obama came out on top.

This is all Scytl, SOE and ever electronic voting machine. As I warned you, this is now legitimized and if you dare to question it, you are in sedition against the state as you just validated this Obama theft.
Romney knows completely what was done and he like this entire treacherous lot will say nothing to reveal any of this.

In that, I do not know if I will be kept for amusement or if they will follow through now on their silencing plans. Obama can give an "American" speech, but his thugs will come now cleverly like Andrew Breitbart discovered, but they will drag a few people out into the streets to terrify the rest of the Mike Gallagher bunch as Obama enjoys the slow twist in th wind.

The rich's money will not save them. They should have when offered donated in those six and seven figure amounts to build what I was telling them would be built in ClearVision, to be a media outlet. Some of the stooges like Foster Freiss, the Aspen hippie, are just that of the order. Others like the Texas billionaire Jews will be dead soon enough and their liberal daughters will be donating it all to Obama.

There will be no reform now. It is going to be the entire Obama agenda, with it all cemented in a Supreme Court led by traitor John Roberts, with three enemy agents appointed to make the court Marxist for the next generation.
Do not put it past this regime to assist the removal of some of the justices like J. Edgar Hoover.

That is the thing in this in all of these Rush Limbaugh plagiarists could have when it was suggested, funded this blog to break all of this wide open from the covert shadows to save them. Now the entire situation has changed and intimidation is going to be the rule. You will be ruled now in the gulag, and it does not matter what money or guns you have. It does not matter your connections, as you are in the data base and when the regime says it is your time, it will happen and you will be finished as no one is going to come and save you.

There are already plans in the works to make an example of a SEAL for a crackdown. Obama is hard pressed now to create the illusion he is commander in chief, and he desperately wants the adoration the military had for George W. Bush as his own.

That should be enough exclusives as was first reported last night here in Romney and McCain "numbers" matching as Obama wants people to know he is stealing elections and there is not a thing anyone can do about it, as his Berlin benefactors controls it all.

The numbers said it all. Mitt Romney won the election fairly, but as this blog reported months ago, Obama could still steal it. Obama did just that and each of you was fed the hope that trusting in elections it would save you, so that you would not go into revolution.

You will be told now to wait until 2014 and trust in that. This is all scripted.

The winner last night was Jeb Bush by Karl Rove design along with Bill Clinton designing for Hillary Clinton.

This was all by design and they're laughing at the joke and you're too slow.

Another Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive, before I get my tooth cut out.........yes wisdom tooth shattered on election theft day. Another sign.

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