Friday, December 7, 2012

Bob Costas Political Intercourse with Dead Black Women

Let us face a few reality facts in what Bob Costas and Jason Whitlock are about in the murder of Kasandra Perkins, the Obama Hoodie suicide of Jovan Belcher and the whoring of Brittni Glass.

First, as Costas and Whitlock have said nothing about a black man using women for sex, exposing them to murderous diseases, that must mean that this is acceptable with Costas and Whitlock.

Second, the dream team of Costas and Whitlock, said nothing about making donations to the orphan child, apparently orphaned children do not matter.

Third, as only this blog has exclusively pointed out in forensic psychology, the reason these race baiting liberals focus upon firearms, is because they are afraid of those firearms, not in the hands of others "harming  them", but they know deep down, that is a woman gets out of line with them and threatens to take all their money from them, then they would blow them to hell too.

Let us examine these Obama voters in Costas and Whitlock, because to the month, four years ago, there was another black American, murdered in their home, and for whatever reason this gay male, named Donald Young, who was a homosexual sex partner to Barack Hussein Obama in Chicago, did not has not received one mention in the liberal press.
Mr. Young's murder is still unsolved and Barack Hussein Obama has thee entire FBI at his disposal......just like the entire FBI was at his disposal in the mass murder of the Polish National Government, the murder of bin Laden's corpse, the murder of Col. Khadaffi and the numerous other murders of the Obama regime, and yet only when it is politically expedient as in Trayvon Martin do any of these Obama voters become vocal.

Let us be concise in this, that the only reason Bob Costas picked Jason Whitlock's diatribe was because Whitlock is a black racist and Bob Costas being a white racist, thought that the black color of Whitlock's rant would provide him cover, and Costas would somehow emerge as the Howard Cossell and Bob Woodward of the sport's world, in lecturing to all those mentally challenged football fans who vote for the GOP, love America and could care less about what color someone is, but care about performance.

That is why Costas chose the platform he did and NBC management and producers rolled out a scripted teleprompter for Costas as Costas was auditioning to become the David Letterman of the Obama media.
Costas had visions in his of being invited to the White House in being thanked by B. Hussein personally and staying at the Lincoln Bedroom if this all played out exactly as the talking points were scripted.

As another exclusive of this Lame Cherry matter anti matter blog, Bob Costas was handed the Whitlock talking points, because Whitlock was floating for the Jarrett talking points a way to resurrect Gun Runner for a platform push which Obama was going to initiate just after he got Boehner to fold on this debt cliff charade.

Read that again, and remember how after Gabrielle Giffords the press had exact talking points against Sarah Palin. Bob Costas was part of an organized clique working  for Obama and Jason Whitlock was the stooge who would give them all racial cover as Costas damned white America into guilt by NFL association.

Do not for a moment deceive yourselves that Gun Runner's agenda stopped nor that Obama has backed off in Gun Control. This is still there and what Whitlock's marching orders were and what Costas' goosestep was about, was a 2013 push with Boehner going along with it.

Jason Whitlock is past even Van Jones in nuttery. Whitlock is part of a group who has the NRA handing our firearms to blacks so blacks murder themselves. Never mind that it is liberals who are managing these black crime areas for votes, kickbacks and felonies as blacks are imprisoned and die in mass, and do not notice in this that when Obama came to Chicago things got worse for blacks when he community organized it. Never mind that blacks living in predominantly white America, where the GOP governs do not have the criminal problems that liberal areas have.....but instead come up with race baiting that the NRA is the new KKK.

Oh that is right, the NRA has been disarming Americans FOR REAL. The NRA with liberals oversaw the removal of gun dealers by jacking up license fees, and for real, the NRA was BACKING HARRY REID in Nevada.

So what is it, Mr. Whitlock? Is Harry Reid, and your entire Obama caste of democrats part of the KKK too or is the NRA which backs all of these liberals for Obama just another wing of the Obama disarm America crony group?

Mr. Whitlock should have problems with Mr. Costas, as Bob Costas went on NBC with Lawrence O'Donnell, the lizardonian who likes going into black neighborhoods and having sex with black women, taking them from black men. Then there is the point in this that Mr. Costas immediately started pointing out he was not against the Second Amendment at all........
He simply wants more gun laws.

Mr. Costas and Mr. Whitlock did  though not seem to care a bit about gun laws when Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder were dumping masses of weapons into Mexico murdering them and US Boarder Agents.

Yes it only seems to be a problem with "guns" when it is a millionaire black Obama Hoodie who beats up white children in school, and murders the woman who is the mother of his child.....but then the press could not move fast enough to spread the lie that it was Kasandra Perkins fault in "having gone out" , but as was reported here from the New York Post article, Belcher was not even at his mansion at 1 AM to know where Ms. Perkins was.
No Mr. Belcher was drunk at the dwelling of Brittni Glass spending the night with a KC party whore.

Bob Costas is a disgusting race baiter. He is a coward for hiding behind a black race baiter in Jason Whitlock. Worst of all, Bob Costas and Jason Whitlock both conspired as "Obama boys" to help Obama out politically in talking points, and used a murdered black mother without one thought for the woman, her family or this child who will one day grow up and read all of this.

Bob Costas should be not only fired, but he should face charges for misuse of the public airways. Nowhere in the NFL contracts with networks does it provide public broadcast entities to spew propaganda and hatred in such a malicious way.

When Nappy Headed Ho, Don Imus was suspended and humiliated, it involved only a rogue comment, and not a murdered black woman, murdered exactly the way Donald Young was in Chicago.

No one has ever mentioned that perhaps how Rev. Jeremiah Wright knew about the murder of Donald Young early, was because he was there. No one from the FBI has investigated any of this, and when Mr. Obama is involved in crimes, then the crimes just are swept away, and the Bob Costas puppy press create criminals out of Americans.

Bob Costas hid behind a black racist in order to curry  favor with Barry Chin AKA Barack Hussein Obama, all for the violation of the rights of Americans.
There are more gun laws on the books than are necessary and if simply enforced, blacks would be more safe.

Jovan Belcher would be alive today if liberal New Yorkers had simply arrested him when he was beating the hell out of white children. Jovan Belcher would be alive today if Kansas City and Independence Missouri did not have an arena of coddling rich black thugs prowling about with white slummer females prostituting themselves and the city, like Obama was a Chicago hostess.

The reason Jovan Belcher is dead, is because liberal America coddled this thug and the sports establishment of America made excuses for this thug, all for entertainment.

Bob Costas and Jason Whitlock are sports pimps making fortunes off of these jock thugs. They also are fixated on firearms they fear, because in their hands they would be murdering women in their lives who dared get out of line. They also are ghouls who politically raped the corpse of Kasandra Perkins.

Bob Costas and Jason Whitlock are repulsive to the point of moral people are sickened to almost vomiting over what these creatures are. Costas trotted out Tony Dungy whose son committed suicide which was so out of line as Dungy's son was no mother murderer, but yet Costas reaching in desperation to save his pathetic self, took another black corpse from the grave to necrophile around the graveyard.

There is no one in this who is not absolutely sinners. There are fornicators, bastard makers, liars, propagandists, bullies on the playground and bullies in the electronic media, and they are all either creating dead black women or sexualizing them for political intercourse.

This is liberal America. This is the Obama world.

When is someone going to inquire just exactly what contacts Costas and Whitlock had with Obama cronies in creating  this propaganda? This Obama regime has been exposed before in this........who is going to root the connections out in this now starting with Roger Goodell and Valerie Jarrett.

Who set this up, when was it set up, and what were the rewards promised for doing what Costas and Whitlock did?

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