Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Resistance 7: A More Perfect Union

My children, I had a most enjoyable time at POTL this post Thanksgiving. POTL will stand for Parents of Tiger Lily.

For this purpose, FOTL will be referred to as FOTL from this point on, in Father of Tiger Lily, as while listening to his discussion of events a Holy Ghost moment sparked in the Resistance for part 7 which will follow if you simply will by you rugged individual selves exploit the gulag's advantages to bring it down by it's own weight.

Part 7 deals with a most simple thing  really, as it is not resisting the Obama flow in motor voter, but instead expanding it to Athens protocols.

What is Athens Protocols? Why it is the orignal mob rule of democracy when all the voters showed up and voted for laws and there was no Republican form of Government as America used to have in representational  government.

See the Congress does not work. It is part of the subversive Obama problem. So once again why protect the thing which is enslaving you and enriching the elite, but instead in this age of computers and phones, get rid of the Federal Congress and replace it with direct public voting on all bills.

It is a rather simple thing as Tiger Lily stated in bills could be posted online and if say 250,000 people would sign a petition, it would then become a measure to be voted upon by the entire population and if it passed it would be law just as it is now, and there would not be any 40,000 page documents of massed bills or ammendments, but just one law and one during a period like now for Congress and you would get recess breaks too.

I give you also the line item veto in people could strike out things they do not like on computers and if enough was struck out, that part of the bill would not pass either.

I honestly believe that America does require in this Congressional replacement with you the voter a real tier system in having two voting blocks as the Senate was intended. Meaning you would be a Senator if you were a property owner as in lands, business, stocks etc.... So you would be in the upper house in your state voting block.
If you were in the welfare or renter block, you would then be in the lower house of the mob and this would form a check and balance in the people who wanted freebies would be stymied by those who had the money being extorted from them.

This would then balance all things in mandatory voter participation. No there would not be any  jail time, but there would be fines like having your television shut off or some other thing for not taking the time to vote.

In this process, Obama would be impeached as much as John Roberts. The people would speak in the Senate on treaties and appointments.
I would though in special conditions of declarations of war, provide this function to the 50 state Governors to vote on, knowing the People would then control the funding to cut off that war.

You do not see my children, but the cartel wanted mob rule, so let us give them thee entire mob which they can not control and make that mob vote from 60 million more Christians to 60 million more couch twerps dumb as posts. It would all even out, and the people would speak nationally.

The entire system would be phone or IP address with your Social Security number. You would also be able to check on this in audits from the Government Civil Service to your own logging in to make certain your votes were not being flipped for other things. Each vote would be required to be certified on the local level in the county and then in the state level by the Secretary and taking all of that power from Washington.

This is the real check and balance in you can not buy yourselves and people would have an initiative to actually be capitalists in the Jeffersonian Franklin mode. People would aspire to being Senators and this would mean property ownership and accumilation, which would drive the economy and negate the welfare system. It would always be majority rule with minority rights, but the system would gear itself to the will of the people directly.

The reality is that most Presidents would then appear from two fields in either being Governors or business tycoons, both of which would be adept at managing things, with the occasional military leader arising to sway the masses. It would all be a process to end the centralized monopoly of power and fracture it into real compromise groups such as the NRA to Unions in having to negotiate for common cause in right and left issues.

This would not be the perfect union, but it would be the more perfect of the sought for more perfect union which the Republic was meant to be before she was murdered.

The patricians want the mob to rule in vote fraud, so let us give them thee entire mob, get rid of Congress, and with a real check that vote fraud would be exposed. It would not be that impossible for 100 people in several presincts to be taken aside in real ballots tabulated in random checks to make certain their votes were counted as voted.

Tiger Lily is a Genius and from a very brilliant family, and when I happen to be Inspired by the Holy Ghost with listening to TL, the Resistance continues in a new form.

You want to witness real reform in a revolution built upon Ronald Reagan? Then start this process and you would have John Roberts out on his ass along with most of the Supreme Court. It would end judicial legislation and this group would be terrified to ever touch the Constitution.

All of this is now possible due to technology in computers and communication. Representative Governments are no longer necessary and archaic. Direct Democracy is the Athens Protocol and the Lame Cherry Doctrine in the People will Rule directly.
Imagine the "haves" pitted against the "have nots" in being forced to find solutions, instead of this national socialism where people are enslaved for their votes while the conglomerates are rewarded by tax dollars confiscated from the people for profits.

Populus Reget, the People Will Rule.

Why should you Obama voter not be Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid? You can do the job they can and just as well. The same is in the Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann, John Boehner voting blocks in you the voters are every bit as capable as they are to vote on things.

Get a percentage of voters in each state to sign a ballot and you too can run for President. Each of you is qualified as natural born, no criminal record and not treasonous.........hell that is 3/3rds more than Obama is.

You the individual are the best governance for you. You now have 7 parts to bring  this all down around the cartel and amazingly it is using all the tricks Obama and Boehner are supporting, but in your case, you are benefitting from their machinations.


nuff said.

agtG 348

Lame Cherry, the greatest political theoretician since James Madison and Thomas Jefferson