Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Bone Pickers

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My children, you have not noticed this in the full context of a reality that Matt Drudge has been informing you of something in this Age of Obama in people are stealing huge amounts of metals for resale as scrap.

No one has told you the reason for this, beyond people are desperately poor, but I can tell you that there is no difference from a street thug cutting utilities for copper wire and Barack Hussein Obama's Cash for Clunkers, which this blog warned stripped America of necessary used cars for the American poor to drive.

There is a nefarious nature in all of this and it is beyond the law of supply and demand.

I can point you exclusively to a period of history in which thee exact same thing took place in America was voided of metals, and I can tell you that there were people at that time too buying up tracts of land in America in not allowing a free flow of deflationary prices, and I can tell you exactly what followed all of this.

But  first, this reality. Now do not think I'm changing the subject or you should be feeling you are being denied of things, as this is more of your education no one is offering to you, as they do not want you to comprehend what is planned.

My neighbor is a scavanger from Minnesota. He was a nice guy when I and my Mom befriended him, but as the years have gone by, he has become a real cut throat bastard who is a liar.
I have observed him from a distance as he has over the years picked thee entire multiple state area clean of junk. His first choice was automobiles, but now there are no junkers remaining, except the ones I refused to sell.

He has now moved onto scrap metal, and industrial and agricultural junked equipment. He is picking batteries to any metals he can, as he literally siphons all the stored wealth of this part of America out of America.

I know very well where the metal is going, as I have kept an eye on this trend in watching it develope. It is going to China, and exactly like 1935 when Japan started buying up all the scrap metal in America, the same result is going to follow.

What you do not understand my children, but have seen it, and have not connected the dots in this, but tons of gold and silver are flowing out of America too in these dealers as they offer to buy up that old jewelry and elegant ware you have.

There is not a reality in this where China could afford this kind of trilliions in purchases in balance of trade, so that means a like model is taking place as before World War II, that the very financiers in the west, the cartel, is behind this, voiding the west of wealth, and making the      east wealthy all for the purpose of another global war to create the final version of the global feudal state being run as this blog has only exposed out of the Neo Roman Empire in central Europe, the managing Caliphate of communist Muslims in the mideast and the New Eastern Order being centered in Peking.

You now have the punchline in this, and you do not realize the sucker punch you are being hit with.

You must understand in the things I hint at in here, that you do not understand fully as it is not cryptic but plain as the nose on your face when I mention that Chinese cast iron pans require twice the amount of heat to cook with than American cast iron.

Are you getting this my children, in everything coming out of China is inferior from their poison foods to their metal products which fatigue ?

I was with Tiger Lily in her home and doing dishes, and turned the facet on, and was stunned when the handle came off and a geyser of water shot up. I had a mess as the valves would not turn off and I was trying to stop 160 degree scalding water from going all over.

Short story in this, it was Chinese manufacture and these facets are all breaking in multiple places due to being inferior.

You do not get it that Americans like Andrew Carnegie made superior steels. American metal manufacture was thee best. It was like German manufacture by Hitler in those metals were all sound.
America had a stockpile of this superior metal in junk piles and as you do not know as you were not there, Franklin Roosevelt stripped those piles in recycling for his war effort.
Those piles accumiliated until around the year 2000 and then all of that superior metal started going out of America.

America is now a nation of junk metal in the foreign metals which are being dumped inside these United States.

I have a Dearborn Ford digger frame, that I have been trying to turn into a digger for my garden sans the tractor as this same cartel has wiped out all the old tractors in America also.

It minus the front mounting bracket and I could not find two of them even from the "experts". So I sat fuming over this thing for about 4 years.  I decided that I was going to build a bracket and drill two new holes in the frame.

Know what happened?

I couldn't get through this Henry Ford steel. I got about a quarter inch into this metal and dulled 3 modern drill bits and one previous generation drill bit. Yes we are talking about the horrid new steels too, but the point is the steel in this frame, which did have holes drilled in it by Henry Ford could not be drilled into. It is that hard, but it is not brittle so it cracks.

The Holy Ghost finally told me to build the brackets in I had two pieces of old steel with holes in them, and I then welded washers together to make these things and it now sits here, but the point is America has been voided of metals which it is going to desperately need and when that time arrives, all you are going to have are these inferior metals with massive impurities to make your implements of farming, eating and war.

You have no reserves my children as America did. When the wars come, it is not going to be Japan dropping shrapnel metal bombs out of your junked cars, but the Eurasians running over you in the mechanized metals the cartel stripped from America for the past decade.

Yes, there is nothing sexy about junk, but when one comprehends exactly what has been taking place, it takes on a sexy appeal as it is the basis for the Great Eurasian War.

America has been voided of the best metals the world has ever created. That is what that weird recycling push was all about decades ago when the liberals bit on that save the earth nonsense. For those who do not remember, one day America had plenty of everything and the very next, America suddenly needed little kids hounding their parents to recycle.

Have news for you, things were always recycled in people threw things away, and the junk yards picked through it all and scrapped it cheaply. Suddenly though the prices of everything inflated and a rag market was created which started impoverishing Americans, so that they finally have been selling the last bits of their jewelry for a few dollars as America is being picked bare of all wealth.

Now you too can be the always expert in something so easily seen, but no one except this blog has explained exactly what was behind this and what will be the outcome of all of this.
You are being weakened so a global war will come which will murder you in mass.

agtG 273

PS: For those who require further explanation, after the cartels had shot off the American bison in creating a market for them in hide and tongue to deprive the Indian of food as a war implement, the bone pickers arrived, who took all those carcases off the plains leaving absolutely nothing.
The wolfers followed exterminating predators, who had nothing to eat by people and livestock. They too were sold traps and poisons, as the ranchers and farmers were sold things in this newly created market.

It is a pity you do not live with me in the future to know these things. It is worse you have not lived in the past as I also do to have seen these things.