Monday, January 14, 2013


I have decided I'm incensed about the tourists attempting to co op my 21st century exclusive on Benghazi AKA ANALGATE and now trying to sound intelligent by asking head up the ass questions which this blog answered months ago.

This Floyd and Mary Beth Brown of Right Wing News are examples where you can see the ball and chain has poor Floyd's nuts so hung on the wall, he is too timid to even come out of the box.

They can not jump in bed with the salacious charges made by Four Star Admiral James Lyons in confirming that the Lame Cherry exclusive was anti matter matter spot on in Benghazi was about a hired kidnapping, but then back away in being too nutless and ovaryless to actually have the balls and eggs to deal with the they ask questions trying to sound intelligent, but just are cowards.

As I give God all credit for what goes on here, I'm also incensed at the Robert Mortons, Joseph Farah's and Chris Ruddy's who have covered up Analgate and none of these Floyd and Mary B have given credit to the Bob Woodward Watergate story this blog broke.......and it did it with not being fed intelligence data from an inside the government coup as Woodward did against Richard Nixon.
They are all cowards this bunch as I was the one with my neck on the chopping block and getting my eye veins exploded in radar sweeps breaking not just ANALGATE, but this entire series of exclusives.

I do not know the Four Star Lyons, although it might be said we ride the waves the same.

I will though explain a few things though as the tourists always get things screwed up as their brains are so f*cked up sucking on Mockingbird dick that they just can not accept the story broken here, and then have to go embellish it all putting their psychopathy on it.

That Blind Sheik, Omar Abdel Rahman, he was part of the mad money notes........those scribblings in the ledger margins of the mad cap ideas in the fag file. I will run this up the flag pole to set things straight as I know where this BS is coming from as it is part sourced where Lyons is getting his data from.
See Obama had a list like that Libyan bomber of suggestions to make the 300 million bribe he laundered in his campaign in 2008 to go easier. Rahman has a turban head replacement. The followers want BS released, but the replacements and the other mullahs do not want this Ahab seeing the light of day ever again as he dillutes the terror pool glam shots.

They want Rahman dead in prison to make terror outrage over, and Obama wants Rahman loose so it is one less thing to have the terrorists bitching about, which they do not want in the first place.
Problem is Obama does not want him really released either as Rahman is a loose cannon who Obama can not really control........Obama would have to have him murdered to clean things up if he was released.

That is what is meant by the mad margins. That is the chit put in their by the Islamists Obama has lurking around the regime who want all sorts of things, and keep putting things in for their negotiating demands that Hillary Clinton was chattering on about.

See Obama wants Chris Stevens kidnapped for his 2012 election theft. The terrorists who were supposed to do it, were offered Rahman as a cover.......Obama never intended the release as he was going to mass murder this entire lot.
The hired terrorists out of Afghanistan with Iranian control, did not want to end up assassinated, nor did they like the offerings of Rahman to compete in their power structure. The end result was the double cross of numerous double crosses this blog exposed, as Obama was supposed to be double crossed in this for a perpetual Iranian 1980 hostage situation to sink his ass in the same way Jimmy Carter had that tied to his tail, in the Bill Casey protocols laid out then.
This was all a dirty dick mess, and so many double crosses involved that it was perfection in covering everything up in making it complicated so the Floyd and Marys can poofer about on the fringe smearing Four Star Lyons who had the balls to actually come out and expose his sources as this Blind Sheik thing has been in the circulation in the right wing talking points in the old turban head being the continued coucous before the jackasses in turbans.

Enter into this Lindsey in the gay ear Graham, still mouthing off about this. You remember that John McCain was swabbing Chris Stevens deck in the start of this with Graham. As was reported here, Stevens got his hair tusseled quite a bit by the DC establishment..........hints were Anderson Cooper was part of the glee club and Lindsey Graham is hot on this because of the high notes hit too.

Is really pissy that the fags in this are not manning up, even the dykes like Rachel Maddow in protecting one of their own in Stevens in pressing this on ANALGATE which includes the Turkey Gate and the other stories here exposed exclusively in the arming and transporting Muslims.
This included the Obama regime being blackmailed wholesale by terrorists and the Jewish government over ANALGATE as everyone over there knows the penis feces smell of this, and that is what has stymied Obama's Middle East Islamocommunist overthrow in his disarming Jews of nukes like Iran.

Obama is not going to stop on this, but he has been slowed down.

I'm telling you this now so pay attention, as I have posted on this, this past week in part in Obama has pulled out the big guns of gun control and set this flu pandemic loose IN ORDER TO PROVIDE COVER and a DIVERSION to his 2012 election theft and how it all dovetailed into the butt rape of Chris Stevens as ANALGATE which is bigger than Benghazi which was broken here months ago and now these tourists are trying to sound intelligent.

Obama is in real trouble over this, and that is why he unleashed these two measures to divert the talking points from his crimes.

I have already hinted this is more sinister as it did involve WMD's and that flu pandemic was just a part of the ledger as this has spiraled out of control.

That is why that Aaron Swartz story was making the rounds and only this blog has listed the codex geniuses who have been murdered from Andrieu Riera, Andrew Breitbart, the Mad Russian and Swartz in the visible diaspora being offed who are on the computer fringe of knowing what the web has been really unleashing for the cartel under Obama's global election thefts and intelligence gathering. All of this connects but these nutless and eggless wonders who think they can play at this in being a part of Mockingbird money flow to dampen things down and monitor all of you, will not inform you as they are either the idiotry or like Limbaugh being blondeberry minded as he likes the lifestyle.

This blog by God's Grace broke Benghazi, and is still breaking stories. It does not matter if the cowards thing I'm the mad prophetess,  because the reality is the stories were broken here first and exclusively as they always are.

I keep telling you to pay attention and not be distracted by these things as the molotov mob does this to keep you from focusing on things. I'm not going to tell you to stop listening or reading other sources as they only prove what is written here, and it only exposes them for the frauds they are.

Look the system is so corrupt now that even Jackie Chan can see it. Lindsey in the gay ear Graham can not do it alone even if it is visiting the old soap dropping memories. This is not going to be covered by the media or your talking heads. It is going to be Floyd and Mary'd to death as Obama laughs at the joke, because you are too slow.
There is just not the force in this to bring down Obama. Obama blew the power curve off the grid, while it will come back with a vengeance worse than what you could ever comprehend, the reality it when Obama is brain zapping Hillary Clinton and bug zapping old H. W. Bush, he is only doing it along with pandemics, because he has the power to do it.

Yes it exposes Obama as being in trouble, especially burning the gun control issue for his stolen election political capital to survive this round, but it only means Obama will ignite a greater nuclear firestorm to save hisself when the time comes. Obama is a consumption entity and that power curve requires feeding.

I will leave it at that, as the tourists are pissing in the pool and calling it lemonade and you have to pay attention to what is taking place as that is the real story of plus minus, cause and effect.

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