Monday, January 14, 2013

Sure um, let me take the second one first

There is still something wrong with Barack Hussein Obama's brain. In a synopsis of his January press conference, he had numerous pauses, numerous AH's and UM's, in searching for words.

Thee only time he was capable of carrying out a long sentence structure was literally speaking on what Republicans thought.

Then Obama could speak......I like Speaker Boenher and when we went out and played golf we had a great time, but that don't get a deal done.

Yes Obama is most comfortable in speaking broken Indonesian English. Obama literally smiled and looked up and to the left in hope, in saying HE WANTS THE REPUBLICANS TO COME OVER AND PLAY CARDS WITH HIM.

Synopsis of Obama answer.

alright ah.

Matt Spetalnick Reuters congress makes the decisions whether we spend money.

ep ep, then both at least in the house of representatives.......but and eh, um........well folks put them into the decision about that. I suspect that. Ah but....the larger issue here is what are we trying to accomplish.

Then if we are trying to ......then is that...uh..........we are spending more than we take in. The we.......take in and increase revenue.

There is a recipe for getting that

And in conversations with Rep. Boehner we came close.

It seems that.....

There is a particular vision about what government should and should not do.

Um.....they have suspicions about SS. Uh kids in poverty are getting enough to eat, or........they have a particular view on what government should be.

That view was rejected when debated in the presidential campaign.

That is something we should look at last resort.

Ah, but.......if the house republicans disagree with that. It will damage the economy. Em the government is a big part of this economy.
That defense contractor is an important part of the economy. Let's make sure this does not stop on the other folks.

Um, my hope is common sense prevails. So let me just repeat, if.......the issue is deficit reduction.....uh, getting it sustainable then democrats and republicans in congress have a partner in me.

Um, there have probably been more pain and drama in getting there and if we recognize not paying our bills has a problem.

Sure um, let me take the second one first.

Barack Hussein Obama
White House Press Conference
January 14, 2013

There are still mental capacity problems in this Barry Chin.